who makes fVP battery – How good Are They?

FVP offers a wide range of batteries with high cranking power and extra durability. Exide and ATLASBX make the FVP battery. ATLASBX makes the majority of FVP batteries, and a small number are produced by Exide. Both manufacturers are renowned in the industry and supply batteries worldwide. 

You now know who makes the FVP battery. But, are they any good? In the remainder of this article, we will investigate and find the answer to this question. 

PS: Exide also manufactures batteries for Interstate, which I reviewed in my last blog. You can check it out here.

About the fVP battery Manufacturer

Let’s have a quick look at the manufacturers of FVP batteries. 


ATLASBX America Corp. is a subsidiary of Hankook & Company. ATLASBX has been thriving in the automotive industry for close to 80 years and distributes its batteries in over 100 countries. 

The brand was acquired by Hankook & Company in 1977. With the rise of the electric vehicle, ATLASBX saw the high demand for car batteries and built a manufacturing plant in Clarksville, TN. 


Exide is the largest battery manufacturer in India. They produce all types of batteries, including automotive, industrial, and inverter batteries. They have been producing batteries for over six decades. 

Exide distributes its batteries in around fifty countries. They have manufacturing facilities in India and Sri Lanka. They also have two recycling facilities in the USA and two other facilities in Spain and Portugal. 

where are fVP batteries made?

Both Exide and ATLAXBX have manufacturing facilities based in several countries. They do not disclose specifically where FVP batteries are made, and neither do FVP. 

ATLASBX manufactures most of the FVP batteries, and recently extended its manufacturing plants in China and Israel. So, honestly, there is no way to confirm exactly where FVP batteries are made. 

How Does the FVP Battery Warranty Work?

Depending on the model, FVP offers a three to five years warranty on the batteries. This is the standard warranty period for batteries in the industry. 

What Types of FVP Batteries Are Available?

Here are the types of batteries FVP offers: 

  1. Automotive Battery 
  2. Golf Cart Battery  
  3. Heavy Duty Battery 
  4. Lawn & Garden Battery 
  5. Marine & RV Battery 
  6. Power Sports Battery 
  7. SLA Battery 

Are FVP batteries good? 5 factors that make FVP batteries desirable.

Now it’s time to address the burning question: are FVP batteries worth the money? Yes, they are. 

Here are the top five factors that make FVP batteries desirable. 

#1 – High Cranking Power

FVP batteries are very reliable when it comes to cranking up the vehicle, especially in the cold. FVP Automotive Platinum battery has the power to start the vehicle and run all of its electronic gadgets in today’s modern vehicles. FVP AGM batteries have 30% more starting power than regular lead-acid batteries. 

#2 – Durable and Long Lasting

Each and every FVP battery come in a durable case to keep it safe from vibration and extend the service life of the battery. The FVP Heavy Duty VoltEdge battery has multiple elements such as High-Density Paste, Rubber Separators, Appropriate Acid Space, and Cold Forged Terminal Bushings that increase the lifespan of the battery. 

#3 – OE Alternative Battery

FVP batteries meet or exceed OE standards. A new FVP battery will increase both the performance and lifespan of your car’s engine. Furthermore, it will also recharge faster than a regular OE battery. 

#4 – Wide Range of Batteries

FVP offers a wide variety of batteries for you. They have covered the needs of the commercial, leisure, and industrial automobile sectors. If you like FVP batteries for your car, you can also get batteries from them for your lawn mower, RV, or any other type of item that requires a battery. 

#5 – Warranty 

FVP offers an industry’s standard warranty period with the batteries. If the batteries die within the warranty, you can contact them to get a replacement for free. They have great customer service facilities. 

FVP Battery Reviews

I always like to check the customer reviews of a product before I write a blog about it. They have a 4.2-star rating on Facebook. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them on other review websites. I was also bummed to see that they are not available on Amazon. 

FVP Battery Price Range

FVP offers its batteries at a fair price. Depending on the mode, FVP batteries’ prices can range from $50-$200. 

Where To Buy FVP Batteries?

I was surprised to see that FVP batteries are currently not available on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. Luckily, they distribute their products with their retailers, which can be found here.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now that you know who makes the FVP battery, and they are good batteries, let’s address a few more short questions that many people have. 

Are FVP batteries AGM?

Yes, FVP offers a variety of batteries, and AGM batteries is one of them. 

Are FVP batteries maintenance free?

Yes, FVP batteries are maintenance free as they are spill-proof and do not leak. 

What kind of battery is a FVP?

FVP offers many different types of batteries, including automotive, marine, industrial, commercial batteries, etc. 

Final Words

In this blog, I tried to deliver information on more than just who makes the FVP battery. Now you are well-informed to make a decision to get the FVP batteries. 

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  1. Hi. Just purchased a FVP car battery an hour ago. Says it is made in Korea! No info came with the battery such as warranty, etc. Has a code/model of FVPP59. Bought at a car repair (has been there for many years) place I used for the last Interstate battery 2 yrs ago. Cost was $156. I hate feeling like I was taken to the cleaners with a purchase. Have not been able to find the FVPP59 on any of the website pages. Thanks for your blog.


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