Bulletproof A ford 6.0 powerstroke Cost – [Labor & Parts]

A bulletproof 6.0 engine doesn’t mean shooting it with a gun, and the bullet will not penetrate it. The term bulletproof when it comes to engines means replacing manufacturer parts with new ones as the built-in ones are not efficient enough. The most popular upgrades are:

Bulletproofing a 6.0 Ford engine can be expensive if you install 6 of them. There is not only just the components cost that is involved, but the technicians do charge a lot for bulletproofing. Nevertheless, if you are willing to upgrade 6 of them, it will cost approximately $8000, including labor costs.

Spending that amount of money would certainly pay off well and be worth it. The bulletproofing is said to last for at least 300,000 miles and then start to decay slowly.

What makes it such a good purchase is that all your basic Ford has parts that are not optimized properly. Thus, the bulletproof kit will make your expensive vehicle feel whole.

How Much Does It Cost To Bulletproof A 6.0
2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

What Does The Term Bulletproofing A 6.0 Mean?

Nothing in this world is flawless; the same goes for a 6.0 Powerstroke Ford vehicle. The 6.0 isn’t the best when it comes to the Oil cooler, EGR cooler, Water pump, gas tank & panel, Fuel injector control module, and Head studs. Thus, comes the modification that you can make that has flourished over the years.

No, it doesn’t increase your vehicle’s speed. By changing up the components with more optimized ones, you allow your vehicle’s diesel engine to increase its lifespan. Additionally, making sure that everything around the engine runs smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost To Bulletproof A 6.0? (Average price)

Water Pump400 Dollars
Head Studs1000 Dollars
Gas tank4000 Dollars
EGR400 Dollars
Fuel pressure gauge 300 Dollars
FICM repair 900 Dollars
Oil cooler 3000 Dollars

Bulletproof a 6.0 can be expensive as well as cheap. It depends on what you are willing to upgrade and how many of them. For example, upgrading the water pump system can be quite cheap, whereas coolers can be quite costly. Overall, getting all of them will cost you around $7000.

Additionally, some of the upgrades can be ignored as all of them are not super important. But surely, one is capable of bringing out a massive change.

So let’s see what is the cost to BulletProof a 6.0 and which of them are important.

#1 – Water Pump

Water pumps in the engine play a significant role in the overall system. It helps to keep the engine cool by avoiding overheating. Moreover, continuously moving coolant from the radiator to the engine compartment of the car.

To bulletproof a water pump would only cost you 400 bucks, excluding the technician charge. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, then the technician would charge almost half of the component cost.

I recommend that you do not go through with this upgrade. The stock water pumps are already good enough to keep your engine’s cooling system running.

#2 – Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM)

The Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) is in control of the performance section as well as the fuel efficiency of your Ford. They are the manager of the injectors. Thus, it can be said that it is one of the most important ones out of the six.

As per the expense, I believe that it comes in third out of all the six upgrades available. According to the price range, $900 for components and $600 for labor, the FICM is worth the enhancement.  You will come across better and smoother performance and a significant increase in mileage.

#3 – Gas Tank

Number third on our list is the gas tank upgrade that needs $4000, including labor and is one of the costliest upgrades you can think of.  However, you have the option to reduce it from $4000 to even $2000 just by selecting a low-quality gas tank. I would certainly not prefer it.

Bad weather is no match for gas tanks, and they don’t let it compromise their performance. By making it bulletproof, the car would warm up without a hitch and without running out of oil.

#4 – Oil Cooler

The oil cooler plays a significance on the engine’s lifespan on your vehicle. It ensures that the oil that it is supplying is consistent and in steady-state temperature. I think it’s a must-do bulletproofing item if you are thinking of doing one. Undoubtedly, the pros are something to have.

To bulletproof an oil cooler, you would need to spend $3000 on the components. The installation charge is around 1000 dollars. This is one of the first things that you would want to lay your hands on the bulletproofing.

#5 – Head Studs

I think this should be the last one you should upgrade if you are thinking of bulletproofing. It doesn’t bring a massive change and is ineffective against the price.

It enhances your car’s head-and-block gripping force and costs around 1000 bucks. To break it down, $600 for the components and $400 for the installation charge. The installation charge is way big due to the effort it takes for the head studs to be bulletproof.

#6 – EGR

Last on our list is the EGR Bullet Proof Diesel Engine. The EGR cooler is responsible for calming down the heat of the exhausted gas. Upgrading it is quite cheap as it costs a total of $400, labor included. You can leave this one out if you are in a tight grip on cash.

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Gains From Bulletproofing A 6.0 Powerstroke Engine

In simple words, bulletproofing a 6.0 potentially increases the chance of your engine living longer and provides you with polished service. The flaws in a Ford engine are quite noticeable and annoying once used for a while.

Thus, bulletproofing saves you by optimizing overall performance. Additionally, enhances fuel efficiency, which many 6.0 Powerstroke engine users require. As a result of all these, the engine gets a greater lifespan and live without getting handed to a technician.

However, if you are interested to know which engine oil keeps your ride smooth then check out our 6.0 Powerstroke 5w40 vs 15w40.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When it comes to bulletproofing, there are a lot of misconceptions, and that’s what I am here for. To clear out some fundamentals of a 6.0 engine and bulletproofing.

Does a 6.0 need to be bulletproofed?

If you are constantly facing problems with your 6.0 Powerstroke then getting it bulletproofed is a smart choice. It is indeed a solution.

How long does a bulletproof 6.0 last?

It depends on the way you take care of your engine. Whether you are using a good engine oil or not also plays a significant role. However, you can expect at least 300,000 miles of service.

Is the bulletproof on a 6.0 Powerstroke engine worth it?

Yes, bulletproofing a 6.0 is certainly worth it. It’s a one-time investment that can last up to years of good service.

HOW I BULLETPROOFED MY 6.0 MYSELF AND WAS IT WORTH IT >> Check out the video below:


To conclude, it’s up to you whether you will bulletproof your 6.0 Powerstroke engine or not. Even though it might cost around $8000, the stability makes it a worthy purchase.

If you don’t have the $8000 then you can always choose between the upgrades. I strongly recommend you to at least do the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM) and Oil Cooler upgrade. They can bring a significant change at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, the EGR and head studs are the optional ones. They don’t cost much as well as don’t charge a lot.

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