Who Makes Dexos Oil? is it any good? (explained)

It seems like a new product hits the market every other day in today’s world. This is certainly true for Dexos oil, which has been appearing on more and more Walmart shelves across the country. Also, whenever you go to the pump, you surely look at a brand of oil called “Dexos.” But who owns Dexos oil?

General Motors (GM), the world’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, introduced Dexos oil in 2010. Dexos is a new type of engine oil that General Motors have developed as a way to reduce engine friction and reduce vehicle emissions. The technology has been developed in partnership with the company Dextro Energy.

In this article, we will be discussing the historical background of Dexos oil and the company that makes it.

Who Makes Dexos Oil? is it any good? (explained)

The History Behind How General Motors Started Manufacturing Dexos Oil

Dexos oil or oil filter is a product of the Dexos Corporation, which was established in 1999. The company manufactures and sells engine oils and oil filters with its own trademark.

The company was founded by a group of automotive engineers who were formerly employed by General Motors Company or Ford Motor Company. For a long time, they have been associated with the development of motor oils and oil filters.

The General Motors Company is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures cars, trucks, and automobile parts. Since its inception in 1908, the company has been headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

In the 1990s, General Motors became the world’s largest automaker. In 2009, after the economic crisis of 2008-2009, the company filed for bankruptcy. 

However, this did not stop them from continuing to be one of the top automakers in the world. Apart from automobiles, Dexos oil is their most well-known innovation.

It is a synthetic oil developed by GM for use in their automobiles. It is created from paraffin oil, which is environmentally friendly because it contains no sulfur or other detrimental additions to engines.

Where Are Dexos Oil Manufactured? 

The production of Dexos oil is done in a few countries all over the world, but mainly in the USA.

The company has manufacturing plants in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. In addition to this, General Motors also has a presence in Europe and South Africa.

is dexos oil any good? 4 reasons to chose this oil

In Unison, It is worth the money. Let’s know why-

Adhered to General Motors Vehicles

GM Motors recommends Dexos oil to all of their customers for all 2011 and newer GM vehicles. The manufacturing company not just suggests this oil to their consumers, But also warns them about the problems that may come because of any inappropriate sort of lubricant.

Besides, If you want to preserve your engine’s efficiency close to new for a long time, Dexos Oil is a must. It’s also worth remembering that switching to alternative oil may raise your fuel costs.

Environment-Friendly Engine Oil

GM Dexos effectively and efficiently protects the vehicle’s engine. Apart from safeguarding your car engine, it is also really handy. This lubricant even offers great environmental protection.

GM Motors developed this Ecopower engine oil with the goal of “zero car crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.” Dexos is committed to delivering on all of these visions.

Superior Antioxidant Technology

Dexos oil is produced entirely of synthetic blends. This oil has unquestionably superior antioxidant technology and a longer drain interval.

Dexos oil is also popular for its greatly reduced viscosity. Now you may think, why are these viscosity levels crucial? Well, because these viscosity levels improve heat tolerance and help engines burn more efficiently.

It Safeguards Your Warranty

Alternative engine oil in GM automobiles has the potential to destroy the engine and the overall system. But the most vital point to mark is that using alternative engine oils will violate your vehicle’s warranty.

If you use any other lubricant than Dexos Oil and have any issues with your GM car that require warranty service from the manufacturer, GM will not provide you with the stated warranty.

Types of Dexos Oil General Motors Produce

Dexos is high-performance engine oil that was designed for use in modern vehicles. It is fit for fulfilling the demands of both gasoline and diesel engines. 

General Motors produces four different types of Dexos oil:

  • Dexos 1,
  • Dexos 1 Gen 2,
  • Dexos 2,
  • And Dexos D.

Let’s take a closer Look at these lubricants. 

#1- Dexos 1

At the very beginning of 2010, Dexos 1 was introduced, targeting the models to be released in 2011. After a physical and chemical test, GM marketed this oil that is suitable for gasoline engines and can cover up to 15000 miles. This engine oil has been off the market since 2017. 

#2- Dexos 1 Gen 2: 

It was a Dexos 1 update. This oil was introduced in 2015 with a number of significant enhancements, including engine protection against low-speed pre-ignition, oxidation, and increased deposit control. The Dexos 1 gen 2 is still available and is utilized in gasoline engines.

#3- Dexos 2: 

Dexos 2 was designed to factory fill diesel and gasoline engines. This engine oil is a fantastic contribution by GM Motors, with universally appreciated qualities. It improves fuel economy, engine performance, and the efficiency of the exhaust particulate filter.

#4- Dexos D: 

Nowadays, we can see some smaller, lighter automobiles that require particular attention. GM introduced the Dexos D for these vehicles, and this oil has been used from 2020 till now.

Best Use Of Dexos Oil

Dexos oil-powered engines and automobiles are built to meet the most stringent emissions regulations.

The motor engine or car is not considered Dexos-ready unless it meets stringent emission standards set by the American Petroleum Institute, which are based on the most recent available technology.

The API’s stringent requirements for Dexos-ready vehicles ensure that they can run on a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available Like Dexos?

Knowing a decent replacement for Dexos Approved oil is crucial because we should all bear in mind the emergency circumstance when Dexos Approved oil is not found.

We’ll suggest that Exxon Mobil 1 is a good substitute for Dexos oil in this case. You can also use other engine lubricants that have the API Starburst Symbol.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who makes GM Dexos synthetic oil?

ExxonMobil makes GM Dexos Synthetic Oil.

What brand of motor oil does GM use?

Dexos1 certified ACDelco GM OE dexos1 Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil.

Who makes ACDelco Dexos oil?

General Motors, The manufacturer of Dexos, introduced the ACDelco Dexos Oil, a new generation of Dexos.

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closing thoughts:

This article has provided an overview of Dexos oil and who makes it. Dexos is a trademark name for a specification for engine oils that General Motors developed.

If you’re looking for a high-quality oil for your car, it’s essential to choose one that meets the Dexos standard. Hence, Dexos is one of the most popular motor oils on the market, and a number of different automakers use it.

General Motors produced this engine oil in response to the oil crisis of 2007 when GM decided to start making its own oil to sell in its dealerships. Dexos is a fully synthetic oil that is designed for high-performance engines.

It meets all of the specifications set by the American Petroleum Institute, and it is also approved by GM.


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