Ford F150 Cam Phaser Problems – [& Replacement Cost]

Owning a car is a bit of a commitment. Any car owner will tell you just how expensive and difficult it is to keep your car in good shape. That’s why car maintenance is so important. One component you need to keep an eye on is the cam phaser.  

The ford f150 cam phaser replacement cost will be at least $550. The cam phaser alone will cost about $200. The mechanic will charge north of $350. As you can tell, this is an expensive replacement. 

Many people go to the mechanic blindly when they face this. I believe it is important to know everything about the issue before going to the auto shop. That’s why I’ve created a complete guide to Ford F150 cam phaser replacement.

What Is A Cam Phaser?

A camshaft phaser is a component of the engine that adjusts the position of the camshaft in the crankshaft to alter valve timing. It uses hydraulic pressure to control valve timing for your engine to perform at its best.

4 most common Causes Of A Damaged Cam Phaser

Before you know how to repair a cam phaser, you need to know what causes a cam phaser to get damaged in the first place. These are the issues that can break a cam phaser.

Wear And Tear On The Engine

Like any other car component, the cam phaser goes through a lot of wear and tear over its lifetime. Eventually, this damage can take a toll on this component and cause it to malfunction.

Dust And Debris In The Engine

Sometimes, some dust particles can find their way into your engine and this can do a number on your cam phaser. The cam phaser is not built to deal with such obstacles.

Wrong Type Of Engine Oil

Every engine demands a different type of engine oil. You need to use the oil with the right composition and viscosity for your engine. Otherwise, your cam phaser won’t get enough lubrication and the friction with other parts may damage it. 

Damage On Collision

If you ever had a bad accident, a lot of your car’s components can get damaged. This does not exclude the cam phaser. Any heavy impact on this part can destroy it completely.

3 common Symptoms Of A Broken Cam Phaser

How can you say that there are issues with your cam phaser? There are 3 telltale signs of that-

#1 – Check Engine Light Is Lit Up

The check engine light is something you should always keep an eye on. If this light is illuminated, you need to take your car to the mechanic as soon as possible.

#2 – Engine Problems

There are a few engine problems that indicate that something is wrong with your engine:

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Unstable acceleration
  • Startup issues
  • Power loss

#3 –  Rattling Noises From The Engine

You need to keep an ear out to spot this sign of a damaged cam phaser. If you can hear something moving inside your engine, it could mean that your cam phaser has been displaced.

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Why Do You Need To Fix Your Cam Phaser ASAP?

The cam phaser is a vital part of the engine and so, you can not drive for too long without getting it repaired. If you do, you’ll run into the following issues-

Safety On The Road

The rate of mortality from road accidents may be going down but that doesn’t give you the right to be negligent. As this issue can cause the engine to stop in the middle of the road, it’s safe to say a broken cam phaser is dangerous.

Long-term Damage To Engine

The engine goes through enough wear and tear as it is. A damaged cam phaser will mess up valve timing and that is going to put even more stress on the engine. In the long run, the cost to fix a cam phaser will only increase.

Stiff Driving Experience 

With all the issues you’ll be facing in your engine, you won’t get a premium smooth driving experience. The road will be filled with hiccups. Your relaxing drive can turn into a total nightmare if you have a faulty cam phaser.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Cam Phaser?

It is impossible to give you an exact estimate of how it will cost to replace a cam phaser for a ford f150. I can tell you this much: it will cost you $550 at the very least to fix this issue.

Why is it so difficult to pin down an exact number? There are a lot of factors to consider here. First and foremost, the make and model of your cam phaser will play a big role. Different models have different price tags.

On top of that, it depends on the mechanic you are going to. The minimum wage varies from area to area. An experienced mechanic is likely to charge way more. However you look at it, this chart shows your minimum expenses.

What You NeedCost
New Cam Phaser$200
Mechanic Fees$350

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Ford F150 A Good Truck?

Few vehicles can measure up to this top-notch pickup truck. It has pretty much everything you could ask for in a truck. The powerful engine, innovative technology, and other premium features make this a great option at a reasonable price.

Where Can I Buy A Cam Phaser?

While you can buy cam phasers online, I do not recommend purchasing auto components from the internet. The reason why I say this is that you can’t physically inspect them. That’s why I suggest going to a body shop for these parts. 

Should I Try And Replace The Cam Phaser Myself?

While you can certainly try, I strongly suggest you go to a professional. A lot can go wrong if you try to replace the cam phaser yourself. Not only can you damage your vehicle but you can also pick up some injuries. You need to fulfill a few requirements to do auto repairs.

Where Do I Find Reliable Mechanics?

It is easy to find a mechanic but the real challenge is to find one that you can trust. If you know a mechanic that has done satisfactory work for you before, you’re in luck. If not, ask for recommendations from your friends or go online. Rely heavily on reviews if you do go looking online.

How to replace Cam Phaser of Ford F150 without removing roller followers >> Check out the video below:


With that, you know the ford f150 cam phaser replacement cost. I highly urge you to find a high-caliber mechanic for this replacement. It is a highly complicated process and so a novice mechanic simply won’t cut it. That is why the charges to fix a cam phaser are at least $550.

You could get it done for below $550 but that means you are probably getting shoddy work done. When it comes to auto repair, never look for a bargain. With that thought, I would like to bid you adieu and the best of luck in your future car endeavors.


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