305 vs 315 tires – What Is The Difference? [Compared]

305 and 315 tires are great choices when you want to add height to your truck. 

Increased height enhances both the look and performance of the vehicle. 

Many truck enthusiasts are interested in getting larger tires for their vehicles. However, they are unsure about the changes that will come along with the tire replacement. 

The upside of 305 and 315 tires is that they increase ground clearance and offer better off-road performance compared to regular 275 tires.

On the other hand, these tires damage the MPG of your truck and mess with the speedometer reading. They are also more expensive than regular tires. 

This tire battle between 305 vs 315 tires will investigate the performance and utility of these two large tires and help you choose the right tire for your truck. 

What Is The Difference Between 305 vs 315 tires? [compared]

What size is a 305 tire?

305 and 315 are the section widths of the tires measured in millimeters. There are many tires with these two section widths. 

Here, we will take the 305 70R17 tires and look at their measurements. 

Revs/Mile596 Per mile

What size is a 315 tire?

Let’s look at the measurements of the 315 70R17 which is equivalent to a 35” tire.

Revs/Mile:587 per mile

305 70R17 vs 315 70R17 Tires: 5 key Differences explained

Now that we have looked at the measurements of the 305 and 315 tires – let’s see how these differences affect your driving experience and vehicle performance. 

1. Price: 

Price is an important consideration for everyone. The 315 tires are slightly more expensive than the 305 tires because more materials are used to cover the longer tire length.

2. Weight: 

The 305 70R17 tire weighs approximately 68.6 pounds, while the 315 70R17 tires weigh 62.4 pounds. The general rule is that the lighter the tire, the easier it is to control. Some people, however, prefer heavier tires that are tighter on the steering. 

3. MPG: 

Tires have a significant impact on fuel economy. The larger and deeper tread increases rolling resistance, requiring the engine to work harder to overcome stickiness.

Moreover, larger tires provide lower RPM and reduce engine efficiency. Therefore, the 305 tires would offer a better mileage on your truck compared to the 315 tires. 

4. Ground clearance: 

Increased ground clearance is the obvious and visible benefit of larger tires like the 315. A higher ride height allows the wheels to absorb more road shocks, making driving on bumpy roads more comfortable. 

For the 305 and 315 tires, the height difference can range from ½ inch to 1.5 inches –  which would not have a differentiating impact on the driving experience. 

5. Speedometer Reading: 

When you replace your tires, the speedometer reading changes automatically. This is due to the fact that the revolutions of the tire are used to calculate the speedometer reading. The speedometer will change if you replace the 305 tires with 315s. However, a technician can help you reset it. 

Parameter305 Tires315 Tires
Section width305 millimeters315 millimeters
Overall diameterMostly 34 inchesMostly 35 inches
Weight50-70 lbs60-70 lbs
Construction TypeRadialRadial

Are 315 And 305 Tires Interchangeable?

Generally, the 305 tires are interchangeable with 315 tires given that the tires have almost the same size.

However, it’s best if you consult an expert to confirm it. An expert can examine your vehicle and determine which sized tires best fit your truck. 

This is crucial as getting the wrong tires for your vehicle can cause significant damage to the vehicle and also puts you at risk of an accident. 

Are 315 and 35 tires the same?

Yes, the 315 and 35 tires are virtually identical. There is, however, a distinct difference. 

The 315 is the section width of the tire measured in millimeters and the number 35 refers to the overall diameter of the tire in inches.

PS: Section width is the linear width measurement from one sidewall to another.  

315 70R17 is the generalized measurement metric equivalent to 35 inches of the tire.

How to Choose The Right Tire Width For Your Truck?

We cannot emphasize how critical it is to get the proper tire fit for your aftermarket tire.

Assume you’re replacing your 17″ original equipment tire with a 20″ aftermarket tire. For starters, the car’s height will be significantly reduced. It will also have an effect on the speedometer reading, as well as the car’s acceleration.

A tire size calculator can help you find the perfect tire for your rims. You can match the rim size to the aspect ratio and width of the tire.

Apart from these, there are a few other important considerations to make when replacing tires: 

  1. You must adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided by the vehicle and tire manufacturers.
  2. You must also adhere to all legal regulations and requirements.
  3. The new tires should be capable of a full 360-degree rotation.
  4. The internal side of the tire should be radial or bias ply.

people also ask (FAQs)

What are 315 tires equivalent to?

The 315 tires are generally equivalent to a 35” tire. The 315 7R17 is the mostly accepted metric of the tires. 

How much wider is a 305 tire than a 295?

The 305 tires are roughly 0.375 inches wider than the 295 tires. 

How wide is a 315 tire?

The 315 70R17 tires are about 12.4 inches wide. 

How tall is a 315 size tire?

The 315 70R17 tires are almost 34.36” tall. 

Are 305 and 35 tires the same?

The 305 and 35 tires are not the same. They can, however, be identical based on tire diameter. 305 tires are typically around 34″ in diameter, giving them the appearance of a 35-inch tire.

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