Can You Put Air In A Run Flat Tire? YES! Here’s how

Run flat tires are the new buzz in the automobile industry. You can drive your car with punctured tires with a run flat tire. These tires can run for a few miles with ease, giving you the crucial mileage and times to reach a repair shop and repair the tire. But what happens when the run flat tire gets punctured? Can you put air in a run flat tire? If yes, what should you do to inflate a run flat tire?

Yes, it is possible to put air in a run flat tire. You can use a standard air compressor to inflate these tires. Then, you may repair the puncture and maintain its proper PSI level. However, industry experts suggest you replace the pierced run flat tires ASAP as it loses integrity.

So, we will go through the inflating tricks for the run flat tire and its maintenance. It will be a great help if you drive in remote areas frequently.

Can You Put Air In A Run Flat Tire

What Is A Run Flat Tire?

A run flat tire is comparatively a new buzz in the automobile industry. Thus, many people may not adequately know about it. So, what is a run flat tire, and how does it work?

A flat tire can run for a few miles with tiny holes. Thus, you can efficiently reach the car repair shop and fix the holes. Running flat tires can be a lifesaver when you drive in the countryside or remote areas and go for adventures.

The working mechanism of these tires has two variations:

  1. Self-supporting system
  2. Support ring system

In the self-supporting mechanism, the tires have a reinforced side wall. When the tire ruptures, the side walls provide it with adequate support to run for a few more miles. The manufacturer will indicate at what speed and how long these side walls can help the tire operate. So, you must go through the user manual of the self-supporting run flat tires to know how long you can drive them. Also, the performance of the sidewalls are affected by road temperature.

On the other side, the support ring mechanism has hard rubber rings throughout the entire structure. Or, it will have a supporting ring structure inside the tubes. The ring structure accommodates the car’s weight and helps it run for a few more miles.

can you put air/pressure in run flat tires?

When you run flat tire gets damaged, it can be a concerning issue for you. You may think the tire will run for its definitive miles and then be unusable for always. This brings us to the question of inflating a run flat tire.

Yes, you can efficiently put pressure back in your run flat tire. You can use an air compressor to inflate the tire and help it return to its standard PSI level. Before inflating the tire, you must fix the tiny holes. Otherwise, the air will keep coming through the hole and leave the tire as it is.

Tips on Inflating a Run Flat Tire without Spares:

Usually, putting air in a run flat tire with the spare one is easy. You can effectively connect the spare and the run flat tire with an air compressor and inflate it. The problem starts when you don’t have the spare in your vehicle.

Don’t worry! We have fixed the solution in the next few steps.

  • Find an air compressor hose. Also, you should find and connect the hose with the power source.
  • Locate the valve stem of the run flat tire and connect the hose to it.
  • After connecting the hose with the valve stem, switch on the power source.
  • Press the pedal of the air compressor. You should hear a hissing sound that indicates air is passing through it to the tire.
  • Continue pressing the air compressor pedal until the tire inflates to its proper PSI level. You may use a digital pressure gauge to measure the PSI level.

If you lack the power source, you can choose the siphon method to inflate the run flat tire. For this, you have to follow these steps:

  • Connect one end of the air compressor hose with the punctured tire
  • Connect its other end with the other tire’s stem valve. It will be the tire from which you will siphon the air.

As you inflate the tire, reach the nearby automobile store and fix the puncture ASAP.

How Long Can I Use A Run Flat Tire With Puncture?

Run flat tires are designed to operate even after punctures. But they can’t run for unlimited times with the puncture. After that, you must fix the nicks to continue driving the car. So, how long a run flat tire can go with punctures?

You can go for 50 miles with a damaged run flat tire. The speed limit is 25MPH to 30MPH when driving with slits. Although 50 miles range and 30MPH speed don’t appear promising, it is adequate to reach the nearby repair shop.

Should I Replace A Run Flat Tire After Punctures?

Should I Replace A Run Flat Tire After Punctures

This is a matter of debate among automobile experts. While fixing the puncture and inflating the tires after punctures are possible, many oppose it. Many experts say that the sidewalls or inner rubber rings of the run flat tires get damaged when you drive them after it is ruptured.

The longer you drive it with slits, the more damage it will have. As a result, the tire loses its integrity and becomes vulnerable to future punctures. So, you may see recurring ruptures on it, which leaves you with a bad driving experience. Therefore, replacing the ruptured run flat tires is better once you reach the repair shop.

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Can you put air in a run flat tire? You can put air or inflate a run flat tire to reach your destination. Yet, it is recommended that you replace the tires ASAP as it loses their reinforcement inside the tubes.

So, it becomes vulnerable to future slits only to increase your woes. Also, maintain proper air pressure as you inflate the run flat tire and fix its puncture.

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