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Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle that remains in direct contact with roads and ensure stability while driving. So, any kind of damage to tires may lead to severe accidents.

Due to prolonged usage or unsuitable road conditions, tires get worn. In extreme cases, the wires inside tires can be exposed. This indicates that the tire will no more perform properly as it needs to. So, it is not safe at all to drive on tires with wires showing.

That’s because not only it can cause blow-out of the tires, but sometimes it can lead to severe accidents. So, whenever you face this issue, immediate actions should be taken.

Here, I’m going to discuss what and how you should do that.

Is It Safe To Drive On Tires With Wires Showing?

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how long can you drive on tires with wire showing?

So, as I’ve mentioned above, worn-out tires with wires showing may be the worst case for a tire. This indicates that the tire has performed its best and it’s not proper to use it anymore.

Due to driving, wear and tear of the tires occur. After a certain amount of miles driven, you should change the tires or repair them. If not, it can be worse and the wires can be seen.

In that scenario, several bad things can happen to you as well as your vehicle. That’s why it’s not safe to drive in that condition.

3 most common reasons wires coming out of tire

A tire with wires showing can be bad for several reasons. Here below, I’m mentioning some of the main problems that you may face.

#1 – Blow-out tires:

As you know, due to extreme wear of tires, the internal wires become exposed. That means the strength of those tires is not enough in that situation to hold the high pressure inside it. So, at any time, it can blast, or tire air can blow out.

#2 – Lose traction:

Worn-out tire means there are no or very few grooves remaining. Without the tread and grooves, the tire won’t provide sufficient grip while rolling on roads. So, it can slip even on dry roads.

#1 – Lack of stability:

Not only the worn-out grooves will hamper the stability of the vehicle, but the tire won’t be able to dissipate heat properly, and it can lose its shape.

And if this happens, there is a huge possibility that the driver will lose control of the vehicle. On wet roads, this thing can be catastrophic. 

3 common signs of worn-out tires

First thing first, you can see on your own if your tires are in such bad condition. But except these, some of the symptoms of tire wires showing are listed below.

  • Unexpected noise while driving
  • Losing air pressure frequently
  • Losing control and stability
  • Slipping without certain reason, etc.

If you see any of these signs, check the tires properly right then. In this way, you can reduce the risk of accidents by taking action timely.

3 main reasons Why the tire wires can get exposed

There are various reasons for which wires of tires can be shown up. Some of those are,

#1 –  Heavy use:

If you’re using your tires for a long time, they can get damaged. In most cases, this is the reason for worn-out tires.

#2 – Improper inflation:

Sometimes the inflation of tires is not okay. No matter whether it is underinflated or overinflated, both of these will increase the wear rate of tires.

#3 – Misalignment:

If the caster and toe angles are not maintained properly, the forces on the tires do not act accordingly. This ununiform distribution of force can accelerate the wear of tires gradually.

These are the main reasons for wire-exposed tires. Accidents also cause this problem.

how to fix a tire with wire showing?

So, now let’s talk about how to solve this issue. Though some people suggest that, you can drive up to 90-100 miles even if your tires are worn-out a bit, but that’s not something I would suggest.

If it’s not an extreme situation, I’ll recommend replacing the tire immediately. Because anytime things can get worse and accidents can occur. There are a lot of mid-budget tires available nowadays. 

If you have a tight budget, go for those. But never drive in such bad conditions. Because it’s completely unsafe to drive with tires with wires showing.

Metal Wires showing on my Tire Tyre >> Check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long can you drive on a bald tire?

Though driving with a wire-showing tires are not safe, in case of emergency, you may drive 70 to 100 miles with a bald tire.

2. How long will tires last with wire showing?

Tires can last for 70-100 miles with wire showing. 

3. Can your tires explode if they are bald?

If you continue driving with bald tires, gradually it will damage more which can explode over time.


For a safe driving experience, one should not use any automobile parts with faulty conditions. When it is about the tires, there’s no chance to take risks.

The whole control of your vehicle is up to the tires. So, if the wires of the tire are exposed, take quick action. I would suggest replacing it with a new one. Try to avoid using the old one with some simple repairing.

Remember, spending money on a good tire is never a bad investment at all.

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