8 common Ford F150 Water Pump Problems ( replacement cost)

A bad or noisy water pump isn’t something good. No Siree. Plus, you will notice thermal throttling every once in a while. This problem is also noticeable in case of a Ford F150 water pump. 

Well, the ford F150 water pump problems will include, water and coolant leaks, noisy water pump, and bad fuel efficiency. If this continues unchecked, you should further experience overheating, power loss, and a heck lot of transmission issues. 

Don’t worry. All you need is get the darn water pump fixed, leaks sealed, and your truck will be up and running in no time. Today, let’s go through how you can fix a ford F150 water pump or replace it as a whole.  

How Can I Know If My Water Pump Is Bad in Ford F150?

You can know the water pump is bad in a Ford F150, when you hear buzzing sounds, or see leaks in it. Then again, you should also experience low fuel efficiency and loss of power afterwards. The coolant doesn’t circulate properly, and the engine heats up faster, causing the problems. 

8 most common Ford F150 Water Pump Problems

There are quite a few F150 Water Pump Failure Symptoms you will find. Here are all the problems there is to it: 

ProblemsEasy Solutions
Uncomfortable NoiseResolve any leaks and balance out the coolant level
Fluid LeaksSealing any leaks and tightening the bolts
Engine OverheatingEqualize the coolant level
Loss Of PowerFixing any leaks and refill the coolant
Loss Of Fuel EfficiencyFixing any pump leaks
Refilling the coolant
Loose BoltsTightening the bolts
Loose BeltReplacing the bolts
Transmission ProblemTightening the bolts, fix any leaks, and refill the coolant.

Uncomfortable Noise

Generally, it’s the level of the coolant. Incorrect coolant level can make the engine go belugas and shake. This is when the noise usually kicks in. 

Fluid Leaks

Due to overuse, old F150 water pumps start to leak from the nooks and crannies of the pump. Sometimes, the transmission may stress out the water pump, causing it to leak. 

Engine Overheating

Here, the Engine heats up too often. The optimum temperature for F150 engines to work is 90-degrees celsius max. Afterwards, you will experience thermal throttling. The water pump either doesn’t have enough coolant level or the pump is broken. 

Loss Of Power

When the engine heats up above 90-degree Celcius, the max power output is decreased. You will be left with a loss of power and a headache on what is happening. Try increasing the fluid level, and fix any leaks you find. This should do the trick. 

Loss Of Fuel Efficiency

If the coolant isn’t circulating properly, then the engine gets into thermal throttle mode. As a result the engine loses its fuel efficiency for everytime it warms up and cools down. This is kinda like a protection feature so that the heat doesn’t toast the engine inside out. 

Loose Water Pump Bolts

Sometimes, the bolt may get loose. Your mechanic may not tighten the bolts properly, or the transmission vibration knocked it loose. Anyhow, you need to tighten it properly. 

Loose Belt

If your F150’s belt is too old, you need to replace it. With time, the belt starts to loosen and it’s one of the most common problems. Cracks or fraying may also cause the belt to loosen up and malfunction. 

Transmission Problem

Fluid leaks from the water pump is to blame here. A broken seal in the pump will allow the coolant to leak out, and the transmission system will go nuts. However, you may have other leaks in the transmission system, which causes this problem. You need to seal them all.

Pro-Tip: Sometimes, the problem isn’t in the water pump. You need to check the Ford F150 6-Speed Transmission to resolve any transmission problem. 

How To Fix A Ford F150 Water Pump Problem?

You can fix a Ford F150 water pump problem in seconds. Generally, it’s a leak and a low coolant level. Here are all the steps you will need to fix it: 

  • Start by checking the coolant level in the radiator. If it’s low, add more coolant to it. 
  • Check the hoses leading to and from the water pump for leaks and cracks. You need to replace any damaged hose, or seal any leaks.
  • Now, take off the drive belt from the water pump pulley and inspect it for damage. Cracks or fraying may affect the belt to loosen up. Replace it if so.
  • Next, remove the bolt that secures the water pump housing to the engine block. Use a socket wrench for this. 
  • Examine the water pump impeller for cracks or chips. In rare cases, you need to replace the impeller. 
  • Finally, reattach the water pump housing to the engine block, reattach the drive belt, and inspect for any leaks. 
  • Seal the leaks and hopefully all your F150 water pump issue will magically disappear. 

How To Replace A Ford F150 Water Pump?

Sometimes, you have no choice but to replace the water pump of a Ford F150. No matter what you try, fluid leaks, incorrect fluid level, and thermal throttling just doesn’t go away. 

Follow the steps below to replace your water pump: 

  • First of all, park the car in emergency brakes and place blocks behind the rear tires. 
  • Disconnect all the negative battery cable to prevent electrical shorts. 
  • Raise the hood to expose the water pump at the front. 
  • Using a wrench or socket, loose the bolts that secures the pulley to the  water pump. Afterward, just remove the pulley.
  • Locate the pump itself and unmount it from the engine block. Get a wrench or socket and loosen the bolts for removal. 
  • Inspect the gasket to see whether you need to remove it or not. Replace it if needed. 
  • Now, remove the water pump and place a new one inplace of it. All you have to do is reverse the steps you just did and you are done.
  • Finally, reattach the belt and check your water pump for any leaks. 

Ford F150: Water Pump Replacement (2011-2021) >> Check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Do Ford Water Pumps Last?

Ford Water pumps should last anywhere from 60000 miles to 100000 miles depending on the terrain type and maintenance. Bad weather and harsh road conditions will make the water pump go bad early. 

Where Is The Water Pump On A Ford F150?

The Water pump in a Ford F150 is located under the hood and on the front of the engine and below the thermostat housing. 

How Much Is A Water Pump For A Ford F150?

A Ford F150 Water pump costs about $800-$900 depending on where you get it. Used ones will cost you about $400-$500.

End Note

The Ford F150 water pump problems may make the engine go all cranky. Leaks, cracks, fraying of the belt, or a loose bolt are the most common problems. 

All you need to do is, check for leaks, balance out the fluid level, or simply replace the water pump if nothing works. Hopefully, with the above information at hand, you can get to the root of the problem and fix it.

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