Who Makes Deka Batteries – how good are deka?

Deka batteries are one of the most popular American battery brands. Though there is a global distributor of these batteries, it is based in the USA. Deka is a name of the well-known battery industry in the USA. The reliability and versatility of this brand’s product have made this company stand out. 

With highly experienced researchers and engineers, this company has developed one of the best products in the market. But what are the unique features that make this compound better? And will this be a good choice for you? 

Well, these are the things we will discuss in this article. So, to have an overall idea about Deka batteries, and their performance read the article to the end.

PS: East Penn Manufacturer also makes batteries for Walmart. I have covered them in detail in my last blog which you can read here.

who makes Deka Batteries – makers of deka Batteries

East Penn Manufacturing is the parent company of Deka batteries, which means East Penn makes Deka batteries. Currently, the company has 5 manufacturing facilities in the Midwest. Since 1982, the brand has been providing great batteries to thousands of customers globally. They mainly focused on the versatile application and the reliability of the product’s performance.

East Penn Manufacturing is the world’s most advanced lead acid battery manufacturing industry. Moreover, this is a family-owned company. Kurt H. Smith is the founder and owner of this company. 

Since its foundation, the company has been growing its business all over the world. Currently, East Penn has about 520 acres of manufacturing facilities in the USA.

Where are Deka Batteries made?

I have already mentioned that Deka is an American brand. Each unit of the Deka batteries is manufactured in the USA. But the market for these batteries is global.

This is the world’s largest single-site battery manufacturing facility. The headquarters is in Lyon Station, PA. With a huge manufacturing facility, the company produces different types of batteries for cars, motorcycles, or even solar panels. And of course, all of these products are highly praised by the users.

Though the biggest market for these batteries is in the USA, the products are popular all over the world.

How does the Deka batteries warranty work?

East Penn Manufacturing company offers a warranty of 36 months from the date of purchase. That means once you buy the battery you don’t need to worry about the performance for 3 years.

but this warranty will only work for the materials and workmanship of the product. So, any unexpected error or defect will be out of the warranty policy.

There are several plates in each of the cells of the batteries. And the warranty will apply to each of the cells that will be used in the battery.

Are Deka batteries any good- 5 reasons to buy them

If you’re looking for a battery for multiple purposes, Deka can be a great choice. Not only that, there are several other reasons for which one can consider buying these batteries.

Here below, I’m mentioning the top 5 reasons for buying Deka batteries. 

#1- Performance:

Deka batteries are highly reliable in terms of performance. These batteries can be a great power source for automobiles or regular remote use. Moreover, the possibility of faults or malfunctions is negligible. 

#2- Durability

As per the users, one Deka battery can serve for years. But you must maintain it properly. For example, overcharging or undercharging can reduce battery health. So, both charging and discharging should be handled carefully. 

#3- Design:

Deka batteries come with a compact design. That’s why it’s really easy to set it up in any situation. There are different sizes and shapes of batteries from this brand. Due to their handy shape, the portability of these batteries is quite good.

#4- After-sale service:

You already know that East Penn Manufacturing Company offers a 3-year warranty service for materials and workmanship. In case of any material defect, you’ll get a new replacement for the older battery within this time range. So, once you buy one you can rest assured about the after-sale services.

#5- Brand value:

Well, there’s nothing to deny that we, as customers, always look for brand values. In this case, East Penn is a name of a trust.

This is the world’s largest lead acid battery manufacturing company with years of research experience. So, undoubtedly they will provide the best quality products.

Top available Deka batteries on the market

Deka brand has a wide variety of batteries for different purposes. Here below a list is given mentioning some of the best products from this company. 

  • Deka AGM ETX-30L:

This model of Deka batteries is mainly used in motorbikes. These are known for their heavy-duty performance. Moreover, these models come with a 1-year warranty policy. So, with high-quality performance, durability is also ensured with these batteries.

  • Deka 9A49 Intimidator:

These batteries can be used in cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. All high-end cars like Audi, Mercedes, and Volkswagen can use this battery quite well. These come with enhanced electrolyte suspension. So, the overall performance is better compared to other similar brands.

  • Deka Sports power ETX-16:

This battery can work even in extreme conditions. Generally, these are used in snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc. Maintenance-free design and long-lasting performance make these products worth buying.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Deka a good car battery?

Yes. Deka intimidator AGM series is a very popular and recommended battery for cars.

Who owns East Penn Batteries? 

Kurt H. Smith is the founder and owner of Deka batteries. 

How long do Deka car batteries last? 

Generally, Deka car batteries will last for 12-30 months. Within this time, the battery should provide a smooth and continuous performance.

Are Deka batteries leakproof?

Yes. Deka AGM batteries are leakproof and cold-resistant. So these can be used for extreme sports vehicles.

Why should you choose deka batteries >> Check out this video below:


Deka batteries are one of the most popular batteries in the USA. Since it’s an American brand, the biggest market for these products is America itself.

With giant manufacturing facilities, highly skilled researchers, and workers, the company produces some of the most reliable and durable batteries. Of course, not everything about Deka batteries is perfect, but it’s a good deal compared to the price.

If you’re willing to buy one of these batteries, I hope you won’t regret it. If you’re still feeling hesitant, look at the alternatives and see if that help.

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