is it worth fixing a cracked rim – how to fix a cracked rim?

Sometimes fixing a rim can be more costly than buying a new one, though it depends on the size and severity of damage to the rim. But if it is about aluminum and magnesium alloy ring, it can cost more to buy new ones than fix them. That’s why it seems worth fixing a cracked rim.

There are several ways of fixing a cracked rim. Hence, welding is the most popular method. If it is done properly and safely, there should be no problem with driving with a fixed steel rim.

But before deciding whether to fix it or replace it, you must know how much damage has occurred and how can you solve it. And this is the thing I’m going to cover in this article about is it worth fixing a cracked rim and Should You Repair A Cracked Rim?

Should you repair a cracked rim

Why you should fix a cracked rim rather than purchase a new one?

Generally, steel rims are cheaper than aluminum or magnesium alloy rings. If we compare the cost of fixing a steel rim with buying a new magnesium alloy rim, definitely fixing the previous one will be better.

So, you can see, it depends on what your situations are. Users say, they have gone through welding the cracked rim and running their vehicle without any problem. But the thing is, they are concerned about it and drive safely to avoid any consequences.

This indicates that you should not expect the top-notch performance from the fixed rim as it was before.

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how to fix a cracked rim without welding?

If the crack is short or thin, an expert technician can repair it by several methods. But if the crack is long enough and looks severe, then maybe repairing won’t be a good decision as it can result in accidents.

But if the crack is short, then the technician will follow some steps to repair it. If you have sufficient facilities, you can do it on your own too. Here, I’m sharing the steps below.

  • Clean and mark the cracked area from the rest of the rim.
  • Then, sanding needs to be done to cover up the damaged area.
  • After that, fill the area with filler material and keep it for drying.
  • When it’s cooled enough, proper burnish can make it look brand new.

In case, if the crack is not so short that it can be repaired by the above process, welding can be a solution. But make sure the area is open and welding can be done.

How much does it cost to fix a cracked rim?

How much does it cost to fix a cracked rim?

The cost of repairing a cracked rim depends on the amount of damage. Not only that, the cost of labor and workshop can vary with the places and expertise of the technicians.

If the rim is just bent and needs to regain its previous shape, it can cost as little as $70 to $80. But if the crack is long and needs to be welded, the cost can be higher like $90 to $125.

But changing or replacing a rim can cost you about $200 or more. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for repairs for a short time. But as soon as you are okay to buy a new one, don’t delay or compromise your safety.

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Is it safe to weld a cracked rim?

It depends on the characteristics of the cracked area, and whether it can be welded or not. Let’s elaborate on this thing briefly.

Cracked area:

If the cracked area is opened up and able to take welding, then it’s safe to weld the rim. But if the direction of the crack is parallel to the wheel direction, there is a possibility that welding won’t work properly.

Welders experience:

To weld these types of sensitive areas, an expert welder is needed. Otherwise, it can be even worse to weld a cracked rim.

No matter whatever method you follow, always remember that fixing a cracked rim is not a permanent solution. Because it won’t go for long. So, sooner or later, you will have to replace it with a new one.

people also ask (FAQs)

Should you repair a cracked rim?

If the crack is short or minor, repairing may work as a temporary solution. 

Is it safe to weld a cracked rim?

If the crack position is opened up and can hold a welding joint, it is safe to weld the cracked rim.

How much is it to replace 1 rim?

Replacing a rim can cost you about $200, though it depends on size of tthe ires and the models of the vehicles. 

Cracked Car Rim What To Do – How To Fix It or Shop Fix It >> Check out the video below:


A crack in the rim is a very common phenomenon for regular drives. Since the price of rims is not so little, people often tend to repair it than buy a new one.

If the repair methods, as well as the technician, seem confident, you can go for fixing the rim. But if the crack is severe and will cost to repair, buying a new one may be better.

At last, I’ll suggest you always go to the manufacturers or real dealers. Because they will provide you with the best solution which is risk-free.

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