Who Makes Doral Tires – Are They Last Long?

Doral tires are well known because of their outstanding services and low price. In spite of being cheap, Doral has not compromised on quality and performance. But you may have wondered thinking who makes Doral tires, right?

In short, Doral tires are manufactured by a brand named Sumitomo. But the owner of Doral tires is Treadway’s corporation.

That’s something I’m going to share in this article in detail. So, let’s explore all the facts about Doral tires.

Where are Doral tires made?

Just as I said earlier, Doral tires are owned by a company named Treadways corporation. But this is only the brand that sells these tires. They don’t manufacture these tires actually.

The manufacturer of these tires is the Sumitomo brand. This Indonesian brand has been producing tires both for their own and for the Treadways. The manufacturing unit is in Indonesia.

Not only the Doral tires, but the manufacturing unit also produces other tires like GTA-A. 

Where are Doral tires manufacture?

As I mentioned above, Doral is a brand that is owned by the Treadways corporation. This company has many other products like Multi mile, Eldorado, etc.

But on behalf of The Treadways, a brand named Sumitomo produce Doral tires. It is situated in Indonesia. On the other hand, Treadway’s corporation is a North American brand. They have been serving since 1956 and still is one of the biggest brands.

But because of their business policy and other facilities, they prefer to manufacture Doral tires from the Indonesian brand Sumitomo.

The products of Doral tires are made by Sumitomo

Among all the Doral tires, some of the best from Sumitomo are described below,


SDL-A may be one of the best products of Doral tires. This is also made by the Sumitomo brand. This tire is really well in terms of traction and handling. It is basically an all seasoned tire. The special thread design ensures a longer lifespan than normal.

Multi mile Doral SDL- sport all-season tire:

This is also another fantastic tire from the Doral brand and also manufactured by the Sumitomo brand. The load capacity of these tires is about 9000 pounds. And you should know that these tires are one of the most selling products of Doral.

How does the band warranty work?

Well, this may be an interesting part for you. No doubt, many of us think about the warranty policies before buying something new. So, here you will see what is the warranty offered by Doral tires.

Doral offers a warranty of 45,000 miles. This includes the limited wear warranty up to this distance traveled. I think it’s pretty fair, right?

Are Douglas tires better than Doral?

Douglas tires are also a product of the Treadway. Even, the warranty policy is similar to Doral which offers a limited treadwear warranty for 45,000 miles.

Douglas tires are a well-known brand because the tires are really affordable. Not only that, the traction and thread design has also earned some reputation. 

Though both Doral and Douglas tires are fantastic, when it comes to performing in different conditions, Doral is a bit good than Douglas. 

Are Cooper brands better than Doral?

If you own a vehicle, you may have heard the name Cooper. This brand is also a leading brand of tires. They make tires for SUVs and light vehicles.

Depending on the driving condition and your skill, these tires can last from 40,000 to 80,000 miles. So, when it comes to durability, Cooper is better than Doral.

You may wonder knowing that Cooper tires have earned 4 out of 5 in rating on different platforms.

are doral tires any good? 5 reasons to buy them

Doral tires are not only good, rather they serve amazing performance in some conditions. But before buying this tire, you must know about its features and drawbacks. So, now we will focus on the good features to buy Doral tires first.

1. Price:

I’m not sure about you though, but for many of us, price is the main concern before buying a new tire. If you are one of them, then you have good news. The Doral tires are famous for being cheap. Even, it can be considered one of the best tires within this budget range.

2. Handling:

The traction provided by this tire is really satisfactory. This is basically an all-season tire. You can use it whether it is a rainy or snowy environment.

3. Durability:

This brand offers a warranty of 45,000 miles. Though the lifespan of any tire depends on several variables like road condition, driving experiences, etc, at an average condition, the tire will last quite longer.

4. Noise:

As per some expert’s reviews and customers’ opinions. They never claimed any complaint about the noise of Doral tires. To some extent, it will generate an average noise like other mid-range tires.

5. Special condition driving:

You will be glad to know that, the Doral tires have a quite satisfactory result in terms of driving in wet or snowy conditions. So, if you’re living in such an environment, you can choose Doral without any hesitation.

Are there any drawbacks of the Doral tires?

In short, yes! There are some drawbacks of  Doral tires too. And now, I’m going to share those. You should know them all if you’re thinking of buying one.

Many have claimed that the thread of these tires begins to wear soon. Well, that doesn’t mean it won’t last. But they expected more than what they got.

Are there any good alternatives available for Doral tires?

Now, this may be the most interesting part of this whole article. Why? Because I’ve done deep research about which brand may be a good alternative to Doral tires and have come up with the following suggestions:


This tire is also a product of the Sumitomo brand. You will get amazed knowing that, even the thread design of these tires is similar to Doral. The price range and the service is quite similar too. So, undoubtedly this can be a good alternative to Doral.


Well, Cooper is one of the leading brands. So, of course, they will provide quality products. When it comes to a premium product, the main problem is the price. But Cooper is not of that type. The price of Cooper tires is pocket friendly too.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are Doral tires good in snow?

Yes, the grip of the tire provides good control even on dry or snowy roads.

When should I replace Doral tires?

Generally, a Droal tire can serve for about 50000 miles without any hassle. Depending on the driving condition it can vary a bit.

What is the most popular model of Doral tires?

SDL-A is the most popular and widely used tire from the brand Doral.

Doral SDL-A All-Season TIRE REVIEW + SNOW >> Check out the video below:

closing thoughts:

Doral tires are for those who are looking for a cheaper option and also want to ensure quality. In fact, Doral can be the best choice for them.

Undoubtedly Doral is a good brand but it is always best to do research before buying any new tires. So, you should know who makes Doral tires.

From this article, you know that the Indonesian brand Sumitomo is the manufacturer of these tires. They are also well known for quality products. As a result, Doral is just another classic product of them.

If you want an overall good performance within budget, I’ll suggest you go for Doral tires without any hesitations. It will save your money and serve you a good experience too.

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