3 Symptoms of a bad f150 alternator – [with replacement cost]

It is odd to think how far along cars have come over the years. Not too long ago, we didn’t even have engines. Now, we have cars going over 1200 kilometers in an hour. I won’t be talking about these supercars though. In this article, I’ll share with you the Ford alternator replacement cost and other related information.

The ford f150 alternator replacement cost is around $800. Depending on the model of your pickup truck, this cost can be as much as $850. As this is a very important repair, it is worth every penny. 

I won’t just be telling you the cost estimate though, I’ll cover other topics such as how your alternator works, what the causes of a damaged alternator are, and the symptoms of a bad alternator.

How Does The Ford F150 Alternator Function Or Work?

Before you get to fixing your alternator, you should know how it works. The alternator essentially powers your battery. It converts the mechanical energy produced by the turning gears of your engine to make electrical energy.

This electrical energy is received by the battery and it uses this power to allow you to drive your car. Once this component is damaged, the battery will not receive any more energy and hence, it must rely on stored energy.

Michigan State University was kind enough to make this project publicly available. This presentation explains the mechanical details excellently. 

3 Most Common Problems With Ford F150 Alternator

An alternator faces many hiccups over its lifetime. At one point, it gets too much for it to handle but where is this point? These are the 3 issues that can wreck your alternator.

#1 – Wear And Tear

Over the many miles you drive with your vehicle, the alternator is turning away ensuring that it converts enough energy for the car to function properly. All this work eventually takes a tool and so you need a replacement. 

#2 – Charging Issues 

Sometimes, the alternator receives an inappropriate amount of energy and this can severely damage it. It can either be overcharged, undercharged, or receive no charge at all. All these situations spell bad news for your alternator. 

#3 –  Physical Complications 

The last issue is rare but not impossible. There may be an issue in the wiring or one of the many mechanical components of your alternator. 

What Happens When Your Alternator Goes Bad?

If the power supply of your car gets damaged, it’s going to be pretty noticeable. These telltale signs are bound to pop up when your alternator is on the fritz. 

Alternator Light 

The battery light on your dashboard can warn you about an issue with your alternator. Take your car to the mechanic as soon as it lights up. 

Battery Problems 

If your battery doesn’t start quickly up or it is completely dead, there is a chance that your alternator is flawed. The way to test this is by using another battery. 

Odd Sounds

As a car mechanic, it is my professional opinion that grinding or ticking noises from your car is always bad news. 

Power-related Issues 

This is pretty obvious. If your battery doesn’t get energy, it can’t power the car’s utilities. You’ll see a drop in

  • Window roll-down speed
  • Headlight brightness
  • Windshield wiper force

DTC Code P0562

If you use an OBDII scanner and see the error code P0562, it means “system voltage low” and is usually a result of a bad alternator.  

Can I Drive With A Bad Alternator On Ford F150?

Short answer- no, long answer- if you drive your car with a faulty alternator, you will potentially be faced with the following issues:

  • Getting Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere
  • Unstable Driving Experience
  • Damage To Other Engine Parts

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Ford F150 Alternator? 

The cost to replace a Ford F150 alternator varies greatly from model to model. A single part costs between $500 and $700, explaining the high total cost of $800.

This ford f150 alternator replacement cost chart will show just how much the prices fluctuate between models of different years.

Model & YearAlternator Price 
Ford F150 2016$685
Ford F150 2017$565
Ford F150 2018$535
Ford F150 2019$712

How Much Labor Cost To Replace The Alternator?

The alternator replacement labor cost is not that significant. At around $100, it only makes up for a short portion of the total bill of $800. However, this cost can fluctuate greatly depending on the following factors: 

  • Experience of your mechanic
  • Minimum auto repair hourly wage in your area
  • Availability of loyalty discounts 
  • Whether or not you need other repairs on your truck.

How To Save Money On A Ford F-150 Alternator Replacement?

As you can tell, the alternator replacement cost of $800 is an exorbitant amount. The sad part is it can go even higher. On the flip side, you can employ these three techniques to try and cut costs

#1 – Find Affordable Yet Reliable Mechanics

Usually, I’m not a believer in cutting corners in auto repair but this is one place where you can save a lot. Famous mechanics charge insane amounts so if you can find a low-cost alternative, you’ll be saving tons. 

However, don’t jump into this. Make sure you can trust this mechanic through verified reviews or first-hand accounts from friends who’ve been to them before. 

#2 – Go For Used Parts 

If you thought the previous method was risky, this will seem like Russian roulette for you. If you are a novice car enthusiast, don’t even think about this technique. You need a deep understanding of car parts to differentiate between high-quality used products and ones that will stop working as soon you leave the shop. 

#3 – Try And Get The Alternator Repaired

Unless your alternator is damaged beyond hope, there is a good chance that it can be repaired. Consult your mechanic. If they can fix your existing alternator, you’ll be saving a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Ford F150 Alternator?

The alternator in the Ford F150 is a pretty sturdy component. You only need to switch it every 5 to 10 years under normal circumstances. It’s a good thing since the truck alternator cost is so high. 

Where Do I Buy My Car Parts?

It’s difficult to find the car parts you need but I urge you to be thorough and careful in this hunt. This is one area where the internet isn’t your friend. Go to body shops where you can physically inspect the parts. 

How Expensive Is It To Maintain A Ford F150?

Excluding insurance, you’ll be looking at a yearly expense of around $800 to maintain this pickup truck. This is a very low amount for vehicles of its kind. This cost will rise if you have bigger issues like damaged components though. 

Can You Customize Your Ford F150?

Yes. The Ford F150 is a pickup truck that is known for its good looks. The website has a nifty interface where you can design your F150. You can customize just about everything there. 

How To: Replace the Alternator on a 2006-2014 Ford F-150 >> Check out the video below:


With this article, you now know everything there is to know about ford f150 alternator replacement cost. Before wrapping things up, I would like to request you to not try and fix this issue yourself. It can lead to complications that will need a lot more money to solve. I wish you good luck in fixing all your car troubles. 

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