265 70R17 vs 285 75R17: how to chose the right tire size?

The core difference between 265 70R17 and 285 75R17 tires is in the tire diameter and aspect ratio. 

The numbers mentioned on a tire’s title refer to the Tire size index. 

You can understand the characteristics and utility of a tire just by looking at the tire size index. 

This blog will discuss what is the difference between 285 75R17 and 265 70R17 tires. We will look at the differences in the performance, longevity and compatibility of these two tires. 

Furthermore, a comparison table of 265 70r17 vs 285 75r17 tires will show the differences in exact numbers. You will also find practical tips and tricks to choose the right tire for your truck.

After discussing the strengths and weaknesses of these two tires, we will disclose our verdict on which tire is the better performer. 

Let’s get started.

What size is 265 70R17 in Inches? 

The 265 70R17 tire has a 31.61 inches diameter with 10.43 inches section width. And, the circumference marks 99.29 inches. The tire can fit a 17 inches rim and provide up to 638 revolutions per mile. 

Diameter31.61 inches
Width10.43 inches
Sidewall7.3 inches
Circumference99.29 inches
Wheel Size17 inches

What size is 285 75R17 in Inches?

285 75R17 tire is 33.83 inches tall and 11.22 inches wide. It has a larger sidewall (8.42 inches) because of its 75% aspect ratio. The tire circumference touches 106.28 inches and it can provide 596 revolutions per mile. You can fit this tire to a 17 inches rim.

Diameter33.83 inches
Width11.22 inches
Sidewall8.42 inches
Circumference106.28 inches
Wheel size17 inches

What Does 265 70R17 Mean?

Each of these numbers and letter on the Tire size index refer to specific characteristics and features of the tire. 

Let’s break them down one by one.

265This number states the diameter of the tire in millimeters. That means the 265 70R17 tire is 265 millimeters (31.61 inches) tall.
70This two digits number affirms the tire’s aspect ratio in percentage. It is the ratio between section height and width. The higher the aspect ratio, the taller the sidewall would be.
RThe letter on the Tire size index confirms the tire type. Here, R stands for Radial construction. Radial tires offer higher mileage and better grip than any other type of tires available in the market.
17The last number confirms that the 265 70R17 tires would fit a 17 inches rim.

What Does 285 75R17 Mean?

Now that we learned about the tire size index, we can understand what 285 75R17 means. 

Simply put, 285 75R17 means that this is a 285-millimeters tall tire, and its height is 75% as high as its width. It also means that the tire has a durable and robust Radial construction, and it will fit a 17 inches rim.

265 70r17 vs 285 75r17 tire: (5 key Differences) 

So far we can see that the construction type and wheel size is the same for both 265 70R17 and 285 75R17tires. 

However, the difference lies in the diameter and aspect ratio of the two tires. 

Let’s look at how these two differences impact tire performance and longevity. 

Parameter265 70R17285 75R17Difference
Section width10.43 inches11.2 inches-0.77 inches
Overall diameter31.61 inches33.83 inches– 2.22 inches
Circumference99.29 inches106.28 inches– 6.99 inches
Revs per mile63859642
Sidewall height7.3 inches8.42 inch– 1.2 inches
Aspect Ratio70755

Revs Per Mile

The 265 70R17 tire generates 42 more revolutions per mile compared to the 285 75R17 tires. You may know that lower RPM decreases engine efficiency and mileage. This results in more expenses on engine maintenance and fuel. 


The 285 tire is 2.22 inches wider than its counterpart. Wider tires are more commonly used because of their durability and resiliency. The wider the tire, the more traction it can absorb. Moreover, these tires also perform better on dry surfaces compared to thinner tires. 

Speedometer Reading

The 285 has its speedometer reading off by 7% compared to the 265s. This can be an issue when you are driving on the highway or above 70 mph. 


285 75R17 tire has a 1.2 inches taller sidewall AKA profile — thanks to its 5% extra aspect ratio. 

There are both pros and cons to it. Taller sidewalls on a tire provide a more smooth and softer riding experience as they have added cushion. However, they are less responsive to steering inputs and slightly unstable when cornering loads. 


The 285 tire gives roughly 2 inches rise to the truck frame. It’s a noticeable difference when you replace all of the tires from your vehicle. 

How To Pick The Right Tire Width?

Picking the right tire width according to the rim size is crucial for obvious reasons. Failing to do so can not only hamper your driving experience by messing with the steering but also put you at risk of an accident. 

Unfortunately, choosing the right tire and matching the width with the rim is not so obvious.

Here, we want to share a few super practical tips that you can use to get the right tire fit for your wheels. 

  1. Firstly, you need to use a tire size calculator to get the right fitting tires for your rims. 
  2. Whenever you decide to change the OEM tires, you need to follow the related instructions from the tire and rim manufacturers. 
  3. You also need to follow the legal law and regulations of your state. 
  4. You need to change all tires to the same size and the new set of tires should be able to make a 360 degrees rotation without any stiffness. 

people also ask (FAQs)

In this section of the article, we will resolve some of the most frequently asked questions in bitesize answers.

How tall is a 265 70R17 tire?

The 265 70R17 tires are 31.6 inches tall. 

How tall is a 285 75R17 tire?

The 285 75R17 tires are 33.8 inches tall. 

What rims will fit 265 70R17 tires?

Any 17 inches rim will fit a 265 70R17 tire. 

What rims will fit 285 75R17 tires?

The 285 75R17 tires will fit any 17 inches rims. 

How much taller is a 285 tire than a 265?

The 285 tire is approximately 2.2 inches taller than a 265 tire. 

Are 285 70 17 tires the same as 33?

Yes. a 285 70 17 tire is equivalent to 33 inches.

Both the 265 70R17 and 285 75R17 tires have their inherent strengths and weaknesses. And, choosing between them depends mostly on each individual’s preferences and requirements.

However, after looking at the specs and features of both tires, our vote goes to 285 75R17 tires. 

Final Words

Our aim with this article was to inform you about the differences between 265/70r17 vs 285/ 75r17 tires. Hopefully, now you know which of these two tires is better for your vehicle.

Many of the terms used in this article might be new to you, that’s why we have tried as many answers as we could without making them too complicated. 

If we have missed any key points, please let us know in the comments. Adios. 

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