Who Makes K&N Oil Filters: Is It Good? (Explained)

In the last 50 years, K&N has become a massive brand in the automotive industry. They are serving their worldwide consumers to increase safety and performance of motor engines. 

You can find an array of products in the K&N arsenal. Today, we are solely discussing their oil filters. Particularly, who makes K&N oil filters, where it is manufactured and a few interesting unknown facts that will surprise you. 

K&N Engineering, Inc. proudly manufactures their oil filters in the USA. 

About K&N Engineering, Inc. 

K&N had started to put their footprint in the automotive industry back in the 70’s. They have been innovating new technologies and products to extend longevity, performance and protection of motor engines. 

They manufacture over 12000 products for their brand. 

K&N company started in the early 60’s with an idea of a new kind of air filter. Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald – two motorcycle racers came together to build a heavy duty air filter that’s also reusable and highly efficient. It took them numerous trial and error to create the famous K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™.

After five decades, K&N is still keeping up with their innovation and serving customers in more than 90 countries. As of now they offer – air filters, cold air intakes, oil filters, home air filter, air filter cleaner and cabin air filters. 

The company was acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2016.

Where Are K&N Oil Filters Manufactured? 

K&N oil filters are manufactured in the United States by K&N Engineering. Their giant headquarters is based in Riverside, California. It’s a large facility of 10 buildings consuming around 400,000 square feet area. 

All of  the K&N products are designed and manufactured on-site. Their facilities include all the departments of their operations i.e. marketing, customer service, product design, manufacturing, sales etc. 

They also have facilities operating in Grand Prairie, TX, England, China, and the Netherlands.

are k&n oil filters any good? (4 reason to buy one)

1. Easy To Use:

K&N oil filters are very easy to use. The installation and removal procedure has been made simple and efficient with a one-inch nut on the top of the canister. They also have cartridge designed filter oil filters. 

2. Oil Compatibility: 

You can use K&N oil filters with both synthetic and conventional engine oil. It’s also well-suited with blended motor oils. This wide range of compatibility offers you convenience and utility. 

3. Heavy Duty: 

K&N oil filters consistently provide superior oil flow to the engine even in harsh environments. They help to prevent engine corrosion and deterioration with peated synthetic-blend media oil filtration. And, the canister protects the filter from external damage. 

4. Long Lasting: 

K&N manufactures their oil filters keeping in mind both the efficiency and longevity of the filters. The filters can withstand longer service intervals due to their advanced designs and filtration technology. They go through rigorous tests for burst strength, capacity and efficiency to ensure satisfactory outputs.

Top 5 K&N Oil Filters 

K&N offers oil filters for three different categories-

  • Powersports,
  • Heavy-duty and
  • Cars and trucks. 

Let’s look at the best products from these three ranges. 

1. Powersports: 


This is a highly durable and long lasting oil filter with amazing flow rates. It prevents pollutants from going to the engine. The filter can withstand extended interval services and comes with a one year warranty. 


The AMA and Moto America have approved this oil filter for racing.  Designed and manufactured with modern filtration technology, the KN-171C K&N oil filter offers protection and extraordinary oil flow rate in harsh conditions. 



You can expect to have satisfactory efficiency, longevity and oil flow rates from the HP-1002 K&N oil filter. It’s compatible with all conventional, blended and conventional oils. It takes roughly 15 minutes to install using the welded one-inch hex nut on the top. 

PS-7000 K&N Oil Filter

The PS-7000 oil filter helps to increase engine performance, efficiency and lasts long. It has increased oil flow rates and requires less frequent oil change intervals. 

3. Heavy-Duty K&N oil filter


This heavy duty oil filter is best suitable for high compression turbo diesel engines. It’s really easy to install – thanks to the 1 inch nut on the top. It offers high filtration and oil flow to the engine. 

Are K&N Oil Filter better then Mobil 1?

Now, let’s talk a little bit about another giant in the automotive industry. Mobil 1 offers leading-edge and advanced oil filters that promise to increase the efficiency and longevity of motor engines.

Very frequently, novices get knotted choosing between Mobile 1 and K&N oil filters. And, now wonder as both of these brands provide great products. 

From our thorough investigations between these two brands, we found that both of them provide almost equally good oil filters.

Let’s have a look at the below comparison table between Mobile 1 and K&N oil filters: 

K&N Oil FiltersMobil 1 Oil Filters
K&N oil filters use synthetic-blend mediaMobil1 oil filters also use synthetic-blend media.
They use long lasting canisters to protect the oil filter from external damage.They also use durable and heavy duty canisters that can withstand 9X the normal system operating pressure.
Easy to install and remove using the 1 inch pre drilled nuts.M1 filters are also DIY-able and easy to install/remove.
Compatible with conventional, synthetic and blended oils.These oil filters are also compatible with the three types of oils. 
K&N oil filters meet OEM standards.Mobil 1 oil filters meet the Mobil 1™ Extended Performance standards.

You can clearly see that both brands provide equally good oil filters. And, they  are also in the same price range. It’s quite hard to choose between either of them. Ultimately, it falls down to personal preferences.

Where To Find The Best Deals for K&N Oil Filters 

You can find K&N oil filters on Amazon, Walmart or your regular workshops. You can also directly order their products from their website and get a 1 year warranty.  

people also ask

Are K&N oil filters good? 

Yes, K&N provides some of the best oil filters on the market. Their advanced filtration technology keeps the engine safe and sound for an extended period of time. 

How long do K&N oil filters last?

K&N filters are designed to last an extended period of oil interval service. Although there is no exact time limit, you can expect it to last up to 10,000 miles. 

However, keep in mind that it depends largely on your vehicle engine. You need to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil filter replacement. 

Are K&N oil filters reusable? 

No, most K&N oil filters are not reusable. Only the Magnetized Billet Aluminum oil filters are washable and reusable. And, these oil filters are made for motorcycles. 

Are K&N oil filters made in the USA? 

Yes, K&N oil filters are made in California. USA. 

What type of oil can you use with a K&N filter? 

You can use K&N oil filters with conventional oils, synthetic oils and blended motor oils. 


Final Words

Our aim with this short article was to answer who makes K&N oil filters and clear out some misinformation sailing on the internet. I hope this article will serve that purpose.

If you have any queries and confusions, drop a comment below and we will help you out. 

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