How Much Does It Cost To Delete A Diesel Truck? [Labor & Parts]

Deleting a diesel truck means taking out the DPF exhaust and other emission systems. It is done to be replaced with custom gears to boost up the performance section as well as the mileage in diesel trucks.

However, the cost is dependent on the level of personalization you give your diesel truck. There are several possibilities available, and the more expensive one is, the greater performance and mileage one will receive. The cost of the basic package is roughly $600, while the cost of the premium package is about $5,000.

It involves the cost of the components, tax, technician charge, and small equipment that you need to provide. Apart from the components, the technician charge is the second highest. Being a technician myself, I know how hefty of a job deleting a diesel truck is.

However, the profits are absurd. By reducing your carbon footprint and improving your truck’s capabilities, you will be doing more for society. Nevertheless, it is prohibited in several jurisdictions and nations and is rather pricey.

How Much Does It Cost To Delete A Diesel Truck
Cost To Delete A Diesel Truck chart

What Does It Mean When You Delete A Diesel Truck?

Deleting a diesel truck is exactly what it sounds like. You will be cutting off all the emission sources and replacing them with a linear tube. However, it’s not true that you successfully deleted a diesel truck just by installing the hardware but working with engine management features is also needed.

Your truck has programming on it as well that is compatible with the existing parts and can run those parts only smoothly. Thus, you can already tell that it’s almost impossible to do it by yourself but to take help from a professional.

They will set up new programs that will run with your new components perfectly and make your overall truck experience way better.

Yet, the process also includes removing all your presets in the data center and leaving you out with nothing but a fresh new setup.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation elimination is the most challenging of all of them. The temperatures of combustion are lowered. Consequently, lowering the emission of nitrogen oxides.

How Much Does It Cost To Delete A Diesel Truck with pricing table

Components Cost$5000
Technician Charge$1500
Government Toll$400

The performance improvement you will see is exactly correlated to the cost of eliminating a diesel truck. Even with a budget of as little as $600, you may still acquire a few small yet worthwhile changes. However, obtaining the entire kit of a diesel vehicle that is intended to be deleted can provide you with the opportunity you are looking for.

Nevertheless, it is quite expensive. In this sector, the prices are constantly fluctuating. However, I can assure you that the whole package of Diesel Truck Deleting Cost will be covered for under $5000.

Let’s take a deep look at all the expenses.

#1 – Components Cost

More than half of the $5000 that you have brought to delete the diesel truck will go on buying the components. Traditionally, most of your money will be spent on parts rather than anything else. To sum up, you will spend approximately 2700 dollars here.

Why are the parts so expensive? Well, you have to look at the components that you are going to buy. These components are responsible for your truck’s performance.

It includes engine management systems such as; Electronic Fuel Injection systems, Air Induction systems, Fuel Delivery systems Electronic, Control systems, etc.

#2 – Technician Charge

The second highest cost that is involved in the process is the technician charge. Not one but a few technicians need to get their hands involved in your truck to install everything in place correctly. Additionally, they need to spend about three and a half hours, and you need to pay them big for that.

Even though technician charges vary from place to place, the average amount you would need to keep in hand is $1500. It’s certainly not easy for us (technicians) and needs to put a lot of effort as well as sweat. The cost is justified.

#3 –Government Toll

This one is also dependent on the country you are in. If you live in a country where tax is less, then you can save some bucks here. Similarly, living in a high-toll country can stack up the bucks.

Nevertheless, I can assure you that keeping at least $400 in your hand will result in relief. There’s no way that the tax can go up to this amount, and you can sit tight without a thought with this amount on hand for the toll.

#4 – Tools

Lastly, the least you will be spending here is on the tools. There are a few tools that you will need to provide to your technician. You can expect $50 to be sufficient enough.

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Pros And Cons Of Deleting A Diesel Truck

Making a list of benefits and drawbacks is a smart idea to aid in decision-making. Thus, I’m confident that this part will be very helpful to you. And will provide clear guidance on whether to delete or not by the pros and cons of deleting a diesel.

Let’s get started!


  • Your engine lifespan is extended due to less sooting
  • Significantly makes your truck powerful and efficient
  • Exhaust noise is reduced
  • Makes your truck fuel efficient
  • Reduced carbon emission, which is good for the environment


  • A huge load of upfront cost
  • Might not be legal in your state
  • Some manufacturers don’t provide support after you have made modifications
  • Service centers that would want to put their hands on your truck are less

Is Deleting A Diesel Truck Legal?

It entirely depends on the country you live in to answer whether deleting diesel trucks is legal or not. However, you are certainly making modifications that are not supposed to be modified. Yet, the reduced carbon emission factor does stand up to many countries, and it is legal to delete a diesel truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To finish things off, I have collected some frequently asked questions that you might also don’t know the answer to. Don’t worry; I have got you covered here as well.

Is It Worth Deleting A Diesel?

If it’s legal in the area you live in; you should go for it. The pros seem to outweigh the cons, and lastly help you contribute to the environment

Why Is Deleting A Diesel Truck So Expensive?

Deleting a diesel truck involves working with many components that play a huge role and have significant functionalities. Additionally, the technician cost adds up to an expensive total.

Does Deleting A Diesel Truck Make Your Truck Fuel Efficient?

That’s one of the primary reasons why you would want to shift to a deleted diesel truck. It does come up with a big upfront cost, but in the long run, you will save more than you spent.

CHEAPEST WAY TO DELETE YOUR DIESEL TRUCK >> Check out the video below:


To conclude, I don’t think you should hesitate to delete a diesel truck. It is worth it in the long run for fuel efficiency and increasing the engine’s lifespan. The $5000 would seem like nothing when you will look back to this day.

The annoying exhaust sound will not be there anymore and the soothing will be low as ever to keep your pipes clean. On the other hand, you must make sure that it’s legal in your country. The manufacturers follow your state’s law, and you not following the law will lead to a loss of helping hand from them.

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