Who Makes Kubota Engine Oil? Is It Good? (Answered)

Engine oil is a substance that keeps the engine running and it also gives proper lubrication, sealing, and cooling, and it cleans your engine too.

Kubota engine oil is formulated especially for the company’s engine and gives the above-discussed benefits. But it can be used in other engines also. So, here comes the question, who makes Kubota engine oil?

Kubota engine oil is manufactured by MacAllister Machinery Inc. company. They are well-known for making very popular engine oil. They manufacture Kubota engine oil specially for Kubota.

To know about Kubota engine oil and its functionalities, keep reading this article to the end. I’m going to share a brief insight into this product.

Who Makes Kubota Engine Oil?

MacAllister Machinery Inc. company is the manufacturer of Kubota engine oil. Kubota engines are normally diesel oil-based engines. A slight variation of viscosity and other characteristics can affect the engine performance and life cycle a great deal.

MacAllister Machinery Inc. provides the best engine oil for Kubota engines. They also have a dealership with Kubota for supplying the engine oil.

about MacAllister

MacAllister is the official partner of Kubota. They have been in the business since 1945 and since it has a history, they are trustworthy. They have a large-scale inventory and can ship a large variety of products whenever you need them.

With the partnership with Kubota, they know about the engine parts better than anyone and can provide the best service for lubrication, cooling, sealing, and cleaning.

About Kubota engine oil manufacturer

Kubota has been there for about 130 years and gives service to improve human life with the best environmental superiority. They deal with three basic sectors.

  • Agriculture: Kubota supports farmers from all around the globe with the best possible solution in production, processing, and manufacturing.
  • Water: Kubota provides a solution for safe water all around the world. Their safe water plants are most visible in Japan, where you can get drinkable water everywhere.
  • Environment: To have an environmentally friendly society it is important to have a social infrastructure that can support the idea. Kubota has plans for these purposes. 

Where Is Kubota Oil Filter Manufactured?

MacAllister being a partner of Kubota makes the Kubota engine oil. They operate from Indiana and Michigan. They are the authorized oil dealer for Kubota and they expanded their business to about 30 locations.

Other than Kubota, an American company named Valvoline also makes Kubota engine oil. They are also one of the oldest and most trustworthy manufacturers.

What Is the Function of Engine Oil?

Engine oil runs through various parts of the engine and restricts them from friction thus it gives the engine proper lubrication. During flowing through hot engine parts it offers heat transfer and cools the parts properly.

It carries away the contaminations and dirt from the engine parts and cleans it. Engine oil also gives proper sealing between the crankcase and crankshaft.

Are kubota engine oil any good? 4 reasons to buy one

Kubota oil has been particularly developed to work optimally with the company’s industrial engines. It has the following benefits:


Kubota Oil runs through the parts of the engine and gives proper lubrication between gears, bearing, piston, piston rings, etc. Thus it ensures the best possible life cycle for the engine parts.

Heat transfer:

Even when your engine is under a severe load, Kubota oil will keep the ideal viscosity with minimum degradation in tough conditions. With this feature the surface ignition phenomenon won’t occur and thus will ensure the best possible outcome.


Kubota engine oil absorbs dust and fine particle during combustion and with that, it saves the engine from contamination and corrosion.


Kubota engine gives proper sealing to the piston rings and crankcase. So charge will not expose outside and it will help to gain more efficiency.

These factors will reduce fatigue and will improve the life cycle. So it can be said that Kubota oil is good to use and it will increase the engine performance greatly.

Available Types of Oil in the Market

There are many types of Kubota engine oil. Let us discuss some of them. Their only objective is to protect and help the engine to run properly.

Kubota 4PK Genuine OEM SAE 15W-40 

The first engine oil we are going to discuss is 15W-40 engine oil. It means it has a viscosity of 15 W-40, which is very impressive.

It has a tremendous capability of capturing soot and protecting the engine from them. This type of engine oil can protect the engine from wear and corrosion greatly.

Green forest SAE 15W40

Secondly, we are going to discuss this type. Because this type of engine oil gives huge wear and corrosion protection during heavy and severe shocks. It has exceptional oxidization control and filter plugging technology.

This oil is very much compatible with the Kubota diesel engine. Many customers like this oil because of its incredible protection.

Kubota SAE 15W-40 

Kubota SAE 15W-40 is engine oil that has a viscosity of about 15w-40. It is manufactured from high VI-based stocks which have stable polymers and performance additives.

So this kind of oil has a great anti-knock capacity. This oil ensures good performance of both off-highway and highway tractors.

Kubota SAE 10W-30 

Kubota SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil is another kind of diesel engine oil that gives good performance and can fit into Kubota B-type tractors.

 It has an enhanced resistance to oxidation and has a stable performance record in varying load conditions.

Kubota 12PK Genuine OEM SAE 10W-30 

There is another kind of oil available in the market from June 9, 2020. This product has an electrical plug and is designed for the USA. This product may need an adapter or converter to be used in your country.

The above-discussed models are the best oil available in the market for Kubota engines. The objective of engine oil should be to protect the engine from wear and corrosion, remove the soot and fine particles so that it can save the engine from contamination, and help the engine to run smoothly.

Best use of Kubota engine oil

1. Viscosity

From the previous discussion, we can see that the viscosity of the oil is from 15w-40 to 10w-30. This specification is for diesel engine oil. So Kubota engines can be used in all diesel engine tractors, agricultural trucks, and other diesel engine-based machinery.

Kubota engine oil is generally suited best for the engines made by the company itself but it is very much compatible with the other diesel engines.

2. Boiling point

Normally the boiling point for the Kubota engine oil is between 250 to 350 degrees. Which are the characteristics of diesel engine oil. Because gasoline used in petrol engines has a lower boiling point.

When a spark is given during the combustion process in a petrol engine oil with this high boiling temperature cannot be combusted and the engine won’t start.

Best alternatives for Kubota engine oil

Of course, the best possible engine oil for the Kubota engine is the oil made by the company itself. But because of their pricing, many people want to find an alternative.

Any oil that has the required SAE grade and proper API classification can be used as an alternative for the Kubota engine oil.

people also ask

Is Kubota engine oil fully synthetic?

Yes, 10W30 engine oil is a synthetic blend.

How often should I change the oil in my Kubota tractor?

Kubota recommends changing the engine oil after 500 hours of use. But always keep looking at the engine to see if there is any leakage.

What type of oil is used in the Kubota engine?

Synthetic oil can be used in the Kubota engine. The API rating of the oil should at least be CF for Kubota.

How Much Oil Does A Kubota Tractor Take?

The Kubota engine takes approximately .7L of oil.


Last words

In this article, we tried to answer all your questions about the oil used in the Kubota engine including who makes Kubota engine oil. Hopefully, this article answers all your questions regarding this topic.

But if you have more questions then comment down below. We will surely try to answer all of your questions. 


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