do you know Who makes Harley Davidson Oil Filter? (Answer Explained)

Harley Davidson oil filters have stood the test of time. Hence, The Harley Davidson (HD) Company is known for its popular motorcycles.

With a start in 1903, the motorcycle brand founded by two friends; William Harley and Arthur Davidson, took production by the storm – building bikes that lasted.

However, the manufacturing details of Harley Davidson Oil filters look pretty much like a long-held secret. There are a lot of rumors about who produces Harley Davidson products. “They don’t always handle the production of their products.” 

This is not a new trend as most brands partner with other companies to sell aftermarket parts and OEM products. If this is true, does it mean Harley Davidson doesn’t make its Oil filters? Yes, they don’t. Harley Davidson doesn’t produce its oil filters.

Let’s deep insight to explore the untold facts of Harley Davidson Oil filters. 

Who makes Harley Davidson Oil Filter?

Champion Labs makes Harley Davidson Oil filters. Though there are rumors that Sunoco makes Harley Davidson Oil Filters, this is entirely untrue. SUNOCO only handles the production of Harley Davidson Oil, but not its filters. 

SUNOCO is a motor oil production brand and does not manage the production of oil filters for Harley Davidson. Champion makes a lot of OEM products and the Harley Davidson oil filter is not an exception.

Because of the legal agreements binding the two companies, Champion labs has kept its production lines for Harley Davidson a big secret. Champion Labs produced the Harley Davidson oil filters to meet its specifications.

HD raises the bar of standard when it comes to its products. With the sturdy design, the high-quality, and 100% product delivery, Champion labs ensure that they meet the expectations of Harley Davidson and its users.

About Champion Labs

Champion labs started with the patents of the engine-end relief valve for spin-on oil filters in 1959. The acquisition of Luber fines in 1979 spread the arms of the production company.

This followed the introduction of EuroFilters, and Kleener cabin air filters. Champion lab became the first certified filter company in the USA. 

With innovation and consistent production of outstanding products, they grew not just into a leading global manufacturer of oil filters, but also helped other companies manufacture their products.

Where are Harley Davidson Oil Filters manufactured?

Harley Davidson Oil Filters is manufactured at Champion labs in Albion and West Salem, USA. Champion Labs has a lot of production facilities in the country. The production of HD oil filters is limited to these.

However, Champion labs are not the only companies that manufacture Harley’s Oil filters. Rather, Harley Davidson and K&N have a partnership in the supply of replacement Harley Davidson Oil filters. 

Hilofiltro makes a great number of K&N’s oil filters. This can also transcend to its production of the K&N Harley Davidson Oil filters.

Are Harley Davidson Filters any good? Or is it worth it?

Are you considering switching to HD filters? Or will you love to understand how good they are?

Here are the five benefits of Harley Davidson Filters

1. Technology

Harley Davidson Filters possess similar features to most oil filters. There are slight differences in their technology. They have a five-micron rating, an 8lbs relief valve, an anti-drain back valve, and a non-cardboard media filter. 

These set it apart from other oil filters. It includes more holes in its tapping plate, allowing a higher flow of oil. The design permits an exceptional and consistent flow of oil into the engine.

2. Oil Compatibility

No need to get worried about the type of oil to use on a Harley Davidson filter. The HD filters operate with all types of oil; synthetic, conventional, and blended oils. 

3. Easy Installation

The fitting of an easy wrench-off makes installation and removal easier and faster. If you wouldn’t love to spend so much time fitting your oil filters, then HD filters are the best choice for you. You don’t need any special tools to install them.

4. Warranty

The Harley Davidson filters come with a 1-year limited warranty.  This assures you of durability and high quality.

5. Mechanism and Performance

The mechanism and performance of HD filters allow high flow rates, engine protection, and a high filtration technique that is backed up with synthetic-blend media. HD is worth it when you need an oil filter for heavy-duty purposes.

Top Five Harley Davidson Oil Filter in the market

1. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-171C

Comes in a nitrile rubber gasket, high flow rubber material, spin-on style, and a ¾ in. 16UNF thread specs. This one can be a good choice for most HD deluxe models, fat boy, heritage classic, and Road King Special.

2. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-171B

An outside diameter of 2.906 inches, and a height of 3.703 inches, its thicker case, easy removal, and installation process- all make it a cool choice.

3. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-170

Designed with a 17mm nut fitted to the end for easy removal, cross-drilled to allow safe installation for racers. A good option for race bikes.

4. Harley Davidson Chrome Oil Filter, 89-3535, 63796-77A, 63805-80A, HF170C, KN170C

Coming in a metallic exterior, it can be a good option for ‎Harley Sportster 1200 XR 2009-2012, Buell 1997-2002, Ill, Harley EVO 1980-1998 FLT, 1982-1994 FXR, 84-1999 Softail, 1986- 2020 Sportster XL. You should not use it on Harley Twin Cam

5. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-173C

Fitted with a well-crafted nut, and compatible with synthetic/conventional oils, with selective fitting in Harley Davidson Motorcycles. It fits 1988 sporty, Dyna Glide, and Evo. However, they are model specific and you should confirm their compatibility with your model.

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Best Use of Harley Davidson Filters (Vehicle and engine type)

Here is a simple chart that displays the best use of Harley Davidson Filters, engines, and vehicles that you can use them on.

(1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999) Buell S1, S2, S2T, S3, S3T, Thunderbolt 1168All Models
(1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999) Buell S1 Lightning 1168All Models
1996 Harley Davidson FLHRI Road King F/I 82 CIAll Models
1998 Buell M2 Cyclone 1168All Models
1999 Harley Davidson FXDX Dyna Super Glide Sport 88, FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide 88, FXD Dyna Super Glide 88, FLTRI Road Glide F/I 88, FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic F/I 88 CIAll Models
1999 Harley Davidson FLHT Electra Glide Standard 88.All Models
1999 Harley Davidson FLHR Road King 88 CI, FLHRCI Road King Classic F/I 88 CIAll Models
1999 Buell X1 Lightning 1200All Models

people also ask

What happens if you overtighten your Harley Davidson Oil filter?

If you overtighten your Harley Davidson Oil filter, it will crush and get damaged. This can cause a leak in the oil filter which will eventually lead to poor filtration, loss of oil pressure in the engine, and poor lubrication. This will eventually cause damage to the engine and its parts.

Are Harley Oil Filters all the same?

No. All Harley oil filters are not the same. They are similar in their features, composition, and design, with slight changes in color and material, but they come in different sizes to fit the varying diameters of different engines.

The specifications of these oil filters vary and they are mostly tailored to meet the models of different engines.


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