who makes lionhart tires – [Detailed Brand Overview]

Lionhart tires are made and manufactured by two leading companies. But you maybe don’t have a clear idea about this scenario. I mean, who is the main manufacturer and why is the other one needed?

Well, the production of each tire requires a lot of work from selecting materials to market and selling the tires worldwide. Different tire companies face issues to maintain the whole process unless they are one of the leading premium brands.

That’s why often it is seen that two or more companies merge together to perform different functions. This is the case for Lionhart tires too.

who makes lionhart tires - [Detailed Brand Overview]

Here is the short answer Who makes Lionhart tires?

Here is a bit confusing that most people face. There are two companies related to the whole manufacturing and selling process of Lionhart tires.

Let’s elaborate on it. Turbo Wholesale tires are the brand that owns Lionhart tires. But they do not manufacture these tires. Rather, the manufacturing processes are handled by another well-known company named Sentury tires.

Turbo Wholesale has established a huge market in Los Angeles and California.

Where are Lionhart tires made and manufactured?

Like many other tire companies, Lionhart also has two different companies that manufacture and sell tires. Sentury tires are the company that manages the manufacturing process.

Depending on the model of Lionhart tires, the manufacturing country can be either China or Thailand. But the distribution, market, and selling are maintained in America.

This is because of some business strategies, for which many companies follow this process. They choose different countries to manufacture different tires to save labor and material costs.

How long have Lionhart tires been in business?

Laionhart tires were first available in the market in 2013. So, not a very old story compared to some leading brands that have been serving for centuries.

Many of the premium brands have a history of 50/60 years of selling tires. Though Lionhart is not old like them, they have earned a good reputation within a short time.

Many people over the USA prefer Lionhart tires because their service is within a tight budget.

the noise level increases. The wet traction should also be upgraded to make the tire better.

The warranty policy of Lionhart

Lionhart tires come with various warranty policies for different models of tires. Some tires have 40,000 miles tread wear warranty. Whereas, some tires come with a 30,000 miles warranty.

So, if your tire gets damaged within these mileage limits, you can replace it from the dealers anytime. But the damage condition should meet the warranty policy.

How many miles do Lionhart tires last?

Lionhart tires are not as durable as the premium tires available in the market. But compared to the price of these tires, the lifespan of Lionhart tires is quite satisfactory.

The lifespan of most tires varies from 30,000 to 40,000 miles. But if you drive carefully and maintain the tires properly, the durability can be increased.

What Vehicles Can Use Lionhart Tire?

These tires are compatible with most regular vehicles. SUVs, light trucks, heavy trucks, crossovers, and passenger cars can be driven with these tires.

Even since there are dedicated tires for snowy roads, Lionhart tires can be used with vehicles designed for icy roads too. This versatility of the brand makes it unique from other cheap brands.

What’s the Different Sizes of Lionhart Tires?

Well, there’s not much to talk about regarding the sizes of these tires. Because Lionhart has a wide range of size variations of tires.

They have tires starting from 14 inches to 32 Inches in rim diameter. Under these primary size categories, there are a plethora of variations.

On the official website of Liohart, you can search for specific tire sizes according to your requirement. So, it’s really super easy to check whether your preferred size is available or not.

Are Lionhart tires good? 5 reasons to buy them

Lionhart tires can be a good deal for some specific customers who are willing to buy tires within a low price range. If you are willing to know why you should buy Lionhart tires, I’m mentioning the top 5 reasons here.


Though the quality is not top-notch for these tires, you will enjoy a hassle-free service as long as there is no unexpected damage to your tire.


The tires are quite durable. Besides, the warranty policy is also good. So, you will be able to replace the tires in case you’re not satisfied with the lifespan of tires.


Besides being a low-budget tire, the warranty of Lionhart tires is really impressive.

Size variation:

Lionhart offers a lot of different sizes of tires. So, no matter which sizes of tires you want, you will get them from them.

Service according to price:

Of course, you can’t expect premium service from a low-budget tire. But it is also true that, within this price range like Lionhart, you can’t get another great option as this brand is.

The products of Lionhart tires that this brand makes

Lionhart has a huge collection of tires. From SUVs to cars, they have tires for everything. Here, I’m mentioning two best-performing tires from Lionhart. You can see many others on the catalog of their official website.

Lionhart LionClaw HT:

These tires come with 40,000 miles of warranty and provide fantastic stability on highways. Besides, it is designed considering the hydroplaning of the tires. But the performance of these tires on snowy roads can be improved. Traction on damp surfaces is also a matter of concern that should be improved too.

Lionhart LH-Five:

This surprisingly cheap tire has 30,000 miles of tread wear warranty. These tires are available in a lot of different sizes and provide good grip and handling. But as time passes and the tire wore out

Are there any drawbacks?

Since Lionhart tires are cheap tires, there must be some drawbacks that you have to consider. Some of them are listed below,

  • Snow performance for some models of tires is not as good as the brand claims.
  • Traction on wet roads can be improved too.
  • The wear rate of tires is a bit higher than many other similar tires.

Are there any good alternatives available for Lionhart tires?

Considering the drawbacks, you should know some alternatives to Lionhart tires too. So, I’m mentioning here two similar tire brands, that can be used in case you don’t want Lionhart.

Schwab tires:

These tires offer fantastic grip and traction and are also cheap like Lionhart. So, you can check these tires, in you’re looking for an alternative option.

Lemans tires:

For Sedans, Coupes, and light vans, these tires are great. It provides excellent performance on the street. Besides, the price is also affordable.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Lionhart a Chinese brand?

For some models of Lionhart tires, the manufacturing unit is in China.

Does Lionhart worth the money?

According to the price, Yes. This is a good deal within budget.

Where can you buy Lionhart tires?

You can buy Lionhart tires from their physical dealer’s shop or from an online store.


Lionhart tires are for those, who are not ready to spend a lot for new tires but expect a fair service within budget.

If you’re one of those, I’ll recommend you give these tires a chance. As the price is not so high, there’s not much to regret about. Rather, you’ll find a new option as your tire brand.

But remember, since you’re paying less, you should take more care of these tires if you want to use those for a long time.

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