[Detailed] How Long Can You Drive On A Broken Tire Belt?

Normally it depends on the tire and the damage. If the damage is not severe then you can drive 50 miles safely. However, if it is severe then it should be fixed immediately. 

A broken tire belt is a very common problem and it happens very often. There are many reasons which can cause damage to a tire belt. Whatever the damage may be, I would not advise anyone to drive on a broken tire belt as it can damage the whole body of the wheel. It can eventually shatter the rim and cause a major accident. 

Sometimes you cannot avoid driving with a broken tire belt. It raises the question- is it safe to drive on a broken tire belt? Being someone experienced in this field, I will try to share my understanding regarding this alongside the other details about tire belts. So, let’s shed some light on the matter. 

How Long Can You Drive On A Broken Tire Belt

Components OF A Tire Belt

You might often wonder what a tire belt is made of

A tire belt is like a steel jacket of a tire. It is the steel structure that provides the tread with stability and strength which increases the integrity of the wheel. This is the reason why the tire belt is one of the most essential parts of a tire. The tire belt is situated under the tread of a tire coated with rubber. 

A tire belt has three layers of protection:

  • Firstly, a layer of rubber coating
  • Secondly, a layer of steel
  • Thirdly, again a layer of rubber to hold everything tight 

You can know more about the infrastructure of a tire and tire belt here.

Necessity Of A Tire Belt

A tire belt is the bodyguard of a tire. It provides strength for the tread of a tire. A tire belt makes the tire strong to handle the rough and tough roads. Hence, a strong tire belt makes the tire last longer and better. Even if you have an expensive tire, a faulty tire belt can ruin all the money you have expended on it. So, your tire needs to have a tire belt in proper condition.

The Number Of Tire Belts Used In Different Vehicles:

The number of tire belts on your tire depends on the vehicle and tire you are using. Not every vehicle uses the same number of tire belts. Let’s have a glance at the number of tire belts in different vehicles-

SLVehicle TypeNumber Of Belts
1.Passenger Car02
2.Medium Truck04
4.Heavy Vehicle08

The number of tire belts gets doubled in case of heavy vehicles. The heavier the vehicle, the more the belts. 

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What Causes The Damage Of A Tire Belt?

Although a tire belt is made of steel and very strong part of a tire, it can get damaged for some reasons. 

The main culprits which cause damage to a tire belt are- 

  • Extreme heat on the surface of the road or otherwise
  • Degraded rubber
  • Aged rubber
  • Relics on the road
  • Oversteering
  • Bad and improper mounting
  • Bumpy roads
  • Pulling hard break repeatedly
  • Changing the car’s direction too swiftly that the wheel has to slide 

These things can tear apart the tire belt into pieces and make bumps in the tire which will eventually change the shape of the tire. Every time, as an auto technician, I receive calls about a broken tire belt- I find one of these reasons responsible for it. So now you know where you have to keep an eye to avoid this mess of broken tire belts.

Effect Of Driving On A Broken Tire Belt On The Other Parts Of A Vehicle:

Driving on a broken tire belt not only hampers the tire but also damages other parts of a vehicle severely. 

The components of a vehicle that can be damaged by driving on a broken tire belt are- 

  • The ball joints of the vehicle
  • The suspension mounts
  • The struts
  • The steering system on the wheel
  • The brake
  • The fender wheels
  • The shock absorber

These components of a vehicle get severely damaged when you drive on a broken tire belt. 

How Do You Know If A Tire Belt Is Broken? 

fixing broken Tire Belt on a car

Let me tell you how you know about a broken tire belt. This is no rocket science. You can simply understand it by looking at the shape of the tire. When a tire belt is broken- it breaks into small pieces which change the shape of your tire. 

So, if the tire’s shape looks unusual or changed and you are experiencing a shaky and unstable journey, then your tire belt is broken for sure. You can get a video tutorial of it here

people also ask (FAQs)

1. How To Fix A Broken Tire Belt?

The answer is very simple. You can not fix a broken tire belt. If your tire belt is broken you have to simply buy a new tire. There is no way to fix a broken tire.

2. Do Tire Warranties Cover A Broken Tire Belt?

Yes, it does! A broken tire belt is covered under a tire warranty. Not only a broken tire but also anything and everything which hampers the tire and makes it ineffective is covered under tire warranties. 

3. What Does A Broken Tire Belt Sound Like?

Apart from the visible symptoms which will show that the vehicle’s tire belt is broken, there will be a pounding thumping noise while driving the vehicle. It will sound bumpy and will cause vibration. This sound is created by the uneven interaction of the tire with the surface of the road. Because when the tire belt is broken, it will make the tire surface bumpy.

When the bumpy parts hit the surface of the road, it will create these types of noises and vibrations.

Take Away

A tire belt protects and provides strength for the tread. So, the tire needs to have a flawless tire belt. Even if you have a fully functional tire belt, it can get damaged for the above-mentioned reasons and cause an unwanted and severe accident. 

Coming to that, it is clear that if there is anything wrong with your tire belt it will damage the wheel as well as other major components of the vehicle. So, it is obvious that as soon as you find that your tire belt is broken, you should fix it immediately without driving much further. 

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