do you know Who Makes Fram Motor Oil? Is It Good?

Fram motor oil is very popular these days as the brand offers multiple types of motor oil. They have oils of varieties of grades and are available at reasonable prices. This makes the brand unique.

But Fram is only the name of the oil, not the name of the manufacturer itself. So, who makes Fram motor oil?

First brand group LLC makes the Fram motor oil. The company is also known as Trico. It is the company that manufactures Fram motor oil in the name of Fram.

Not only motor oil, but they also manufacture many other automobile parts as well. Let’s have a brief idea about the company and its products, in this article.

About the First Brand Group LLC

Fram motor oil is manufactured by the company named First Brand group. Even in the official website of Fram, you can see all rights are reserved by the First Brand group.

This group is also known as Trico. The Fram motor oil is manufactured under this name, but the marketing and selling is carried on with the name Fram. Here, the First brand is the parent company under which all Trico, Fram, and others are manufactured.

First Brand or commonly known as Trico is a leading brand in the market that produces and sells high-quality automotive products including motor oil, oil filter, and spark plugs.

About the Fram brand

Now, let’s focus on the brand Fram itself. Fram is a company that was founded in 1932 by two chemists. One was named Fredrick Franklin and the other was T. Edward Aldham. These two guys invented an oil filter that could be easily replaced. Thus the journey of Fram began.

After a while, the regular production of Fram grew up to ten filters per day. In the year 1945, the company won an award named, “Army-Navy ‘E’” for manufacturing excellent filters. This added a new dimension to their journey.

From then to the year 2022, Fram has launched so many products and gained so much popularity worldwide. Nowadays, they have almost every product of their own but the oil or air filters are the most popular.

Where is this Fram motor oil manufactured?

Just like I have said before, Fram oil is manufactured by the company named the First brand. Though the headquarters of the Fram brand is in Cleveland, Ohio in the US, they have several outlets surrounding different areas of the USA.

Only in the USA, the Fram develops and engineered about ten percent of the total manufactured products. It has marketing and selling units in Michigan, Hebron. Kentucky, Ohio, Greenville, and Rochester hills. 

So, the manufacturer of the Fram motor oil, known as Trico is basically a USA-based company and their market is also mostly inside the USA.

Is fram motor oil any good?

Fram motor oil is really popular because of its reasonable prices and quality services. They have been serving for more than eight decades and have a trusted customer based in the US.

Some of the most important properties that make this Fram motor oil outstanding are described below.

  • This motor oil is super economic. It reduces the oil consumption rate to a significant level. So, the cost can be decreased by a noticeable amount.
  • This motor oil is turbo compatible. It also provides fantastic sludge and varnish protection.
  • As per the official website of Fram, the company claims that it slows down the engine leak and enables a low-speed pre-ignition control system.
  • It also reduces the vaporization of motor oil. Some oils gain more efficiency as the fuel oil gets heavier. 
  • Fram motor oil provides good thermal stability. To clean the piston and protect the chain for wearing is another purpose that the Fram motor oil serves.
  • Fram high mileage oil protects the engine against deposits that are collected under high temperatures.
  • The ultra-synthetic oil also ensures more protection for the engines.

So, now you see, the Fram motor oil has so many features to offer to their customers. That is the reason why they are so popular, even after so many years of service.

Available types of Fram motor oil on the market

Fram has several types of available motor oil to offer. All the varieties of oils can be classified into four different categories. First, let’s focus on them. Then I’ll suggest a list of the best oils available.

Full synthetic (High mileage):

This oil is mainly produced for vehicles with over 75000 miles of running history. For higher mileage vehicles Fram synthetic oil is very popular. It is great for keeping the engine clean and increasing efficiency.

Fram full synthetic

This type of oil is best for arbitrary driving conditions. It provides better performance during starting and reduces heat generation.

High mileage

Helps to clean sludge. It also protects the engine from high temperatures.

Fram conventional:

Conventional oil from the Fram company is for normal conditions of driving. For wear protection and cleanliness, this oil can be a good option.

 Now, let’s see some examples of available Fram motor oil of different oil grades:

Fram Dexos (Full synthetic):

Good thermal stability and great protection from sludge are its properties. It ensures low oil vaporization under extreme conditions.

Fram 5W30 (Full synthetic):

Good for startups. Efficiency is better than other available products. 

Fram 10W30 (Full synthetic):

Higher grades ensure more oxidation stability. Thus the efficiency increases. Thermal stability and cleanliness can be achieved by this oil.

Best use of Fram motor oil

Fram motor oil has varieties of options for different types of driving conditions. Driving skills and methods are different from person to person. The same goes for the driving conditions.

Fram has motor oil for you whether you drive a little every day or cover a high distance daily. As I’ve mentioned above, there are specially made oils for high and low mileage. You can choose between full-synthetic and conventional oil.

For vehicles that run more than 75000 miles, Fram full-synthetic oil can be a great choice. Fram motor oil is also convenient for sustainable sludge protection.

Some of the best alternatives for Fram motor oil

You can find several alternatives that may serve similar to Fram motor oil. Here below, I’m suggesting the three best alternatives for Fram motor oil. Have a look:

Mobil 1 high mileage:

This oil serves similar to Fram motor oil. This oil is also good for high mileage engines over 75000 miles. This 5W90 graded oil also provides good lubrication and wear protection.

Valvoline Advanced;

This full-synthetic oil provides good protection against engines deposits. Also, this oil has anti-wear additives in it and helps in the reduction of oil breakdown at extreme temperatures.

Castrol GTX:

This is not that much popular for higher mileage as it can only protect up to 5000 miles. But this oil reduces the wear of engine parts. 

people also ask

Synthetic or conventional, which Fram motor oil is better?

Synthetic oil is considered better as it comes with more enhanced lubricating properties.

Which Fram motor oil lasts longer?

Fram’s full synthetic motor oil last more than conventional. Because synthetic oil is more refined.

How often should I change Fram motor oil?

That depends on what type of oil you’re using. Some oils can serve up to 75000 miles whereas some perform well till 5000-7000 miles only.

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closing thoughts

What makes Fram motor oil so popular is they have so a variety of options in their product. From oil filters to motor oils, they have got their clients back every time.

If you ever wonder about who makes Fram motor oil, remember, the First brand group LLC is the manufacturer. For years, they are producing these products and still growing their business day by day.


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  1. I just purchased 10 quarts of fram motor oil for my Ranger and for my f-150 I always buy fram oil filters I like and trust them.. so I will see how the fram motor oil works out in my trucks!

  2. My FRAM 5w-40 full synthetic diesel oil is made by Amalie oil company. The bottom of the container has AOC imprinted on the container.


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