Ford F150 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Problems (with solutions)

Ever felt that your transmission shifts closer than normal? Or the engine refuses to downshift? Well, sir, you are in for a lot more when it comes to Ford F150 6 speed transmission problems. 

The most common Ford F150 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Problems may include sloppy shifts, vehicle jerking when shifting gears, lock-up converter not disengaging, and a lot more. If not fixed in time, you may experience slow acceleration, loss of power, and also a slipping transmission. 

Today, we will check what problems you will face in a Ford F150 6-speed transmission system. Plus, a few hacks on how to fix it. Let’s start by the most common problems and with possible solutions to try right now:

Problems  Possible solutions
Sloppy Shifts/Vehicle Jerks When Shifting Gears1. Dirt and debris cleaning
2. Replacement of the clutch
3. Gears change
Lock-Up Converter Not Disengaging1. Fixing bad connections
2. Replacing the wires 
3. Replacing a faulty solenoid
4. Fixing the TCM
Transmission Fluid Leaks or incorrect fluid level1. Fixing the path of fluid leaks
2. Replacing the fluid
3. Fixing a loose/crack transmission pan.
4. Adding proper sealing
Slow To Accelerate, Loss Of Power, Traction, And Speed1. Fixing any fluid leaks
2. Cleaning or replacing a dirty filter
3. Replacement of the transmission system
Harsh Shifting, Loud Grinding Or Shaking When Shifting Gears1. Replacing the worn out transmission fluid and related parts
2. Fixing low transmission fluid
3. Cleaning or replacing clogged filters
Slipping Transmission1. Fix imbalance transmission fluid
2. Replacing faulty clutch
3. Replacing worn out gear
4. Complete transmission replacement

Does Ford Have Transmission Problems?

Darn Tootin’ they do. Transmission problems are more common in older Ford vehicles as they saw their days. The common transmission problems are:

  • Sloppy shifts
  • Vehicle jerks while gear shifting
  • Lock-up converter not disengaging
  • Slow to accelerate
  • Loss of power and traction and so on. 

You can also experience loud grinding or shaking when shifting gears with a faulty transmission. 

Most of the time, changing the gears, dirt, and the fluid will do the trick. However, in rare cases you need to change the whole transmission mechanism. 

6 most common Ford F150 6 speed automatic transmission problems

Sometimes, the mechanic will charge you more for the 6-speed automatic transmission fix you rarely need. But not anymore. Here are the things you need to diagnose the problem: 

#1- Sloppy Shifts/Vehicle Jerks When Shifting Gears

In most cases, dirt and debris can stick into the transmission system, giving you sloppy shifts. The clutch can also malfunction, which amps the vehicle, causing it to jerk when shifting gear. You can try a gear change if the problem doesn’t go away after the cleaning and clutch change. 

#2- Lock-Up Converter Not Disengaging

When the lock-up converter doesn’t disengage, then the engine will rev up and down without actually going anywhere. It’s either a problem of bad connections or the wires need a replacement. The TCM (Transmission Control Module) malfunction can also induce the lock-up converter Not disengaging problem. 

#3-Transmission Fluid Leaks

This problem may happen immediately after you change the liquid. The darm mechanic couldn’t fix the fluid level. It went too low, or he left a leak. Try to add proper sealing if the fluid level keeps getting low. 

#4- Slow To Accelerate, Loss Of Power, Traction, And Speed

Having constant slow acceleration problems, loss of power and traction? In many cases, you will also experience low speed out. This is due to the influence of fluid leaks and low fluid level. Inspect whether you have a loose or cracked transmission pan. 

When the case is too bad, you need to replace the transmission system as a whole. 

#5- Harsh Shifting, Loud Grinding Or Shaking When Shifting Gears

While shifting the gears, you shouldn’t experience any throttling or imbalance. A dirty or clogged filter is to blame here. Try cleaning or replacing the dirty filter and you will be alright. Get a look at the fluid level as well. If it’s low, then fix it. 

