Do You Know Who Makes Nexen Tires? (Answer Explained)

The tire is the only part that touches the ground. So we must choose a set of sturdy ones. Hence, the Korean brand Nexen can be your ultimate choice.

You can find many stores around the United States of this unbeatable Korean tire brand. It is only required to be expressed to those who preserve insufficient knowledge regarding tire companies. At the stores of Nexen, you can also consult an expert to find the right tires.

Nexen is known for serving one of the most Korean and China-made durable tires available in the market. The warranty is available according to the price range, size, utilization type and other factors. 

Now, you may want to know, who makes Nexen tires? Today’s article is solely about the producer and all the related information about the Nexen tires.

Who Makes Nexen Tires

Here Is The Brief Answer to where are nexen tires made

Nexen is a Korean tire producing company, and its full name is Nexen Tire Corporation. This corporation is the manufacturer of Nexen tires. 

They have been serving consumers beyond quality tires since 1942. And achieved plenty of awards for their incredible creations and services. 

Moreover, it was the first Korean tire producing company that received international recognition within a concise period of 14 years in 1956.

However, they have been utilizing unyielding Japanese technology since 1990. Not only that, they are now in alliance with another world-famous rubber and tire producer Ohtsu

This joint venture has enriched the quality of tires with assistance from Japanese hands.

What Is the Quality Of The Nexen Brand Today?

In 1942, Nexen Tire Incorporation stepped into Korea as well as the tire marketplace for the first time. One more amazing fact is that it was not Nexen during the formation of the company. The previous name of this was Heung-A Tire Company.

In the first phases, this company was to fulfil the demand of Koreans. But, their outstanding tire producing exercise created a supply shortage and a demand surplus.

The prime reason behind the demand surplus is the expansion of users. Hence, reliability has become the prime character of this tire.

In 2000, the top-level management of Heung-A Tire Company decided to stand with the new name Nexen, and this is the name that the whole world recognizes this tire company.

Nexen was unable to fulfil the demand of the world’s population by their only producing plant in Korea. Therefore, they planned to establish a manufacturing house in China. In 2008, Nexen built an advanced research center and manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China.

Nexen today’s one of the most durable and reliable tire companies in the wide marketplace. And, the market share of this company is increasing day by day.

In South Korea, Nexen occupies 34% of the total market share. The company’s current stock price is above USD 77. And about the last year’s total revenue was 545.5 billion USD, notwithstanding the average corporations’ revenue horizon

Where Is Nexen Tire Manufactured?

Nexen Tire Incorporation stepped on Korea for the first time in 1942. Since then, the headquarters have been at Yangsan in South Korea. 

In addition, the first manufacturing plant was established in Korea. Due to the massive successes and demands, they developed another venue for manufacturing tires to fill up the shortage of supply. 

And the second spot of manufacturing is in Qingdao in China.

some of the best tire Made By This Manufacturer

There are different types of tires for different purposes. Nexen offers consumers a diverse range of products depending on the purpose. Here are the major discoveries of Nexen Tire Incorporation:

Tires for passenger cars – ordinary tires.

Passenger car tires are applicable for sedans and other ordinary cars.

High-performance tires

High-performance tires provide efficient mileage and grip.

Ultra high-performance tires.

Ultra high-performance tires provide the best control, handling and, traction capability.

Tires of SUV

You can find more or less every size for your SUV with plenty of features. 

Tires for Mini-Truck 

You can also find quite sturdy tires for your mini-truck from this tire house.

Winter tires

Nexen produces winter tires along with all-season tires for all sizes. And, till now, it has gained no complaints.

From the very beginning, Nexen Tire Incorporation has been offering consumers the A-grade tires to accomplish their purposes. And, today they are immensely famous for their all-season tire series. However, we are going to top you up with their best creations till now. 

Nexen Aria AH7

Nexen AH7 is a world-class all-season tire. Withstanding the friendly budget (only $70), there are some other unavoidable characteristics of this tire. 

These are,

  1. Better rolling resistance.
  2. Long-lasting tread life.
  3. Available for both car and SUV.
  4. One of the most reasonable tire sets.

Nexen Wingaurd

Winguard is a winter tire set with a bunch of characters that will allow you to feel the real winter tires. 

  1. Large and wide grooves. 
  2. Roadside assistance for 36 months.
  3. Great traction and rolling resistance.
  4. Good wet braking system.
  5. Inexpensive compared to other winter tires 

Nexen Roadian

If you are looking for a set of tires that are all-terrain for your SUV or mini truck, Roadian will be the ideal choice. Some vital traits are:

  1. 70,000 miles warranty.
  2. 36 months roadside assistance.
  3. Low noise.
  4. Affordable all-terrain tires.

How Does Nexen Warranty Work?

Nexen is one of those few tire producers which is able to provide consumers with long-lasting tires. These tires carry the manufacturer’s warranty for 80,000 miles. 

If the tire is broken or ripped prior to the expiry date, the company will provide the coverage. Moreover, this coverage includes the accidental cost also. 

Though the policies vary from state to state in the United States, you can visit one of the nearby Nexen authorized dealers to perceive the details.

Are Kumho and Bridgestone Better Than Nexen?

Nexen Tire Incorporation is providing consumers with the best service possible. Yet, competition exists everywhere. And here, Nexen competes with a wide variety of competitor companies. 

Some of the brands are Kumho Tire, Falken, Yokohama, Bridgestone and many more. 

In the Korean market, Kumho is the brand that has the occupant of the largest market shareholders. After that, in the second place, the Nexen stands. 

