Who Makes Laufenn Tires – [full brand overview]

Tires are one of the main concerns for every car owner. Spending too much on tires is tough for most people. But buying a low-quality tire can be a matter of regret too.

That’s why you should have a fair idea about how to choose the right tire according to your budget. If you are searching for these tires too, maybe Laufenn tires are something you can look for.

But where do these tires come from? And how is the overall performance? Let’s explore everything in this article.

Here is the short answer to Who makes Laufenn tires

Laufenn tires are made by Hankook. You must have heard about this company since this is one of the leading tire companies for a long time.

Hankook is basically a North-Korean company. They produce different tires under various brand names. 

In 2013, Hankook invested about 1B USD to construct their manufacturing unit in Indonesia. And in 2014 they started selling their tires in the United States. Since then, they are still growing and supplying products all around the globe.

Where are Laufenn tires made and manufactured?

Laufenn tires are made in Bekasi, Indonesia. But you may wonder that the name Laufenn came from the German word “Laufen”. It means “Run”.

Due to low labor costs and cheap land availability, Hankook decided to construct its production facilities in Indonesia. Since then, they are producing tires in that manufacturing unit.

About 30% of total production is sold in Indonesia while the other 70% is supplied to the USA and the Middle East.

How long have Laufenn tires been in business?

As I mentioned above, in 2014 Laufenn started selling tires in the USA. Since then they are ruling a portion of the tire market in that region.

So, It’s been about 8 years, this brand is serving with their products. Though it’s not so long time as a  brand, the parent company Hankook tires have a long history of tire production.

The warranty policy of Laufenn

Laufenn offers a pretty good warranty policy to their customers. All of their tires come with a material and workmanship warranty.

After buying Laufenn tires, you must register them within 30 days to enjoy this warranty. Then you will be able to enjoy a free tire rotation service from the dealers after every 7,500 miles of driving.

Again, you will get 5 years and 45,000 miles of tread life warranty from the brand. So, now you see, it’s really amazing to have such opportunities to do some experiments with a new brand.

How many miles do Laufenn tires last?

From the warranty policy of this brand, you may have already assumed the tread life of laufenn tires. Undoubtedly, Laufenn will serve quite with quite good performance for 45,000 miles or driving.

But you must rotate and change the side of the tires after several miles of running to get the most out of the tires. This will help the tires to distribute the load uniformly.

What Vehicles Can Use Laufenn Tire?

Laufenn tires are compatible with most regular vehicles. From passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, all of them can run with Laufenn tires.

A wide range of automobiles including Sedans, Crossovers, SUVs, Coupes, etc. can use Laufenn tires. This flexibility is helping this brand to become more popular among all users.

Different Sizes of Laufenn Tires?

Laufenn tires have different sizes of tires that can be used for different types of vehicles.

Laufenn tire’s size starts from 14 inches and are available till 18 inches. In each of these sizes, different catagories are available too.

I’ll recommend you to check all available sizes on their website to make sure you find the right one for you. 

Are Laufenn tires good? 5 reasons to Choose them

1. Quality:

Laufenn tires are products of Hankook Tires group. If you are familiar with this company you must know they never compromise with their quality of products.

2. Snow performance:

Laufenn has dedicated tires for snowy roads. These tires can provide excellent handling on icy roads.

3. Durability:

According to users who are driving with Laufenn tires for years, these tires can serve quite a good service for about 40,000-45,000 miles.

4. Noise:

The specially designed grooves and holes ensures that you experience minimum noise from the tires even if you’re driving in high speed.

5. Stability:

The traction of Laufenn tires is worth mentioning. Both on dry and wet roads, these tires will be stable no matter what the driving condition is.

Laufenn tires: Are there any drawbacks?

Laufenn tires are a good deal for budget tires. Compared to the price, there are no such drawbacks worth mentioning.

But some users claim that the warranty time for tread life can be increased a bit. As many of the similar brands are providing warranty for up to 60,000 miles. This scenario can be improved even if it costs a little more.

The products of Laufenn tires that this brand makes

Laufenn offers a wide range of products to their customers. Though you can choose from a huge list of tires, here I’m mentioning the top two choices as per customer reviews.

Laufenn X FIT at:

This particular tire is designed for SUVs and light trucks. The performance of these tires on both off-roads and on-roads is excellent. With 45,000 miles warranty, 30 days free trial, and road hazard warranty, this tire has become one of the best choices within this price range.

LAufenn FIT ICE:

This tire is designed for icy roads. The grip and traction can handle even high snowy roads and provide great braking capability. The specially designed holes and grooves enable the tire to evacuate water while running on wet roads. The noise level of these tires are also satisfactory.

Are there any good alternatives available for Laufenn tires?

In case, if you are looking for alternatives or similar tire brands like Laufenn, I’ve got you covered here. Two of the most similar brands are mentioned here which can be used in replacement of Laufenn tires.

Lionhart tires:

Lionhart tires come with a 40,000 miles tread life warranty and pretty good service assurity. These Chinese tires are currently growing their market mainly in the USA. So, if you feel interested, you can give it a test.

Accelera tires:

Accelera tires are popular because of their fantastic grip, protection, and comfort. Besides, the design is unique and creates a pleasant look. The price is also affordable. So, you can count on these tires too.

people also ask (FAQs)

Is Laufenn a Chinese brand?

No, Laufenn is an Indonesian brand.

When should I change or rotate my new Laufenn tires?

You should change the side of the tires after 7,500 miles of driving.

Is Laufenn a good brand for snow tires?

Yes. At an affordable price, Laufenn provides pretty good tires for snowy or icy roads.


Buying new tires can be so confusing sometimes. Spending a lot on premium tires can be a hazard for the pocket. On the other hand, buying a cheap one can cost you more frequently.

So, if you are in such a dilemma and looking for solutions, Laufenn can be an option. With pretty good quality at a low price, these tires also ensure a good warranty policy.

So, if you’re willing to buy budget tires and want to do some experiments, I’ll suggest you give Laufenn a chance. I Hope, you won’t regret doing this.

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