Who makes Autocraft Battery – How Good Are autocraft?

Johnson Controls, also known as Clarios, manufactures Autocraft batteries, which are famous for their affordability. Though inexpensive, these batteries have a consistent and reliable performance. Autocraft has three battery categories ranging from low-cost to high-quality: Premium, Gold, and Silver. 

Now that you know who makes Autocraft batteries, let’s dive in to find out more about the batteries and see if they are worth the money. 

PS: Previously, I covered Everstart car batteries a subsidiary of Johnson Controls. You can read more about them here. 

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has been contributing to the American automotive industry for over 136 years. They produce more than half of the batteries used in America. 

The company was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners three years ago in 2019 and was rebranded with a new name, Clarios. 

Clarios manufactures batteries for many famous brands, including Everstart, Interstate, FVP, AC Delco, etc. They have decades of experience in making automotive batteries, which makes their products highly reliable with consistent performance. 

Where Are Autocraft Batteries Made?

Clarios has over 2000 production and operational facilities distributed all over the globe. So it’s hard to pinpoint the exact location where Autocraft batteries are made. Neither Autocraft nor the producer disclose where the batteries are produced. 

How Does Autocraft Battery Warranty Work?

Autocraft battery warranty can vary depending on the model and category. Here’s the warranty period of the categories available: 

Autocraft Economy12-month replacement warranty 
Autocraft Silver12-month replacement warranty 
Autocraft Gold36-month replacement warranty
AutoCraft Platinum36-month replacement warranty

What Batteries Do Autocraft Offer?

Let’s have a close look at the four categories of batteries Autocraft has to offer. 

AutoCraft Economy Batteries:

As the name suggests, these are the most inexpensive batteries Autocraft offers. The economy batteries come in under 80 dollars and they meet the bare minimum standards of CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage), reserve capacity, etc.

AutoCraft Silver Batteries:

These are the mid-level batteries from Autocraft. They meet the OEM replacement requirements and specifications of stock batteries. The Silver series batteries are good for normal weather conditions, and they cost around a hundred bucks. 

Autocraft Gold Batteries:

Autocraft Gold series batteries are particularly designed to meet and exceed CCA standards. These batteries cost around $130 and perform excellently with large engines in cold weather conditions. 

AutoCraft Premium AGM Batteries:

If you know anything about car batteries, you know that the AGM battery is superior to any other type of battery. Autocraft AGM batteries are the highest quality batteries the brand has to offer, and they are also the most expensive ones in their product lineup. The batteries exceed the CCA standards and provide constant high performance in all conditions. 

Are Autocraft Batteries Good? 5 Factors That Make Autocraft Batteries Desirable.

Now that you know who makes AutoCraft battery, let’s look at what makes them worth your money. 

#1 – PowerFrame Positive Grid Technology

Autocraft batteries are designed with PowerFrame positive grid technology that increases their effectiveness by 66%. It also provides 70% better electrical flow to the engine and other gadgets in the vehicle. Furthermore, this technology reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20%. 

#2 – A Wide Range of Batteries

There are four different categories of batteries available, depending on quality and price. This is advantageous for the consumers as they can choose the right product according to their needs. 

#3 – Fair Price 

AutoCraft sets its product prices based on quality and performance. Each of the batteries is fairly priced in my opinion. In particular, the silver series batteries are very affordable and best for budget-friendly options. 

#4 – Warranty 

AutoCraft offers the industry’s standard replacement warranty on batteries. The Gold and Premium series batteries have a 36-month replacement warranty, which is perfect considering the quality and price range. The commercial batteries, though, have only one year of warranty. But, what more can you ask from a battery that costs only $70? 

Autocraft Battery vs Duralast: Comparison Chart

Many people compare AutoCraft and Duralast as they are made by the same manufacturer and parent company. Furthermore, the two brands have products in a similar price range.

To make it easier for you, I created this comparison chart where all the details are laid out so that you can choose the right battery for your vehicle.

ManufacturerClariosClarios, Exide, East Penn Manufacturing
Price Range~$180~$220
Battery TypeAGMAGM, EFB
Famous ForAffordabilityDurability and performance.
ApplicationGood for normal weather.Good for cold or harsh weather
Warranty1-3 years1-3 years
Maintenance FreeYesYes

Where to Buy Autocraft Batteries?

You can buy AutoCraft batteries directly from Advance Autoparts. You can also order them from Amazon and Walmart. 

AutoCraft Battery Reviews

Whenever I write about a brand or product, I always make sure to check out the consumer’s reviews to see what they say about the product. AutoCraft has mostly good reviews across all platforms.

On Amazon, the batteries have 4.3-star reviews. A few people are unhappy about the one-year warranty period on the economical batteries. 

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now you know about AutoCraft Battery, and they are good for the money. Before I wrap up this blog, I’d like to answer a few more quick questions. 

Is Autocraft and DieHard the same?

AutoCraft and DieHard are not the same batteries. However, they have the same parent company, Advanced Auto Parts. 

Is AutoCraft battery AGM?

Yes, the AutoCraft Platinum series batteries are AGM. 

Is AutoCraft an Advance Auto brand?

Yes, AutoCraft is a brand of Advance Auto. 

Are AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts the same company?

No, AutoZone and Advance Auto are two separate rival companies. 

AutoCraft Platinum Car Battery | Type H8 AGM >> Check out the video below:

Final Words

Clarios makes AutoCraft batteries, and they are good for the money and offer high performance, especially with their gold and platinum batteries. If you want to invest in AutoCraft batteries, it’s better to get the higher-end batteries to have superior performance and longevity. 

If I had to suggest an alternative, it would be the EverStart batteries by Walmart. You can check them out from my previous blog here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on AutoCraft batteries. Leave your comments below. 

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