Will Fix-A-Flat Fix a Slow Leak?

Fix-a-flat can fix a slow leak tire problem. But you should also remember that this is a temporary solution.

Tire leakage is a common issue especially if you are a highway driver. Sometimes, when there are no workshops or repair services at the place, Fix-a-flat can be a good option to solve slow leaks of tires.

It is basically a liquid product that creates foam inside a tire. Thus it finds the leak and seals the area for a certain time. Though there are mixed experiences of people using Fix-a-flat, I’ll be covering both sides of this product.

So, let’s get started.

Should I use Fix-a-flat?

There is no doubt that Fix-a-flat is a fast and effective solution when it is an emergency. You can almost use it anywhere you want.

But as I’ve mentioned above, this is just a temporary solution. Not only that, the product is sometimes corrosive and can damage the wheel rim too. Again, it only works for minor leaks. When there is a major leakage in the tires, this may not be a proper solution.

There are some other options available in the market that can be used instead of Fix-a-flat. Later in this article, I’ll discuss those too.

How long does Fix-a-flat work?

There is no hard and fast rule to assume the performance time of Fix-a-flat. But the manufacturer claims that it can serve for up to 100 miles or 3 days.

You should strictly follow this instruction. Otherwise, it can hamper the tire’s health. After the recommended time, you should remove it and repair the tire or replace it with a new one if you want.

Are there any alternatives to Fix-a-flat?

Slime is another product that you can use instead of this Fix-a-flat. This also works when you urgently need to fix a slow tire leak problem.

Slime can be a great option as it is waterproof and can be used anywhere. There are a lot of products for different situations from this brand.

Moreover, this is non-toxic and non-flammable. So, there will be low or no risk of explosion or similar accidents.

Disadvantages of using Fix-a-flat

Well, to be honest not every time it is suitable to use Fix-a-flat. Because in some cases, using it may not be the perfect solution.

Here, I’m going to share some facts that you should remember even if you are using Fix-a-flat to seal a slow leak on a tire.

  • It is not a permanent solution. Rather it is just a temporary solution to the slow leak of tires. You won’t be able to drive too much with it.
  • Sometimes, Fix-a-flat can damage your tire rim. Though it is a liquid type of material, after hardening it becomes too tough and expensive to remove from the rim.
  • It can create corrosion and thus hamper the wheel. So, you should take care of this issue.
  • That’s not very common, but some people claim that using Fix-a-flat can affect the tire pressure sensors. That’s why you should be careful while using it.

Fix-a-flat or slime – Which one is better?

It’s really hard to compare these two products since they are good for different reasons and scenarios.

Fix-a-flat is a good and quick solution for highways. But when it comes to the Slime, this sealing product is non-toxic and non-flammable. So, it’s safer to use it than Fix-a-flat.

But using Slime requires some other steps too. So, it becomes complex to use it. But in that case, using Fix-a-flat to fix tire leakage is really easy and quick.





How long can you drive with fix-a-flat?

You should go to the repair shop after 100 miles of driving with Fix-a-flat.

Is fix-a-flat safe for tire sensors?

Yes. Fix-a-flat is safe for tire sensors if repair is done by professionals.

Can I put air after using Fix-a-flat?

Yes. You can inflate the tire after fixing it with Fix-a-flat.



If you’re a driver, a tire leak is something that you may have faced so many times. Of course, it’s better to go for a permanent solution, but sometimes you may not have an option.

In those cases, you can use this sealing product. But then comes the question, will Fix-a-flat fix a slow leak? Then I must say, it can do this for a short time like 3 days. So, don’t be late to repair the tire from an expert workshop.

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