Who Makes Haida Tires? Are The Brand Manufactures Itself?

Like many other products, China is manufacturing and supplying tires all over the world nowadays. Though many people claim that they’re not satisfied with Chinese tires, the demand for these tires is not decreasing at all.

One of the leading Chinese tire brands, Haida is mostly known for low-budget tires. They have three major tires that are most popular. Besides that, with about 15 series of tires and about 600 different sizes, this brand offers its customers a wide variety of products.

Here, I’m going to cover every detail about Haida tires from their manufacturer to their performance. So, if you’re interested in these tires, don’t skip any parts of this article.

Here is the short answer Who makes Haida tires

Haida tires are made by a company named Haida Rubber Group Co. Ltd. (Official website links) This is basically an integrated production and research system. 

Research and development about different tire materials and their performance are tested in the Haida group. This company is the largest passenger vehicle tire manufacturer in the western region of China. 

This brand is so huge that each year Haida produces about 15.6 million tires. Not only that, various tests like PCR and TBR are done in this company. On average, about 6 Billion RMB was earned from selling tires.

So, you can easily imagine how giant a production unit they have raised.

Where are Haida tires made and manufactured?

Haida is a Chinese company as I’ve said. Their manufacturing unit is also in China. 

The company is situated in Sichuan, China. This is in the western region of China. This place is 40 kilometers away from Chengdu.

You’ll be amazed knowing that Haida is awarded as a recommended brand by the Chinese Rubber Industry Association. This company supplies tires in about 89 countries including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

The warranty policy of Haida

Warranty for different models of Haida tires varies. There is not any fixed warranty for all tires of this brand.

For example, the Haida HD921 tires come with a warranty of 30,000 miles. Within this time, any unexpected issues with materials and workmanship will be considered. You may have got a replacement of tires.

How many miles do Haida tires last?

Well, this is really tough to answer this particular question. Why? Because it depends completely on you how long your tires will survive.

If you drive regularly on complex and rough roads, no doubt your tire will wear out easily. On the other hand, if you’re not a regular driver or drive on smooth roads with good skill, then your tires will last longer.

But on average, Haida tires last for about 6 to 7 months. But I repeat, this is just an average scenario, not an exact one.

What Vehicles Can Use Haida Tire?

Haida mainly makes tires for passers cars. But that is not the only scenario. Rather, they have tires for many vehicles from bulldozers to light trucks.

Heavy-duty trucks, buses, small and medium vehicles, etc can also be compatible with Haida tires.

Different Sizes of Haida Tires

Haida tires have about 600 different sizes of tires available. Different vehicles have different options. 

From 145, 225, 235 to 285 sizes, they have almost every size of tires. So, it doesn’t matter which sizes you need, just look at their website or your nearest shop.

Are Haida tires any good? 5 reasons to buy them

Haida tires can be considered for buying for so many reasons. Here I’m mentioning the best features for which you can choose Haida tires.


Price is the primary reason why Chinese tires are considered for buying. Haida tires are cheap. That’s why people prefer this tire.


Haida is basically a rubber company. So, you’ll get a good quality rubber as your tire material within this price range.


These tires provide very good traction on dry roads. So, it is secured for driving too.


The grooves and tread are designed in a unique way that provides great control.


This may be the most important feature. The brand has a plethora of products for almost every vehicle. So, you can choose from a wide variety.

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Haida tires: Are there any drawbacks?

At the very beginning of this article, I mentioned that there are many complaints about Chinese brands when it comes to the tires market. And Haida is not exceptional in this case.

  • Though the performance of Haida tires is not bad at all, users are not satisfied with the noise level. According to some online reviews, I’ve known that many people face too much noise while driving with these tires.
  • The wear rate of these tires is also more than expected. So, think if you can consider these issues before you buy this tire.

The products of Haida tires that this brand makes

Haida not only makes products for their own brand name. But also, many other tires that are being sold under different names are manufactured by Haida.

But here, I’m just providing details about the top-rated products of the brand. Let’s have a look.


This ST series tires are really well-performing on dry and wet roads. Excellent driving comfort is the key feature of this tire. Besides, the longitudinal grooves provide extra grip so you can drive with maximum protection from slipping. The anti-shocking features are another unique thing this brand offers.


These are LTR series tires. HD816 is designed with folding grooves. Extra-long carcasses provide better performance on various complex roads. Besides, these tires can perform well in almost all weather conditions. The braking system and steering are also easy with these models of tires.

Are there any good alternatives available for Haida tires?

Of course, there are so many tires available as an alternative to Haida tires. Here I’m mentioning two of those that are best matched Accor to price and performance.

Zeetex HP2000 vfm:

These tires offer quite a good service at low prices. Besides, braking on dry and wet roads is also satisfactory as Zeetex tires have low rolling resistance. But understeering can be seen on wet roads. The wear rate is also high just like Haid tires.

Maxtrek FORTIS T5:

These are excellent tires for passenger cars and other vehicles. These are mainly summer-type tires and the dry performance is beyond description. Most of the buyers are willing to buy these tires again. So, of course, they were quite satisfied with the performance of these tires.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Haida a Chinese brand?

Yes. Haida is a Chinese brand situated in Sichuan, China.

Are Haida tires good for snowy roads?

Most Haida tires are not dedicated to snowy roads.

When to change Haida tires with a new one?

You should change Haida tires after 30,000-40,000 miles of driving.

To know more about this tire, watch this video reviews below.

in Verdict: Who Makes Haida Tires?

Haida tires are one of the Chinese brands that are leading the mid-budget tire market. Though Chinese brands are widely debatable, they are also growing each day.

Because of their low price, comparatively satisfying performance, and good warranty policies these brands are becoming popular each day.

Haida is such a brand. Chinese company Haida Rubber Group Co. Ltd. makes these tires and supplies all over the world. In spite of the noise problem of these tires, the overall service is good. So, this brand is recommended if you’re willing to buy a new tire within budget.

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