Who Makes Accelera Tires? How are Accelera tyres?

There are thousands of different tire brands in the market that sell cheap tires with satisfactory performance. Accelera tires are one of those.

Accelera is an Indonesian brand. This brand is widely famous for its affordable yet high-performing cars. For a long time, the brand has been serving its customers. And still, the reputation of Accerelra tires is on rising.

For your convenience, in this article, we will discuss the performance ratio of Accelera tires, from where the tires are made to how does it perform under different conditions.  Not only that, but we will also discuss some alternatives in the last so that you can compare on your own.

So let’s get started. 

Here is the short answer Who makes Accelera tires

Accelera tires are made by a company named Eptyres. It is an Indonesian company. In 1996, the company was founded in Bogor city.

Since its foundation, the company focused on safety concerns, innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction. The result is pretty clear now. They are one of the most famous tire brands right now.

Where are Accelera tires made and manufactured?

Accelera tires are made in Indonesia. The complete manufacturing process is operated from there.

Manufacturing tires needs a huge amount of raw materials like quality rubber, labor cost, and production line. So, even some American companies also manufacture tires outside America.

In most case, Thailand, China, and Indonesia is the country where these tires are made.

How long have Accelera tires been in business?

The Accelera company started its journey in 1996. So, they are in the market for roughly 26 years.

Of course, this is not a long time compared to the market-leading companies that are doing business for about 50-100 years. But within this short time, Accelera or Eptyres has made a stable place in the growing market.

The warranty policy of Accelera

Now the most important part for maximum budget customers is the warranty. Well, Accelera tires offer pretty satisfactory warranty policies for their customer.

Most of the tires come with a replacement warranty of 12 months and 2/32 inches of tread wear. But the service warranty will be available for 5 years.

So, you can see, this is undoubtedly an awesome offer. During this time, you can drive approximately 5000-7000 miles which is pretty good.

How many miles do Accelera tires last?

Accelera tires have a warranty covering years of driving, not the miles are driven. But we can predict how much you can drive within this time.

If you are an average driver, you may drive nearly 5000 to 7000 miles during this time. But it can vary on the road condition or driving skill.

What Vehicles Can Use Accelera Tire?

Accelera manufactures tires for different types of vehicles. High-performance passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and different other vehicles can be run with Accelera tires.

Different Sizes of Accelera Tires?

On the official website of Acceler tires, you can find tires of certain sizes. You can explore a lot of different sizes for tires there.

Accelera has basically all sizes of tires starting from the width of 155 mm to 325 mm varying by 10 mm. If you are looking for diameter, you can see they have different diameters of tires carrying from 13 inches to 25 inches.

That’s why these tires are so popular since they offer a wide variety of products.

Are Accelera tires any good? 5 reasons to buy them

You can buy Accelera tires for the five following reasons. Without any delay, let’s see those,


These tires are really cheap. So, for those who are looking for cheap but quality tires, this brand can be a choice for sure.


Compared to the price, the performance of these tires is really good. The grip, traction, and hydroplaning are quite well in this price range.

Snow performance;

Accelera has dedicated winter tires. They also have all-season tires. So, whichever you are looking for, the brand won’t let you down. The winter tires are a good deal within budget.


Being a mid-budget tire brand, the company offers a good warranty policy for its customer. Five years of service warranty is something that can be so helpful in times.


The groove and tread of these tires are designed at a 45-degree angle. Also, the center rib and directional read cutting help to reduce noise.

best Accelera tires on the market

 The brand has a wide variety of products in its inventory. Here, I’m just mentioning some top-rated tires from Accelera.


X-Grip is one of the best budget winter tires on the market. It has a directional tread pattern consisting of a center rib. Fantastic traction on snowy roads and a smart outlook is the key features of these tires. It also comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty. 


This is mainly a sporty tire from Accelera. The tire is designed in a way that it will generate less noise and evacuate water more effectively. The central rib design and angle treat pattern provide a fantastic grip while driving.

Are there any drawbacks of Accelera tires?

Since this is a budget tire, of course, there will be some drawbacks to the Accelera tires.

The wet grip of these tires is not satisfactory at all. People have claimed that the wet braking distance is too long. So, the performance in wet conditions should be improved for these tires.

Are there any good alternatives available for Accelera tires?

There are so many tires available in the market within a similar price range. Among them, I’m mentioning two top-performing tires that can be used to replace Accelera tires.

Kumho tires:

Kumho tires are a Korean tire brand. They are popular for fuel-efficient tires. They are also known as Samyang tires. There are high-performing, all-seasoned tire models front this brand.

Triangle tires:

Triangle tires are Asia’s top tire company. This Chinese brand is popular for affordable tires and supplying these all over the world. These can be considered as an alternative to Accelera tires.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Accelera a Chinese company?

No. Accelera is ab Indonesian tire company.

Does Accelera have winter tires?

Yes. Accelera has dedicated winter tire models.

When should I change Accelera tires?

You can change your Accelera tires after every 5000 miles of drive.


Accelera tires are not so premium but can be a good option as a cheap brand. But you can’t expect long-lasting high performance from this brand.

But within this span of time, the brand has earned a good reputation all over the world, which is promising. So, trusting this brand won’t be a bad decision I hope.

So, if you’re willing to buy a cheap tire, give Accelera a try. If you are not satisfied, or any issue occurs, there is always a replacement option.

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