Where are Milestar tires made – Are They Any Good?

Got pissed off by buying expensive tires and getting no good features? Want affordable tires with good qualities? Then Milestar tires are only for you. Milestar tires are well known for providing excellent features at an affordable price. Where are Milestar tires made?

Surprisingly, the answer is Taiwan. It’s a Taiwanese brand manufactured by Nankang Tires Corporation and distributed by Tireco Inc.

To get more exciting information about this brand, you just need to go through this article.

Where are Milestar tires made? (explained)

While I’m talking about tires, a name must be clicking on your mind, which is “Milestar.” Milestar is indeed a renowned brand of tires. Well, these are made in Taiwan.

Nankang Tires Corporation is the manufacturer of Milestar tires. Nankang makes these tires in two plants. One is the Nankang, and the other is the Hsinfung. At present, Milestar tires are distributed by Tireco Inc. of the USA.

Many of us get confused with the manufacturer and the distributor and set the USA as the manufacturer of Milestar tires, which is incorrect.

Are Milestar tires any good?

Before buying any product from any brand, we often think about the qualities and features, advantages and disadvantages. This article is here to clear your doubts regarding Milestar tires.

Milestar tires are considered to be the most affordable ones. Who doesn’t want such tires which give a high-quality performance on a reasonable budget?

They provide superior performances at minimal cost, which attracts customers the most. Moreover, these tires come with warranties. Milestar tires have an excellent grip on the roads as well, irrespective of the condition of the roads.

The durability of these tires is unimaginable. However, these are long-lasting and do not get affected by the grooves of the roads. So, you can keep Milestar tires on your list as they can satisfy your needs without emptying your wallet.

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How long do Milestar tires last?

I personally look for such tires which will last longer and can go through any kind of surface. Who doesn’t wants to actually?

In the case of Milestar tires, they are not only cheaper but also long-lasting. They come with warranties. You would be glad to know that they give warranties up to 40,000-80,000 miles. This range depends on the model of the tire. So, you can buy these tires without any stress as they will give you a brand new tire if your tire wears out before this range.

What tires are made in the USA?

As you know, Milestar tires aren’t made in the USA. But now, if your curious mind wants to know about the tires made in the USA, then you’re in the right place.

Many of us think that most of the tires are made in the USA. Even I used to think like that. Unfortunately, the USA is the manufacturer of only two brands; Goodyear and Cooper.

The other brands like Bridgestone, Continental, etc., are foreign. These are based in other countries, but they have plants in the USA to spread their brands.

Thus, what we think is not always the right one.

Are Milestar tires quiet?

Everyone wants a smooth and quiet ride which makes the journey soothing. For a quiet ride, tires shouldn’t be noisy.

Milestar tires ensure a quiet ride and peaceful journey. It is suitable for any season, any road. Be it highway or hill, these tires can bear all sorts of surfaces and do not wear out easily.

As you can see, Milestar tires ensure customer satisfaction in every aspect.

Are Milestar tires good in snow?

As Milestar tires are cheaper in rate so everyone thinks that they come up with  low quality materials. But this isn’t true.

Milestar tires serve well even in snow. They brake well and make less noise than the other ones. As new models are arriving, they are providing more updated features. The recent models run quite well in snow.

So, Milestar tires is an all season tire for your vehicle.

Are Milestar tires safe?

You can ride with Milestar tires without any fear. These tires are designed in such a way that every customer desires.

They are durable as well as dependable. These tires ensure your safety as it brakes well, have a good grip on the roads, run smoothly in all seasons, and do not wear out easily. You can use these tires with ease. These tires save you from accidents during bad weathers. As a result, there’s nothing to worry while using these.

You can rely on these tires in all seasons.

What is the rating on Milestar tires?

It’s undeniable that the tires with a higher price would have higher facilities with more mileage. However, as Milestar tires maintain an affordable price, they have a specific limit on the facilities they provide. Therefore, the rating on Milestar tires is 3 out of 5.

Though it’s the choice of most people as all want good quality tires in an affordable range, the other brands still have to be considered.  Milestar tires try to provide the best features at that minimal cost. So they end up being average than the expensive ones.

Milestar tires are always trying to lift their ratings by satisfying the customers’ needs in every way possible.


Through this article, I tried to clear all your doubts on Milestar tires. So, for example, now you know where Milestar tires are made, right?

If you don’t want to spend much money on tires and still enjoy good features, then Milestar tires are there for you. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your desirable tires at the most affordable rates.


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