Are STP Oil Filters Good quality? (STP Oil Filters overview)

Oil is the food of a car engine. It plays a vital role as a lubricant and protects the engine from wear and tear. Without oil, you cannot drive the car for a long time as the machine breaks down faster. Hence, the oil needs to flow via its filter. It is crucial to filter or purify the oil since it can be polluted over time.

The construction of the STP filter is robust and up-to-date. It doesn’t have any silicone anti-drain back valve. But it is genuinely effective in oil purification. Then, the best part of this filter is that it doesn’t leave the engine getting contaminated oil. Plus, you can get it within your means.

When installing a good oil filter in your machine, the oil becomes contamination free. Thus, the name STP oil filters come when we think of quality oil filters. The goodness of an oil filter lies in its structure, performance, and longevity. In this article, you can explore the golly and critical aspects of STP oil filters.

What is STP Oil Filters Reputation Today?

We all want our vehicle to move OK, and its engine remains lifelong sturdy. Oil filters can increase the efficiency of a vehicle’s oil. If you want the machine to face no or most minor difficulties over time, you must install oil filters like STP. In fact, you cannot go wrong with the STP oil filters.

The manufacturer has been active in the market for more than 50 years. Many vehicle owners have already considered it one of the most trusted brands. As the development in automobile technology grows, we need something trendy and impactful like this brand’s filters for oil.

These filters can trap and remove contaminants of engine oil now. Also, you can use them in different types of vehicles. STP oil filters will match any car, truck, or motorbike engine. While writing about these filters, I have discovered numerous positive feedbacks regarding them. Even many keep these filters in their favorite lists.

The latest technology of STP filters has increased their lifespan and performance. Again, the company uses premium materials to make these engine accessories long-lasting. Currently, you can find several STP oil filters on the market at a very affordable price.

Overall, the reputation of STP oil filters was good earlier, and now it is better than those days.

History of STP oil filters brand

The manufacturer of STP oil filters has a long history. It was earlier named Kleen Pak manufacturing company. But then, its name was changed to Champion Laboratories, Inc. This firm was born in 1955, and now they are on top of the automotive filter suppliers’ list. Currently, they supply their products to more than 30 organizations.

Champion Laboratories became widely famous in 1959. In that year, they patented their exclusive engine-end relief valve. This patent helped them to produce spin-on-type oil filters. Undoubtedly, it was one of the greatest revolutions in the automotive industry. You can find versatile aftermarket brands from Champions. These brands include fuel and oil filters. Thus, heavy-duty and lightweight engine owners can use their filters well.

One more thing, STP oil filters are not so unbeatable as Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters. Still, these filters remain close to them. Throughout its history within the user budget, the manufacturer has received different supplier awards for the quality filtration product.

Innovative Models of the Past

The Beginning

The beginning was with the name of Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company. Now, it is known as Champion Laboratories, Inc.

Spin-on Filters

In 1959, they had a leap of business as they patented an engine-end relief valve to make spin-on-type filters for engine oil.

Compatible Oil Filters

This firm is now producing low-cost yet high-quality oil filters to suit any vehicle engine.


The headquarters of Champion Laboratories are in Albion, Illinois, USA.Most distribution centers of STP oil filters are available in Michigan, San Jose, and Toronto.

Acquisition of Champion

STP Corporation acquired Champion in 1970.Now, the company targets to spread the goodness of their products worldwide.

What are the Qualities of STP oil filters today?

Nothing in the automotive industry is 100% faultless. The case remains the same as STP oil filters. Yet, the scope to criticize badly is relatively lower. Some pros and cons of these filters are here that prove their quality.

the Pros:

As an oil filter, STP filters have unbeatable qualities. They can remove any foreign bodies from the motor oil before the flow to the engine. This way, it eliminates severe engine issues and lousy engine performance risks.

