295/70r17 vs 285/75r17 – Which Tires Size To Choose?

295 70r17 and 285 75r17 tires are not only referred to as mud tires but are also found in jeeps and heavy-duty trucks. These trail grapplers are built with fine sidewalls and mud-terrain radial construction. 

It is important that these tires handle long rides, but more importantly, in the toughest situation. They are a perfect definition of aggressiveness.

From a long-range, 285 75r17 and 295 70r17 have a similar design, but the core differences between 295/70r17 vs 285/75r17 lie in the difference in circumference, aspect ratio, and the tire’s width. These core differences impact the performance of these two tires, down to their speedometer readings.

what is 295 70r17 in inches?

295 70r17 is not your daily/regular ride tires. They are built with an aggressive design, packed with enough strength to withstand intense pressure and road conditions.

295 70r17 are heavy-duty tires with a tire width of 295 mm, an aspect ratio of 70%, radial construction, and a 17-inch rim diameter. It comes in different load ranges; C, D, and E load. While the load ratings and specifications might differ, the capacity remains the same. 

295 70 r17 tires are produced by different manufacturers. This will result in a slight variation in their construction.

295 70r17 comes with an extra lug design, a 33.26-inch diameter, and a 104.49-inch circumference. With a sidewall height of 8.13 inches, 11.61 inches in width, and a 606.38 km rev per mile. The overall design of 295 70r17 impacts its speedometer readings, traction, grip, and control.

What is a 285 75r17 in inches?

285 75r17 are great tires to take on a mountain ride, crush rocks, and experience on hard-flex drive. Built with a deep tread depth, and rugged design, it takes up the fierce power of the wild.

These tires are also aggressive, heavy, perfectly-fitted even lugs, with a durable frame that doesn’t wear easily. 285 75r17 consists of a 285 mm tire width, 70% aspect ratio, radial construction, and a 17-inch rim diameter. This is smaller than the 295 tires. 

The lugs help to prevent the packing of mud after taking it for a muddy ride in a swamp. Its durability might make you assume that they are puncture-free, but you have to be careful with how much you stress them.

7 key difference between 295/70r17 Vs 285/75r17

Features295 70r17285 75r17
Sidewall Height8.138.42
Rev Per Mile606.38596.15
Aspect Ratio7075
Load Capacity (Pounds)39703197
Tread Depth19.4/3216.4/32
Overall height33.2633.83

1. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a tire determines the stability of the vehicle and its steering. The aspect ratio is directly reflected in the sidewall height. A bigger aspect ratio does not only reflect on the ease of handling and steering, it also covers the ability to provide comfort against bumps, and impacts.

285 75r17 has a larger aspect ratio and sidewall height. This assures its users of improved ride comfort, reduced rolling resistance, and ease in maneuvering obstacles. 

Winner: 285 75r17

2. Traction

We might not be able to draw a firm conclusion on these two tires and which of them offers better traction. Tires with a larger surface area usually have a better grip, handling, and balance. 295 70r17 has a wider tire width, but it doesn’t perform well in the sidewall height and circumference.

These features are important to determine traction and acceleration.

Winner: Both

3. Miles

Generally, speed is not a common feature with bigger tires like 295 70r17 and 285 75r17. Considering mileage as a factor, we are looking at “how far” they can run in good shape. Both tires can handle individual 5,000-mile strength and a collective (4×4) 20,000-mile coverage.

Winner: Both

4. Manufacturer’s specification

This is one of the things you should consider before choosing any of these tires. A switch to any of these tires sounds cool, but will they retain the balance and stability that the OEM tires came with? 

Both tires have different aspect ratios and overall width. This will entirely affect their fitting and traction. You must ensure that you are choosing the best tire for your vehicle.

Winner: Both

5. Wheel size

You should determine the wheel size for any of these tires from the rim width. Both tires have a similar rim width, so choosing a wheel size shouldn’t be a problem. For your 295 70r17 or 285 75r17, you should go for 11.5 inches or 12.0-inch wheels.

Winner: Both 

6. Performance

The performance of these tires goes beyond the tire description, but also includes the brand design. Comparisons of the performance of these tires will focus on how well they perform under pressure, and their ability to navigate through the mud. This covers the possibility of not being ripped open by a rock. 

295 70r17 has a deeper tread depth than 285 75r17. This includes a higher load capacity. 295 70r17 has a smaller diameter, sidewall height, and circumference than 285 75r17 but it is taller than 285 75r17. 

The speedometer difference between these tires is just 1.7%. At this point, it boils down to your needs and preference.

Winner: Both

7. Fuel Economy

They are heavy and bulky and it will require additional energy to get them to move. This tells about the fuel consumption. 

Tires like 295 70r17 and 285 75r17 have a bad thing with fuel economy and will account for at least a 3% increase in fuel consumption than regular all-terrain tires. Unfortunately, 285 75r17 makes fewer revolutions per mile. The lower the revolutions, the less amount of fuel used by the engine.

Winner: 285 75r17

people also ask (FAQs

How many miles do Trail Grapplers last?

Trail grapplers last for up to 20,000 miles without any faults or major issues. These tires are heavily built to match the adverse pressure and impacts of extreme rides. They have an excellent thread life, depth, and engineering. 

You should consider them for your heavy-duty trucks.

Are mud tires good on the highway?

Mud tires are good on the highway, although not as good as high-performance tires. These tires are heavy and thicker, you shouldn’t expect some highway speeds from them. They are the best choice for highway rides, just like all-terrain tires, but there’s no harm in taking your mud tires for a ride on the highway.

Do bigger tires help in the rain?

Bigger tires always have a high tread depth and a stiff sidewall. These tires are naturally designed to handle mud rides and swamps. They will always help and perform well in the rain. 


295 70r17 and 285 75r17 have a similar wheel size and rim diameter, so will fairly fit the same cars. If you need a tire with a higher sidewall height, aspect ratio, circumference, and diameter, then you should go for 285 75r17.

But if you are considering the load capacity and tread depth, you can stick with 295 70r17.

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