how much does it cost to rebuild a 7.3 powerstroke?

The 7.3 engine has some issues with its cylinder pressure which can result in engine failure. This might lead you to rebuild your 7.3 engine. In total, it will cost around 9500$ to 10000$ to rebuild your 7.3 engine. The parts will cost around 8000$ to 9000$ and the labor cost will be around 1000$ to 1500$.

The 7.3 power stroke V8engine is the first engine of the power stroke engine series of Ford. The engine has some issues with its cylinders. The extremely high cylinder pressure causes premature failure of the engine.

I get calls from time to time inquiring about how to avoid this trouble. The answer is- you can easily rebuild the engine with some stronger and better accessories. I am going to share my experience on this as an auto technician. Rise and shine!

Major Defaults Of A 7.3 Engine:

Ford used some good accessories in their first-ever power stroke engine. However, the company erred in manufacturing. The poor manufacturing process of the company is the main culprit behind the premature failure of the 7.3 engine.

Let’s take a look at the major problems of the engine-

1. High Cylinder Pressure:

The 7.3 engine has an issue with its cylinders. Fuel is injected into the engine at a fixed speed. The speed increases with the load. When the load increases excessively, more fuel is injected into the engine causing inner engine pressure to rise.

As a result, when the engine pressure rises at its peak, it shuts down the engine immediately. Repeated high cylinder pressure in the engine causes premature engine failure to the 7.3 engine.

2. Connecting Rod Failure:

The connecting rod failure is a very common problem in a 7.3 engine. Extremely high cylinder pressure causes the connecting rods to fail. Connecting rod failures result in catastrophic engine damage. It can severely damage the crankshaft, camshaft, and the block.

Other than these two major problems, the 7.3 engine has some other defaults as well.

7.3 engine problems:

  • Cover harness in the under the valve
  • Valve spring failure
  • Leaks in the turbocharger
  • Leaks in the fuel filter
  • Pressure valve failure
  • Pressure regulator failure

Configuration Of A7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Engine:

The 7.3 power stroke engine was Ford’s first launch of the turbo charger diesel V8 engine. The engine is from the Navistar T444E family. The engine was introduced by the company in the year of 1994. The company produced the engine till 2003.

The parts used in the engine were exclusive and original as it was the first power stroke engine.

A list of the parts used in the 7.3 power stroke engine:

  1. 444 cu in the 16-valve ofV8 (7.3 L)
  2. Waste Gated Single Turbocharger
  3. 104.4 mm bore and 106.2 mm stroke
  4. Compression Ratio 17.5:1
  5. Dry Weight (417kg)
  6. The engine produces around186 Kilo Watts and 505 lb which is equal to 250 horsepower of torque. This power is produced in the automatic transmission trucks
  7. The engine produces around205 Kilo Watts and 525 lb which is equal to 275 horsepower of torque. This power is produced for manual transmission trucks
  8. 15 US Quart (14 Litre 12 Imperial Quart) Oil Pan.
  9. Top end high-pressure oil pump which holds an extra03 US Quart2.8 Litre and a 2.5 Imperial Quart.
  10. In total the engine holds 18 US Quart and 17 Litre 15 Imperial Quart of oil.
  11. Single shot hydraulically actuated electronic unit injection
  12.  AA, AB and AE code injectors.
  13. Swashplate (15°)
  14. Fuel pump (Cam driven) (02 stages)`
  15. Electric fuel pump (Frame rail)
  16. Deadhead fuel injector
  17. Long head fuel injector in the cylinder

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Cost Of The Accessories To Rebuild A 7.3 (with pricing table)

The accessories of a 7.3 power stroke engine will cost around 8000$ to 9000$. You can buy the accessories from the local workshop or you can order them from online sites. But I would suggest not to go to any local store for cheap products. Ford sells the whole ready-to-use 7.3 V8 engine for 10000$ in their official shops.

Let’s take a look at the detailed price list of the accessories:

SLAccessoriesPrice  Range
01.Connecting rods (Forged in steel)450$ to 500$
02.Cylinder heads1400$ to 1600$
03.HPOP (High-pressure oil pump)700$ to 1000$
04.Crankshaft1200$ to 1300$
05.Overhaul kit set of 7.3 engine1200$ to 1300$
06.Short block set1000$ to 1400$
07Camshaft, piston, compression, and fuel injection set3000$ to 3500$

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Rebuild A 7.3 Powerstroke related (FAQs)

1. How Long Can A 7.3 Power Stroke Engine Survive Without Servicing?

You will be surprised to know about the lifetime of a 7.3 power stroke engine. At that time, other diesel trucks could only survive up to 300000 to 350000 miles without service. On the contrary, a 7.3 power stroke diesel engine can run around 450000 to 550000 miles without service.

So, it is clear that this engine has a far better lifespan than its counterparts.

2. Is A 7.3 Power Stroke Engine Worth Buying?

According to the customer’s review and the experts, the 7.3 power stroke engine is the best performing engine among all the power stroke engines.Though it was the first power stroke engine ever produced, the company put everything to make it the best.

As a result, the 7.3 engine has the most running lifetime among all the power stroke engines. While the other power stroke engines can run around 350000 miles, this engine can survive up to 550000 miles.

If you want to know more, Check out the video below:

3. What’s The Difference Between A Godzilla Engine And A 7.3 Engine?

Godzilla big block V8 engine is the latest edition of the 7.3 engine introduced by Ford in the year 2020. It can be defined as an updated form of the original 7.3 engine. The original 7.3 engine can produce up to 275 horsepower.On the other hand, a Godzilla 7.3 engine produces nearly430 horsepower at the rpm of 5500.

Also,the new Godzilla engine has a superclass 475 lb torque.

Final Words

The 7.3 engine was introduced for the heavy-duty trucks of Fordwhich brought a new chapter in the history of engines. Though it is the best performing engine in the history of power stroke engines, the engine has some issues in it. To fix the issues you ought torebuild the engine.

For doing so, the accessories of the engine will cost around 8000$ to 9000$ and the labor cost will be around 1000$ to 1500$. In total, it will cost around 9000$ to 10000$.

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