Is Amsoil Worth It? (A True Explanation for Automobile Owners)

Automobile owners want to keep their car engines in the best condition for their vehicles’ amazing driving experience and performance. They use various engine oils or lubricants to enhance their smoothness and performance on the road.

Many people are using synthetic oils for their car engines, and Amsoil, one of the top manufacturers of synthetic oil, has brought several lubricants and oils to the market. But is Amsoil worth it?

Is Amsoil oil effective for your car engine’s performance? Also, is it worth the cost?

We will answer all these questions to know whether or not you should use Amsoil oil. It will help you get a better performance from the car to enjoy smoother rides.

What Is Amsoil Oil?

Amsoil is a leading manufacturer of synthetic oil, aka lubricants. Amsoil oil is 100% lab tested and engineered from various chemicals to form the best lubricants. Also, it is a manufactured lubricant. It consists of various artificial chemical compounds.

These chemical compounds are derived from different elements and carefully formed into one uniform lubricant for vehicles. Previously, synthetic lubricants were only used in aircraft and high-performing vehicles.

But, these days, synthetic oil has become a mainstream lubricant source for most vehicles in the market. Amsoil followed the growing trend and has introduced several artificially engineered lubricants in the market for different engines and vehicles.

Since Amsoil is nothing but synthetic oil, you need to understand the benefits of these lubricants to identify the worthiness of Amsoil oil.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil:

When you see a car’s engine and parts, you will see that these consist of many tiny moving parts. At first glance, these moving parts appear to be damage-proof and ever-lasting. But, in reality, when these moving parts move continuously to help the vehicle move forward, they collide with each other. It causes damages to the engine and other moving parts.

Also, external elements such as weather, rust, and grime take their toll on engines and other parts of the vehicles. The damage includes abrasion, scratches, or severe wear-out of the engines and vehicle parts.

Thus, automobile manufacturers recommend using a lubricant to protect the engine from such abrasions and damages. Using a synthetic lubricant as a protective layer for your vehicles reduces the damage rate. So, your car engine will perform better and need less maintenance. H

Also, Amsoil oil is usable for motorbikes to help them run smoothly and offer an excellent driving experience. Also, proper lubrication is essential when you plan for off-road rides where the engine needs to be at its absolute best.

The advantages of Amsoil synthetic oil includes-

1. Cooling Facility:

When you drive your vehicles at 100MPH speed, their engine, crankshafts, bearings, pistons, gears, and other engine components get heated pretty soon. So, it is essential to cool these parts off and maintain an optimal temperature to prevent overheating and accidents.

Synthetic lubricants help to cool off these parts for optimal performance and durability. When you apply Amsoil lubricants on the engine, it covers the moving parts and peaks up the extra heat from these various parts of your vehicles.

Then, the lubricants transfer the accumulated heat to the crankcase of the automobile’s engine. After that, the heat will transfer from the crankcase to the surrounding air to help the car perform better and smoother with cooler parts.

2. Reduces Damage:

When you apply synthetic lubricants to your car engine, it creates an extra film. The film protects the moving parts from their actual physical appearance from the external elements. It protects the parts from coming across the mating surface.

As these car engine parts don’t meet the mating surface, they become less prone to damages and wear and tear.

These synthetic lubricants work on the principles of viscosity which is often referred to as their actual thickness. The viscosity helps the engine parts separating from the mating surface and boosts their lifespan.

Since it reduces the damages and abrasions, you will need less maintenance, and it helps you save a good amount yearly.

3. Less Oxidation and Acidity:

Conventional lubricants are made from crude oil. These lubricants thus contain high acidity and oxidizing elements. Therefore, traditional lubricants may damage the metallic parts due to acidity and oxidation.

The good part about Amsoil synthetic oil is it is less oxidized and acidic. So, it doesn’t damage the vehicle parts like traditional crude oil-made lubricants.

4. Better Efficiency:

Conventional lubricants are made of crude oil. So, it has a mixture of different elements. It means that you are getting imperfect lubricants mixed with other elements. So, it has an inferior performance than most people expect.

On the contrary, synthetic oils such as Amsoil oils use 100% purified and lab-tested lubricants. Also, it has additives as an extra layer of protection.  So, you will get better performance from synthetic motor lubricants.

Is AMSOIL really that much better? is it worth it?

Now, let’s focus on the main question. Is Amsoil lubricant products indeed worthy for use in your automobiles?

The answer lies in its pricing, recommended range of use, and practical effectiveness. Professionals say that the actual range of Amsoil oil is always more than other synthetic oils.

There’s various Amsoil product list, and they all have a different range-

  • The Signature Series is their premium motor oil. You may even have a range of 25,000 miles with standard service conditions. If you use it in severe and extreme conditions, you will still get around 15,000 miles of the average range.
  • You will get roughly 12,000 miles range for Amsoil XL oil. It is more than the industry standard and so pretty appreciable.
  • Next, you will get around 10000-12000 miles range for Amsoil OE oil.

Automobile experts say that you can use Amsoil oils that are usable for at least 1-year irrespective of their suggested mileage range.

However, it would help if you also counted on the price of Amsoil to find its worthiness for your automobile use truly. We can’t hide the fact that Amsoil is more expensive than most synthetic oil brands in America. It is a major setback for Amsoil.

Nonetheless, Amsoil is still worthy of your investment thanks to its great mileage recommendation and amazing performance. Its expensiveness is indeed a good tradeoff for enhanced performance and protection of your car and motorbikes engine.

Also, Amsoil offers the following advantages-

  1. Amsoil features 3000PSI shear strength compared to 800PSI for most lubricants. So, it offers increased protection with a stronger film on the engine parts.
  2. Amsoil oil has higher heatresistance. It is less volatile in high temperatures, and so it won’t evaporate in humid and hot conditions. It means you will enjoy economic oil.
  3. Amsoil is a 100% synthetic lubricant. So, it has a better service life than the conventional crude oil-based lubricants and mixed ones. It implies that these oils have an extended drain interval. So, you can use them for prolonged periods without problems.
  4. Another benefit of Amsoil oil is its workability in the coldest temperature. The manufacturer and many automobile experts suggest that Amsoil lubricants remain usable even at -75°F temperature. So, it remains fluid in such extreme cold conditions and helps you get the best performance from the car engine.
  5. Amsoil oil has an excellent air filter facility. It has additives and coolants that boost the filtering capacity of Amsoil oil. So, it helps its users in all vehicles.

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Is Amsoil Worth It? closing thoughts:

Amsoil lubricant, with its great product range for all types of automobiles and motor engines, is a worthy investment to keep your motor’s engine in a pristine state. Although it is expensive, its long, draining life and range is a perfect addition for motor engines.

Once you buy and apply Amsoil on car engines, you will love its smooth performance and driving experience.


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