3 Most Common Ford F150 IWE Problems – [& Replacement Cost]

There are few things more frustrating than having car troubles. They are bound to happen every once in a while. How you react to these issues often determines the long-term health of your vehicle. One component that often has issues is the IWE.

The Ford F150 IWE Replacement Cost is above $500. The price of a new IWE is around $100. If you, do it yourself, the tools and safety will cost you at least $400 and a mechanic will take no less than $350. This estimation will change depending on a few factors.

Unfortunately, there is often a misdiagnosis of this issue. This can lead you to get scammed or worse, wreck your vehicle if you try to fix it yourself. Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back with a complete guide on Ford F150 IWE Replacement.

What Is An IWE?

The Integrated Wheel End (IWE) is a component on any 4-wheel drive vehicle that allows it to shift from 2-wheel mode to 4-wheel mode and vice versa. It looks and unlocks the front hub to do this.

This component is really important as it pretty much ensures that your Ford F150 4WD works properly. If you want to know a little bit more about this component and how it functions, this manual present a great guide.

3 most common Symptoms Of A Damaged IWE

How can you tell that your IWE is damaged? There are 3 telltale signs of this issue in your Ford F150.

#1 –  Trouble Switching Between 4W and 2W

The first one is pretty obvious. If the component that helps it shift modes doesn’t work, it will not be able to switch smoothly and efficiently.

#2 –  Grinding Sounds

You need to pay close attention to the sounds near your wheel axle to spot this issue. If you hear a loud and annoying grinding noise, your IWE is broken.

#3 –  Poor Driving Experience

Last but not least, if you are an experienced driver, you will sense a noticeable drop in driving quality. You won’t have the same smooth experience as you would with a completely healthy car.

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most common Causes of A Broken IWE on Ford F150

What causes an IWE to break? You can find either one of these three problems to be the source of your worries.

#1 –  Wear And Tear

There is a popular saying you’ve probably already heard: time and tide wait for no one. I cannot tell you how often this is proven in the auto repair industry. The constant pressure takes a toll on your IWE.

#2 –  Direct Damage To The IWE

Direct collisions are not uncommon. If the collision somehow causes any heavy pressure on your IWE, it will break. It wasn’t made to sustain impact.

#3 –  Debris Stuck In System

Another issue that will almost certainly render your IWE unusable is an accumulation of dirt and debris. The components simply can’t move in that case.

How To Replace A Ford F150 IWE? (2 method)

You have one of two options to fix a Ford F150 IWE: going to an auto repair shop or doing it yourself. Either way, you should act fast as any delays can lead to accidents. With the rising number of motor vehicle deaths, you should be careful.

Method 1: Visiting A Mechanic

This is a pretty straightforward method so I won’t use a step-by-step guide. Take your pickup truck to a trusted mechanic and let him take care of it.

Method 2: Fixing The IWE Yourself

For this method, you will need the following tools:

  • Safety Kit
  • Socket and Ratchet Set
  • Hammer
  • Wheel Bearing Grease
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Follow these steps for a quick fix for Ford F150 IWE:

Step 1: Wear your safety gear

Step 2: Identify the damaged IWE

Step 3: Take off the brake system with your socket and ratchet set

Step 4: Remove the brake lines and ABS lines to free up the spindle
Step 5: Remove the tie rod with a ratchet and your hammer.

Step 6: Remove the cap from the spindle using your flathead screwdriver and open the nut inside

Step 7: Unscrew the nut on the bottom side of the sway bar.
Step 8: Unscrew the bolt on the upper ball joint with your trusty hammer and a ratchet.

Step 9: Remove the axle from the spindle

Step 10: Replace the IWE
Step 11: Grease everything up
Step 12: Test it out

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Ford F150 IWE Replacement Cost – how much does it cost?

Fixing a Ford F150 IWE will ring up quite the tab. You should expect to be spending at least $500 no matter which method you use. This is because both good tools and experienced mechanics will cost more than the cheaper alternatives.

That said, you definitely should not look to save some quick bucks here. If I’ve learned anything over my year fixing cars, it’s that looking for bargains always leads to trouble.

With that in mind, I created this Ford F150 IWE Replacement Cost chart with the lowest cost estimates. Note that these estimates may be highly inaccurate as there are several factors in play such as

  • The make and model of your Ford F150
  • The hourly rate of your mechanic
  • The number of tools you need
What You NeedMethodCost
New IWEBoth$100
Safety GearFixing The IWE Yourself$200
ToolsFixing The IWE Yourself$200
Mechanic FeesVisiting A Mechanic$350

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Ford F150 Right For Me?

The Ford F150 is a great pickup truck. Different models suit different needs. It’s a car I rate very highly as it can stand up to the heavy-duty demands of a truck.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Mechanic?

Finding the right mechanic can be tricky if you don’t have prior experience but the internet has got you covered. There are plenty of online auto mechanic services. Just make sure you do your research: read all reviews and try to contact previous customers if possible.

Where Should I Buy My IWE?

This is one area where the internet should not be your first option. When purchasing car parts, always go to a body shop. You need to inspect the car parts yourself. If you can, even take your car for a test drive after installation.

Are There Any Preemptive Measures To Prevent Damage To IWE?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fight the effects of time. Wear and tear are a natural phenomenon for most auto parts. You can however avoid the other types of damage.

You can curb collision damage by driving carefully and avoiding accidents at all costs. Regular car maintenance and cleaning will reduce the chances of dirt entering your truck’s IWE.

F-150 IWE Replace and Explain >> Check out the video below:


There you have it. You now know the Ford F150 IWE Replacement Cost will be around $500 to $600 if you want it done right. I highly recommend going for a mechanic rather than doing it yourself as this is a complex repair.

Nonetheless, if you are confident in your abilities, go ahead and pop that axle open. I wish you the best of luck in fixing all your car troubles.

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