265 vs 275 tires – can i replace 265 tires with 275?

265 and 275 are the two most common tires for SUVs and mini trucks. However, many people get confused about the difference between 265 vs 275 tires.

The primary differentiating factor between these two tires is that the 265 is smaller than the 275 tires. 

This article will point out the difference between 265 and 275 tires, and guide you to choose the right one for your vehicle. 

We will also share a few tips and tricks to get your hands on the best tires. So, stick around till the end.

What does a 265 tire Mean? 

The number 265 is part of the Tire size index and that assures the core characteristics of any tire.

Let’s take the 265/70R17 tire for example. Each number and letter from the title refers to a specific feature of the tire. 

The first number 265 refers to the tire’s diameter in inches. This means that the 265/70R17 tire is 265 millimeters wide. 

The following number 70 affirms the aspect ratio of the tire. 

Aspect ratio is quantified by dividing the tire height by its width and multiplying that number with 100. 

Aspect ratio= (Height/Width) x 100

Moreover, aspect ratio also determines the tire’s sidewall diameter and the vehicle profile. 

This means that the  265/70R17 tire has a sidewall that is 70% as high as its width. Here’s the simple rule: the higher the aspect ratio, the more lift the vehicle gets.

The letter R on the Tire Size Index confirms the construction type of the tire. R stands for Radial construction which is considered to be one of the most durable tires on the market. 

Radial tires are made from a blend of polyester, steel, and fabric. They are also coated with rubber to provide better grip and durability. 

The last number on the 265/70R17 tires refers to the recommended rim size for the tire. So, you can be assured that this tire will perfectly fit a 17 inches rim.

What does a 275 Tire Mean? 

Now, let’s take the 275/70R17 tire. From the title, it’s obvious that the 275 tire is 10 millimeters larger in diameter compared to the 265 tires. 

In a nutshell,  275 70R17 means that this is a 275-millimeters large tire with an aspect ratio of 70. It has a powerful Radial construction and it fits a 17 inches rim

As you can see, most of the features of these two tires are identical. Both of these tires have the same aspect ratio, construction type, and rim size. 

Okay, then, what is the difference between 265 and 275 tires? The difference lies in the revolutions per mile, speedometer reading, acceleration, and vehicle height. Let’s look at these differences one by one.

difference between 275 and 265 tires

We will look into the major differences created by the tire size diameter of the two tires.

Parameter265 70R17275 70R17Difference
Section width10.4 inch10.8 inch+0.4 inch (+3.8%)
Overall diameter31.6 inch32.2 inch+0.6 inch (+1.7%)
Circumference99.3 inch101 inch+1.7 inch (+1.7%)
Revs per km638.1627.2-10.9 (-1.7%)
Sidewall height7.3 inch7.6 inch+0.3 inch (+3.8%)
Aspect Ratio70700 (0%)

From this comparison table between 265 vs 275 tires, you can see the exact differences between the two tires. 

Now, let me explain how these numbers can affect your vehicle’s performance and driving experience.

1. Revolutions Per Mile

275 tires have 10 lesser revolutions per mile compared to the 265 tires. And, you may know that lesser RPM causes the engine to run with reduced efficiency and MPG. Consequently, it costs you more on gas and maintenance. 

2. Speedometer Reading

The larger tire diameter results in inaccurate speedometer reading. The 275 tires cause a slight inaccuracy (1.7%) in speedometer reading; however, it’s nothing to worry about. 

3. Vehicle Height 

The 275 tires have a 1.7% larger circumference than the 265 tires. It makes a difference of 0.3 inches of ground clearance. However,  it’s not a noticeable difference in bare eyes.
When changing the original tires, the recommended difference in diameter and height between the two tires is 3%. And, the difference between 265 and 275 tires is 1.7%.

Are 265 and 275 Tires Interchangeable?

Therefore, the 265 and 275 are interchangeable and you can replace them with one another. 

However, keep in mind that you can’t replace just one tire. You have to replace all four tires if you want to replace the tire at all. 

can i use 275 tires instead of 265?

As mentioned above, you can use 275 tires instead of 265. But, make sure that you are using the same sized tires on all four rims. Otherwise, it will significantly hamper your driving experience.
Furthermore, you need to make sure that all of the four tires on your vehicle are of the same construction type. 

Let’s say you are using a Radial tire on your SUV. In this case, all of the four tires have to be Radial tires. You can not use three Radial tires with one bias tire. All of the four tires have to be matched in size and construction type. 

You should also be aware that both the 275 and 265 tires can have different ratings. For example, the letter P on the tire means that the tire is meant to be used in the passenger car. 

Similarly, LT stands for light truck, ST stands for Special trailer, and the list goes on. When interchanging the tires, you must make sure that all four tires have the same rating. 

How to Choose The Right Tire Width?

Now that you know the difference between 265 and 275 tires, let’s talk about how you choose the right tire for your car. 

Choosing the right tire according to the rim size is vital. You can bring unnecessary misery by installing a tire that doesn’t match your vehicle and rims. 

In order to get the perfect fitting tires for your wheels, you will first need to calculate the tire size with the rim. You can use a tire size calculator to calculate the aspect ratio of the tire with the rim diameter.

Apart from that, there are a few more things that you should check on. When you are choosing a new tire, you must: 

  1. Check the guidelines and requirements from both the wheel and tire manufacturer. 
  2. Follow the legal law and regulations of the state you are in. 
  3. Make sure that the wheels can make a 360 rotation after the tire replacement 
  4. Confirm that all the tires are either Radial or Bias type. 

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s quickly answer a few questions that might be running in your head right now. 

What is 265 70R17 in Inches?

The 265 70R17 tire is 31.6 inches in diameter. 

Is 275 A wide tire?

275 tire is 32.2 inches in diameter and is considered to be a wide tire. 

Can you use 275 on 11 inch wheel? 

Yes, you can. However, most of the 275 tires fit 8.5” – 10” inches rim. We wouldn’t recommend you use a 275 tire on an 11-inch wheel as it would stretch the tire beyond its capacity. 

Which tire is wider 265 or 275?

275 is wider than 265 tires. 

Are 275 tires taller than 285?

Yes, 275 tires are taller than 285 tires. 

Final Words

We hope now you fully understand the difference between 265 and 275 tires. We have tried to show you the differences in the simplest manner.

Now, you can distinguish the differences between any tire just by checking the tire size index. 

If you have any queries or confusion, leave them below and we will get back to you. 

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