Who makes Kohler oil filters? (Full Brand Overview)

A lot of questions are flying around the web concerning the operations and business of Kohler Oil filters. It is wise to offer questions to some of them. Most of these questions border around who makes Kohler oil filters and where they are manufactured.

It is normal to get stuck trying to make solid decisions about buying Kohler Oil filters. You need enough reason about who makes them and how durable they are.

The Kohler Oil filter is a popular product. This is attributed to its large capacity, spin-on model, and its compatibility with Kohler engines.

Kohler engines are usually found in tractors, lawnmowers, or other heavy-duty equipment. This places a lot of load ability on the engine. The required engine oil and oil filter for the engines also need to match the needs.

However, the truth remains; that Kohler filters are OEM filters. Kohler doesn’t make its filters. The contract manufacturers that help them manufacture the Kohler filters, then brand them for sale.

Who makes Kohler Oil filters?

The champion lab makes Kohler Oil filters. However, there is a slight misunderstanding in this. A lot of people assume that Champ labs are owned by Fram. This is because of the misrepresented company that is controlling both brands.

In 2011, Rank Group, an independent 3rd-party organization announced its moves to buy Champ labs and Frame. The purchase extended to Honeywell consumer products, FRAM filters, Autolite spark plugs, and other products. With the inclusion of UCI international, purchased by the same organization, these companies were combined and named Fram Filtration.

However, this still maintains independence across all brands, and Champ labs products are not automatically Fram products.

About Champion Labs

Founded in 1936, Champion labs hit the spotlight with its innovative and heavy-duty oil filter, Luber-Finer. With leading filter products, automotive supplies, and collaborations with aftermarket brands, Champion labs have grown to become a leading brand in the production of filters. Champion labs made a smart move by not limiting its movement to the USA but expanding its production to Shanghai, China in 2017.

The champion lab is the go-to source for heavy-duty and light-duty filters. This makes them the preferred manufacturer that can produce filters that can match the requirements of Kohler engines. With the integration of state-of-the-art technology, and a comprehensive quality assurance program, customer satisfaction remains the prime goal of Champion labs.

After the innovative production of the heavy-duty Zgard 9750 by-pass filter, Champion labs pioneered the Ecore advanced technology in the production of the spin-on filter.

Where is Kohler Oil Filter manufactured?

Kohler Oil filters are manufactured in the USA. These filters are manufactured by Champion labs with manufacturing facilities in Illinois and South Carolina. Kohler Co started in Wisconsin, US.

However, with the production control of Champion Labs, Kohler Oil filters are manufactured in Champ lab’s factories and facilities. The production is not limited to the USA, but expansions are made to Shanghai, China.

Are Kohler Oil filters any good? (4 reason to buy one)

All Oil filters are not good for your engine. This makes it necessary for car owners to scrutinize the quality of the oil filters that they are using in their engines.

Here are four reasons why Kohler Oil filters are good.


Kohler filters are specially designed for Kohler engines. These engines are meant to match heavy-duty tasks, intense power, and towing. This places a lot of responsibility on the engine, and oil performance. This directly points to the type of oil filter used.

Kohler oil filters are durable and made with advanced materials to trap as many deposits when the engine is battling with dirt and track duty. If you need an oil filter for some heavy-duty tasks, then you should go for Kohler Oil filters.


Kohler Oil Filters include a high lubricity gasket compound, dual flow concave baseplate, high-efficiency synthetic filter element, heavy-duty steel can, combination relief, and anti-drain-back valve. This combines to impact the advanced performance achieved by Kohler Oil filters. Kohler filters achieve an 8 – 11 PSI pressure relief, and a 32-micron rating.

Although Kohler filters come in different sizes and models, they are designed for similar engines with slight variations.

Advanced Performance

Kohler Oil filters are designed to improve the state and performance of the engine system. Its design supports easy installation and removal.

More importantly, it promotes low-flow resistance and ensures good lubrication even in clogged states. This prevents dry starts. There is a high-level filtration capacity, low-flow restriction, and ability to withstand high pressure and leak prevention.


The Kohler Oil filters are passed through professional quality control to ensure that people get value for their money. It is essential that the products meet industry standards and exceed user’s expectations. There is a guarantee for durability and protection of engines.

Best use of Kohler Oil filters

We have provided you with a chart to help you decide on the perfect vehicle that will match the Kohler oil filters. It is essential that you confirm with the model number of your engine which will be the best fit.

Lawn MowerKohler
Cv11 cv22OEM
M18- M18
Ch11 ch15
MV16 – MV20  

some of the Best Kohler Oil Filters alternatives

In the case where you want an advanced oil filter that can replace the Kohler oil filter, matching the performance and durability.

Here are the best Kohler Oil Filter alternatives.

1.         STP Oil Filter s3614

2.         Motorcraft Fl910s oil filter

3.         Fram ultra 3614

4.         Motorcraft FL910S

5.         Purolator 10241

You might notice slight differences in these alternatives; height and design. You might consider adding more oil while replacing them. A cross-reference chart will help you decide on the perfect replacement for your Kohler oil filter.

people also ask

Are Kawasaki and Kohler oil filters the same?

No, they are not. Kawasaki and Kohler oil filters are not the same. They are produced and managed by different brands and their engine specifications have varying qualities.

They are not the same because they have differences in their product grade, capacity, and compatibility. Although Kawasaki and Kohler’s engines use the same “Electronic Fuel Injection” (EFI) technology, you must not assume that you can use them interchangeably.

Are all Kohler Oil filters the same?

No. All Kohler Oil filters are not the same. The part number on each Kohler oil filter identifies its specification.

closing thoughts

There are long and short oil filters. The “S” sign on the part number indicates that the filter is short.

All Kohler oil filters are meant for the same engine; Kohler. However, there are slight differences in their fitting. They maintain the same capacity and spin on technology but their engine model compatibility differs.


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