Is Tire Rubbing Bad: how much tire rub is too much?

Tires are made of rubber and continuous rubbing can cause wear and tear of tires. So, is tire rubbing bad? Yes. It will damage the tire and can eventually cause a blowout.

But how do you know whether your tire is being rubbed or not? How bad it can be for the tires or your vehicle? Or what to do if you are facing this issue?

Here I’ll be mentioning all of these answers in this article.

Is Tire Rubbing Bad

how much tire rub is to much? What can happen as a consequence of it?

Tire rubbing is not only bad, but it can also cause accidents if not handled properly. How? Let me elaborate.

  • Tire rubbing can occur due to many reasons. No matter what is the reason behind this, in most cases, the rubbing occurs between the tire and wheel well. If it continuously happens, then there is a strong possibility that the tire will blow out soon.
  • If it happens, the wheel can crash into the wheel well. And this may result in severe accidents and damage to your vehicle.
  • If the steering components and the suspension contact, it can be hazardous.
  • Even if nothing severe like I’ve mentioned above happens, tire rubbing will damage your new tire and the tread will gradually lose its temper.

top 3 reason may cause tire rubbing

Well, tire rubbing is serious and we need to handle it carefully to avoid any permanent damages. But before solving, you must know the reasons first. So, here I’ll share the most possible reasons for tire rubbing. Let’s jump into that.

1. Oversized tires:

If you are using an oversized tire, you can face tire rubbing issues. There is a certain dimension of wheel and tire for each vehicle. There is a misconception that people think matching only rim size is okay.

But this is not the case. You must check the sidewall dimensions and overall wheel diameter too. Otherwise, the tire can make contact with the wheel well and tire rubbing can occur.

2. Wheel offset:

Wheel offset can be another reason for tire rubbing. Not every vehicle’s axle has the same design and dimensions. So, even if nothing like increasing tire happens, tire rubbing can occur due to wheel offset.

3. Misalignment:

If you are an automobile geek, you must know about the caster angle of the vehicle’s front wheel. It is the inclination of the wheel to some degree from its vertical axis when observed from the side of the car. If the positive or negative caster angles are not proper, then tire rubbing can occur.

How to check for tire rubbing? [fixing tire rub]

In extreme cases, you may hear some unwanted noises if your tire is being rubbed with the wheel well.

But when it is not that severe, you may need to inspect the tire to see whether there is any issue or not. Park the car and check the tires from the ground. Use light to get better vision.

Generally, a tire should be dirty. But you can see some damaged areas where the rubbing has occurred. If the rubbing is happening for a long time, there can be holes or sore thumb-like things.

How to solve the tire rubbing problem?

You have come to know many things about the problem already. Now it’s time to focus on the solutions. Let’s discuss how you can eliminate this tire rubbing problem.

  • Don’t forget to check and recheck the tire size while buying a new tire. Never use any wrong size tires which will cause such issues. 
  • Make sure there is enough clearance between the tire and the wheel well. Check this for every scenario like while driving or parking.
  • If you’re facing this problem, the best solution is to replace the tire with a new one.
  • If the problem is occurring due to suspension issues, it’s better to go to a mechanic as the suspension is a sensitive and critical device of the vehicle.

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people also ask (FAQs)

Is rubbing bad for trucks?

Yes. Continuous rubbing can damage truck tires and cause wire showing. 

What does tire rubbing sound like?

Tire rubbing generally sounds like grinding noises since it strokes the wheel rim continuously.

When I turn my wheel it makes a rubbing noise?

If the clearance between the tire and wheel rim is not enough, you may hear a rubbing noise while turning the wheel.


Tire rubbing is a very common problem for regular drivers. Often they get confused what is the reason behind this even after buying new tires. 

If proper clearance is not available between the tire and wheel wall or tire size is not perfect, you can face this issue. I’ll say tire rubbing is not only bad for your vehicle performance but also for your safety.

So, if you observe any of the symptoms of this problem, take immediate action. If you can’t solve it on your own, go to a mechanic. Otherwise, it can cause severe damage to your vehicle or cause accidents.

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