What Battery Is the Same as a Lr1130? [That Actually Work Well]

If you have ever opened the battery cell of your calculator, watches, remote controls, small toys, or car keys, you may have noticed a small coin or button cell portion in it. Well, this coin or button portion is a battery that refers to Lr1130.

Lr1130 refers to all 1.5 Volt button batteries in the market. The magnitude of applications of the Lr1130 battery makes it the most sought-after battery in the market, only behind lithium-ion batteries. But due to limited supply, the battery often runs out of stock.

What Battery Is The Same As A Lr1130? G10, GP389, and 389, SR1130, 189 GP189, V389, D389, LR54, SR54, SR1130W, and S1131E. These batteries are interchangeable, and you can use them instead of Lr1130.

What Battery Is the Same as a Lr1130
What Battery Is the Same as a Lr1130?

What Is Lr1130 Battery?

When you plan to replace the Lr1130 battery with another one due to its stock out or shortage, you must find a battery with similar specifications. Thus, you first need to know the specifications and materials used to build the Lr1130 battery.

But even before the specification, you need to realize the meanings of the different numbers and letters used in this battery naming. It includes-

LIts naming, refers to alkaline cells.
RRefers to its round shape.
11Is the diameter of the rounded battery cell. The exact diameter is 11.30mm.
30Also refers to the height of the battery cell. The actual height of the battery is 3.0mm.

So, from the above points, we find that the Lr1130 battery is a standard alkaline battery cell and comes with a round shape. Thanks to its compactness, it easily fits into any small electric equipment such as calculators, watches, remote controls, etc.

The key specifications of the Lr1130 battery include-

  • Its nominal voltage is stated at 1.5 volts.
  • The cutoff voltage of the battery ranges from 0.8V to 1.0V.
  • Also, like all batteries, it has a nominal capacity. It varies from 50mAh to 80mAh mostly.
  • The battery dimension includes 11.30mm diameter and 3.00mm height.

The capacity of the Lr1130 battery heavily depends on the actual cutoff voltage and current drain capacity of the device it powers on after installment. This is similar to all other batteries.

Most manufacturers use the Lr1130 battery as a cheap source of power for their electrical equipment. Also, it is a reliable source of power within a compact space. The only limitation of the Lr1130 battery is it starts draining after 2 to 3 years of use.

So, it needs to be replaced once in 2 to 3 years for the optimal performance of the electric devices.

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What Battery Is the Same as a Lr1130?

To find a similar battery as Lr1130 and replace it with the new one, we need to find batteries with similar specs.

One of the key differences of the batteries comes from their power source. All manufacturers follow a standard way to specify the power source and battery type by a few letters in its naming.

The list includes-

  • LR stands for alkaline battery
  • SR refers to the silver-oxide battery
  • CR stands for the standard lithium-ion battery

These different battery types also have various nominal voltages. These variations are-

  • Alkaline batteries feature 1.5V nominal voltage
  • Silver-oxide battery has 1.55V nominal voltage
  • Lithium batteries come with 3.0V nominal voltage

The above discussion shows that silver-oxide batteries are a good replacement for Lr1130 since their specifications have the closest match.

In most cases, manufacturers recommend replacing Lr130 with Sr1130SW battery. As you may guess from the name, both batteries have a similar diameter and height. Also, their nominal voltage is a close match. SR1130W batteries feature a long service life than Lr1130 ranging from 4 to 6 years. But are also relatively expensive. So, you may want other alternatives to Lr1130.

Thankfully, apart from SR1130SW, there’re many good alternatives for lr1130 in the market that you may choose for your watch, calculator, remote control, toy, etc.

Some Good Alternatives of Lr1130 Battery?

We have already discussed that battery manufacturers use various coding and naming to refer to the different button-cell batteries, including Lr1130. However, when you look closely at their names, you will find similarities in their specifications, as described in the above section.

If you are ready to invest a few minutes in understanding the different specifications of coin-button batteries, you should find quite a few good replacements for Lr1130.

The following list includes the name or codes of batteries that feature similarities to Lr1130-

  • LR54
  • SR1130W
  • SR1130SW
  • AG10
  • SR54

Also, several Energizer batteries are similar to Lr1130. The list includes-

  • 189
  • 390
  • 389
  • 387

Are you still in doubt?

Fret not!

We are going to be more specific this time. You can choose G10, GP389, 389, SR1130, 189 GP189, V389, D389, LR54, SR54, SR1130W, and S1131E batteries as a perfect replacement for Lr1130 in your gear, including watches, remote controls, calculators, toys, etc.

A Key Note

Many people think the CR1130 battery is a good replacement for Lr1130. Yes, its dimension is similar to the Lr130 battery. So, it might fit into the battery cell made for the Lr1130 battery. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t use the CR1130 battery in place of Lr1130 unless the device manufacturer recommends it.

It is because the Cr1130 battery is a carbon-monofluoride lithium battery. Also, its nominal voltage is 3.00V which is double the standard nominal voltage of Lr1130.

Silver Oxide Batteries – Are They Good Replacement Of Lr1130?

We have mentioned that SR1130SW and SR1130 are silver-oxide-based batteries that you can use as an alternative to Lr1130. But do they deliver a good performance as a replacement?

Silver-oxide batteries use silver-oxide and zinc as positive and negative materials, respectively, for the battery. These batteries are available both in SW and standard W-type. Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are used for power cells for SW and W-type batteries, respectively. So, you have to keep it in mind while selecting the silver-oxide batteries.

The main benefit of using the silver oxide battery instead of the Lr1130 battery brings the following benefits for the devices-

  • Silver oxide batteries are high-density in energy. So, it accommodates more power or energy in the same cell than an alkaline battery. So, it supplies power to the device for a longer period.
  • These batteries feature a flat discharge rate. So, it delivers consistent power to the device and ensures stability. So, the device is less likely to get affected by inconsistent power discharge and offers an extended lifespan for the device also.
  • Compared to alkaline batteries, silver oxide batteries have a better leak-proof capacity. So, it contains the electrolyte and stops leakage for convenient applications.

Safety features for Lr1130 battery

No doubt, Lr1130 batteries are safe. Yet, you need to maintain a few safety features for these batteries to prevent any unwanted happenings. It will ensure safe and longer use of the battery.

  • Lr1130 is a small coin or button shape battery. Kids or pets can swallow it easily. So, you should keep them away from kids’ and pets’ reach when not used in the device.
  • If kids or pets swallow the batteries anyway, you should immediately consult a physician or vet to follow their instructions.

The good thing is modern-day Lr1130 battery is free of mercury and so may not be lethal. But it can still cause serious health hazards for the person who swallows it. So, be aware of it.


Well, G10, V389, D389, GP389, 389, SR1130, 189 GP189, LR54, S1131E, SR54, and SR1130W batteries are the same as Lr1130. The best fit for the Lr1130 battery is the silver oxide-based battery.

Also, silver oxide batteries feature better power capacity with added discharge consistency. These batteries also have an extended lifespan of 4 to 6 years and so are highly recommendable.

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