Here are some vital comparisons of some brands and Nexen so that you can find the better tires and their characteristics. 

SubjectsKumho TireBridgestoneNexen
CountrySouth Korean Company.Japanese Company.South Korean Company.
Mileage Warranty80,000 miles warranty.Not specified65,000 to 80,000 miles warranty.
Average Life3 years.5 years.3 years.
PriceAffordable (Starts at $100)Expensive (Starts at $120)Affordable. (Starts at $70)

Are Nexen Tires Good? 5 Reasons To Buy Nexen Tires

Are Nexen Tires Good

A brand’s quality doesn’t matter in every case. It is the quality of the products which assists the company in forming a brand. 

Since Nexen is a tire producing company, the quality of Nexen depends on the quality of tires which they are producing decades after decades.

Now let’s jump to see why you should purchase Nexen Tires. We have picked the top five reasons for you.

1. Capabilities To Create Traction

If someone is looking for a tire, which has all the perfect features of a great tire, then Nexen is what they need. It creates an even grip on the track easily. 

At the first moment of pushing the acceleration, it grips the road so gently that there is no chance to skip the road for a single second. 

Moreover, about the braking capabilities, the traction is so stable that it can nurture the brake without facing any difficulty regardless of the speed and road type. 

There are different variations of tires that create traction differently on the basis of the roads. Hence, the determination of the purpose of utilization is quite significant.

2. Longevity Of The Tires

About the longevity of a tire set is another vital factor that one must look at. Nexen provides a long-lasting warranty period with all of their tires. 

The minimum warranty is valid for 80,000 miles. A plethora of reports say that Nexen tires can last for 90,000 to 100,000 miles nonetheless

This characteristic of Nexen tires achieves a reliable view from consumers. Moreover, the overall rating about the tires’ longevity is 4.2 out of 5 which is certainly a positive sign for the consumers that Nexen Tires Corporation offers.

3. Fuel Efficiency

The ultimate job of the tires is to develop a connection between the road and the vehicle. And, it is the only component that touches the ground.

However, one’s fuel efficiency also depends on the tires as well. Though it may sound hilarious, it’s true that friction of tires reduces the utilization of wheels. 

This characteristic is also known as the rolling resistance. Nexen produces tires with low rolling resistance which leads to a great gripping system on the road and less fuel consumption simultaneously. 

At the year’s end, one will be able to save fuel by 20% or above. And, it is a significant reduction of the cost certainly.

4. Handling While Gaining Velocity

What if a tire can’t provide you with smooth handling while driving? Yes, if the driveability is not existing in one’s tire, it is nothing but scrap material. 

Nexen has proved themselves trustworthy in this case and many tires which were driven above 80,000 miles, still were reported as maneuverable as earlier. 

The characteristic of not losing the capability of steering escalates the safety factors. Its primitive responsibility is to create a well- controlled environment when one’s vehicle gains speed. 

Some users choose Nexen tires only for these amazing handling traits along with their longevity.

5. Comfort And Noise

Numerous tire producers have left the market because they were not able to provide comfortable and noiseless tires to the consumers. But from the beginning, Nexen was focused on these components and till now, it is serving the best to its consumers. 

The tires by Nexen create a great cushion and absorb the trembles when running through an uneven road and humps. Moreover, the sound of the tires is not chaotic at all.

Drivers have a smooth and soothing sound even if the car is at the 100 miles per hour speed. Henceforward, if one is looking for a meager noisy tire at an average cost, can dig for the Nexen tires.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available To Nexen Tires?     

Around 50 brands are dominating the market of tires. One is outdistancing another brand within a moment on a daily basis. Every company is coming with its newly invented characteristics. 

Certainly, there are a plethora of good brands which are better compared to the Nexen and their tires. But, it will be unfair to Nexen if we justify the tires which cost more than $100. Cause, the average price for Nexen tires is below $100.

Considering the price, there is only one company that can draw the Nexen Tire Incorporation back. That company also belongs to Gwangju, South Korea, allegedly Kumho Tires. Almost all the characteristics of the both tire companies are similar. So, the products are hard to distinguish. 

Nevertheless, one thing with which Kumho is striding can become a threat to Nexen that is the minimum mileage. The minimum mileage of Kumho is 80,000 whereas Nexen offers 65,000.

people also ask (FAQ)

Is Nexen a good tire brand?

Answer: Yes, undoubtedly Nexen is a great brand for those who are looking for the essence of luxury on a friendly budget. The quality that Nexen tires perform is equal to some tires from different expensive brands.

Are Nexen tires made in the USA?

Answer: No, Nexen has enormous dealers in the United States, but doesn’t have any manufacturing plant. They have two venues for the manufacturing process. One is in Yangsan, Korea and the other one is in Qingdao, China.

Are Nexen tires Chinese?

Answer: No, Nexen is a Korean tire manufacturing company. Hence,, the second manufacturing plant of this company is in Qingdao, a state in China. 

But the company belongs to a mother company named Heung-A Tire Company that is in Korea. Nexen Tires Incorporation stepped on the market in 1942 in Yangsan, Korea.

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in Conclusion: Who Makes Nexen Tires?

There are plenty of brands available in the market. So, it is your duty to select the right one for you. If you are an average vehicle user who requires a complete solution, there is no alternative to the Nexen tires. 

Since it is budget- friendly, you can choose a set of tires to drive 80,000 miles without any hassle from the wheel section. Hope you know all about who makes Nexen Tires. 

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