Besides protection, I can add that these filters are compatible with most motors. It is mainly for the internal structure of the filters. When you disassemble them, you can see how beautifully every part is managed inside them. The rugged design can quickly increase their lifespan.

The outer canister of the filters takes on the ingredients. On the other hand, the incredible filtration power and capacity can amaze you for years. Lastly, the oil filters can remain healthy and sound throughout the oil changing interval. They can last up to 5000 miles without creating any nuisance.

the Cons:

The only downside is that most STP oil filters have no anti-drain (made of silicone) back valves. So, you may find it complex to stop draining oil out when the engine remains off. 

who makes stp oil filters?

Champion Laboratories Inc. is the manufacturer of high-quality STP oil filters. They control their business from Albion, Illinois, in the United States. Again, they have a manufacturing and distribution station placed in Michigan. You can also find their active distribution centers in Canada and Costa Rica.

In the year of 1970, STP corporation acquired Champion Laboratories. The CEO of STP, Andy Granatelli, controlled all the operations till he was alive. However, the possession helped the brand grow better. The company launched a unique training portal for fleet managers to become more efficient in 2016. In 2017, they created another opportunity in Shanghai, China.

Now, the world is getting high-quality oil filters from STP corporations (or you may say Champion Laboratories, Inc.). You can hardly deny the efficiency of these filters.

Is FRAM better than STP?

Many car owners or enthusiasts consider thinking about FRAM and STP oil filters. They admire both brands for their features. For example, FRAM oil filters are more affordable than STP ones. But the thin filtration media cannot do purifying job as good as STP. So, experts don’t suggest using these filters if you ride your car mostly on off-road terrains.

On the other hand, STP oil filters are better for durability and performance. They can purify oil better. Also, they can last more than FRAM. If you have car runs with synthetic oil, you should prefer installing STP oil filters.

So, you can decide now which one you should pick: the affordable one or the reliable one.

Are STP Oil Filters Any Good?

Indeed, you can find various oil filters on the market. But according to user feedback, company reputation, and customer service, I recommend you to have STP oil filters.

A couple of reasons are here why you should consider them good:

  • Designed to improve engine performance and protect against wear
  • Made of high temperature and pressure-resistant materials
  • Feature an inimitable design that allows for maximum flow and efficiency
  • Different size options available to fit most vehicles
  • Offer excellent value for money.
  • Applicable in both gasoline and diesel engines
  • Easy installation without the help of special tools or equipment
  • Come with a limited warranty for peace of mind.
  • A team of experts backs them who are always on hand to offer advice and support.
  • Best choice for people who want the best possible engine performance and protection.

best STP Oil Filters On The Market

Champion Laboratories, Inc. produces versatile oil filters. Hence, I have found the STP Oil Filter S4967 as the most suitable one. It is a spin-on canister-type oil filter with 3/4 “-16 thread.

It is designed with advanced Micro-Pore technology. With this technology, the engine gets a longer lifespan. Also, its filtering media can remove more dirt and contaminants from oil than ordinary filters.

The filtration media can trap up to 4x smaller pollutants than we can see. So, there is no scope for damaging the engine with contaminated oil. Besides, these filters pass OEM standards to ensure they are the best.

As I said, STP oil filters usually don’t have an anti-drain back valve. But S4967 has this feature with a bypass relief valve. You can quickly stop oil draining when you don’t run the motor.

people also ask (FAQs)

How long do STP oil filters last?

STP oil filters can last up to 5000 miles.

Does Autozone own STP?

Autozone doesn’t own STP; instead, their oil filters are made by STP corporation (Champion Laboratories).

STP Oil Filters Cut Open >> Check out the video below:


Now, it’s your time to comment on are STP oil filters good?. I hope you have the answer, too, as I have clarified how good these filters are.

Overall, STP oil filters are suitable for your car. They help to keep the engine clean and running smoothly. Also, they are reasonably priced and easy to find. It can be the reason why many car owners love them.

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