#6- Slipping Transmission

With time, the gears, clutch, and the fluid may wear out, leaving you with a slipping transmission. Try replacing all these parts, or get a complete transmission replacement. Generally, older Ford F150 has this problem the most. 

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how do i fix 6 speed automatic transmission problems on Ford F150?

There are a few things you need to check while fixing a Ford F150 6 speed automatic transmission problem. They are:

  • Fluid leaks
  • Incorrect fluid level
  • Dirt and debris of the filter and surrounding parts
  • Broken gear
  • Clutch 

Now, follow the steps to troubleshoot the transmission problem of a Ford F150: 

  • First off, get down and clean every bit of dirt and debris there is. Clean out the filter and replace it if the condition is too bad.
  • Inspect the transmission fluid and hoses for leaks. Seal off everything properly and don’t let the fluid level go low. 
  • Check the transmission pan for any damage and replace. Usually, you will need a replacement for this.
  • Old transmissions may have worn out gears, you need to replace them with new ones. 
  • Sometimes, the transmission mounts and brackets may have damage or wear. You need a quick replacement. Re-adjusting the problem won’t take care of it. 

How To Change A Ford F150 6-Speed Transmission?

If your Ford F150 6-speed automatic transmission is having issues, it may be time for a replacement. To do this yourself, you’ll need to gather a few tools and supplies first. These include:

  • A new transmission (obviously)
  • A floor jack and stands
  • An engine hoist (optional but helpful)
  • Transmission fluid 
  • A new filter 
  • (optional) A catch pan for the old fluid

Replacing your Ford F150’s 6-speed automatic transmission is a pretty involved process, but if you’re mechanically inclined it shouldn’t be too difficult. We’ll walk you through the steps here.

  • First, you’ll need to remove the old transmission. This will require disconnecting a number of different fluids and electrical connections. Once everything is disconnected, you can remove the transmission using a floor jack and stands or an engine hoist.
  • With the old transmission out, you can now install the new one. Start by connecting all the fluid and electrical connections, then lower the transmission into place.
  • Once the new transmission is in place, you’ll need to fill it with fluid. You can do this by removing the fill plug on the side of the transmission and adding fluid until it starts to drip out. 
  • After the transmission is full of fluid, you can reconnect the fill plug and start the engine. Check for any leaks and make sure the transmission is shifting properly. If everything looks good, you’re all done.

Replacing 6 speed transmission (6R80) on 2014 Ford F-150 5.0L,4×2 >> Check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Long Do Ford Transmissions Last?

Ford Transmissions usually last anywhere from 150k to 200k miles at an average. However, the time depends on how clean you keep the Ford F150 and the road type. Regular rough housing will make the transmission go bad faster. 

2. Is The Ford 6 Speed Transmission Reliable?

Ford 6-Speed Transmissions are pretty reliable. Then again, if you don’t keep the transmission filter clean, and the fluid in check, you may experience low speed, acceleration, and so on. In some cases, leaks can appear in the transmission system, so you need to fix them as soon as possible.

3. How much does fixing ford f150 6-speed automatic transmission problems cost?

Well, the fixing of a Ford F150 6-speed automatic transmission problems will depend on the problem itself. Regular oil leaks on the transmission will take anywhere from $50 to $80. Whereas, a whole transmission change will charge you $4000-$5000 without any mechanic fee.  


Fixing a 6-speed automatic transmission or any old transmission isn’t easy, especially if you rarely open the vehicle. If you don’t have the tools, identify the Ford F150 6-Speed transmission problems and then go to a mechanic. He can’t charge you extra for nothing if you already know the problem. 

For newer models, it’s generally the fluid imbalance. Whereas, older ones may have a broken clutch, gear, and all sorts of added problems. You can try changing the entire transmission system after 150000 miles to 200000 miles of usage. 

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