How to Disable the Ford F-150 Speed Limiter?

There is no denying that the Ford F-150 is the most popular pickup truck in America and one of the most popular vehicles in the world. Ford’s flagship pickup truck has a lot going for it, but the speed limiter is not one of them. This factor has given F-150 owners major headaches for many years, and today, we’ll tell you how to disable it once and for all.

In short, using a tuner chip, reprogramming the ECM, or using FORScan is all you have to do to disable the Ford F-150 speed limiter.

Ford Adjustable Speed Limiter

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Before diving into the best ways of disabling the Ford F-150 speed limiter, let us first look into the technology that is causing you trouble. You might wonder why we need speed limiters in the first place. Despite many drivers being intelligent enough to stick to the speed limit to keep both themselves and others on the road safe, the actions of a few bad actors have necessitated the use of these devices.

The adjustable speed limiter has been a feature of Ford vehicles for several years, and despite giving users some trouble, this system has a noble cause at its heart.

When this feature is activated, the top speed of your F-150 will automatically adjust according to the speed limit set by the authorities. The pickup truck uses a Traffic Sign Recognition camera to read the speed limit and adjust its pace accordingly. This is done entirely without any driver inputs, as the onboard computer reduces the top speed by reducing fuel flow to the cylinders.

Not only do speed limiters keep you from getting into trouble with the law, but they can prevent you from getting into accidents under bad weather conditions. Although we don’t recommend disabling the speed limiter under any condition, doing so can bring a few benefits to the table.

Benefits of Disabling the Speed Limiter

There are two main benefits that F-150 drivers can achieve by getting rid of the factory-installed speed limiter.

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Higher performance

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Traveling at a high speed for long periods can be beneficial in the fuel efficiency department. At high speed, the aerodynamics work in your favor, and the engine doesn’t have to work hard to accelerate and decelerate constantly.

Higher Performance

Gaining performance gains is the main reason why people disable the speed limiter on their Ford vehicles. By disabling the speed limiter, you unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Additionally, removing the speed limiter is essential for installing aftermarket modifications like forced induction setups, tuned ECUs, and nitrous kits.

However, it is important to keep in mind that removing the speed limiter is an action that puts your safety at risk. Additionally, doing so will void the warranty of your vehicle, no matter how recently you purchased it.

Most Common Ways of Disabling the F-150 Speed Limiter

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If you have weighed the pros and cons of speed limiter removal and decided to proceed, the easiest way to do it is via the built-in settings.

To switch the speed limiter system off, first press the LIM CNCL/OFF button on the stalk. This will place the system in standby mode. Once you do so, a prompt will appear asking you to set a speed. Pressing the LIM CNCL/OFF once again will disable the system entirely.

However, if this procedure fails to disable the speed limiter on your Ford F-150, there are some other methods you can try. They are;

  • Tuner Chips
  • Installing Application Tracking Software
  • Using FORScan Software
  • ECM Reprogramming
  • Changing MyKey Settings

Tuner Chips

Tuner chips are aftermarket devices that plug into the OBD2 port of the Ford F-150 and reprogram or modify data on the ECU to unlock extra performance from the engine. On top of boosting power, some tuner chips can also help you disable the speed limiter.

These chips are easy to use and are manufactured by several well-reputed companies, including Hypertech, Edge, and Holley Superchips. Although they cost over $100 to purchase, the ease of use and guaranteed performance make it worth the tradeoff.

Installing Application Tracking Software

Application Tracking Software (ATS) is a special suite of telematics software that helps owners control different functions with ease. Once you install this software, it can be easily accessed through the infotainment screen.

Simply open the ATS, and navigate to the settings section. Then, select server options and navigate to the speed limiter section. Here, you can either set a high enough speed limit or turn it off.

Using FORScan Software

FORScan is a special aftermarket software that enables you to diagnose and troubleshoot the electronics of the Ford F-150, much like the OBD2 system. In addition to Ford, FORScan also supports vehicles built by Mazda, Mercury, and Lincoln.

Using FORSCan, you can easily alter the speed limiter settings stored on the Engine Control Module (ECM). After selecting the speed limiter settings, you’ll have to use the gas pedal to set the upper threshold to the speed that you desire.

ECM Reprogramming

All critical information about your Ford F-150, including the speed limiter data, are stored in the Engine Control Module. This component can be likened to the brain of your pickup truck, and reprogramming is a guaranteed way of unlocking the full top-speed potential of your vehicle.

Although it might seem like an easy fix, ECM reprogramming is nothing to be laughed at. This task should only be undertaken by a professional. Programming bugs can wreak havoc on your onboard computer and can leave your F-150 permanently bricked like an old iPhone.

It is also important to highlight that ECM reprogramming voids all company warranties. Not only that, you’ll receive no help from Ford dealers going forward as the Blue Oval company has labeled reprogramming the ECM as an illegal activity.

Changing MyKey Settings

The Ford MyKey system allows F-150 owners to set restricted driving modes and hands you complete control over several different functions, including seatbelt reminder, maximum speed limit, and even the maximum volume of audio controls.

If you are in a hurry, MyKey provides a quick and easy way of altering the factory speed limiter settings of your F-150.

Disabling Ford F-250 Speed Limiter

Not all Ford speed limiters are built the same, and the F-150’s bigger brother provides the perfect example of this. Not only does it have individual speed limits for the normal, haul, eco, snow, and wet modes, but the method of disabling the system is entirely different too!

The easiest way of bypassing the speed limiter on the Ford F-250 is by enabling the sport mode. This model comes hidden by default, so we’ll teach you how to enable it here.

Get in the F-250, fire up the engine, and rotate the controller to drive modes. Next, simply press the traction control button twice in quick succession, and the sport mode will magically turn on!

As the name suggests, in addition to bypassing the speed limit, the sport mode also unlocks some additional performance from the F-250. In this mode, the fuel injectors will inject more gas into the cylinders, zipping you along the highway when you put the pedal to the metal.

Preventative Maintenance Tips to Follow After Disabling the Speed Limiter

After successfully disabling the speed limiter of your Ford F-150, it is up to you to control the top speed at all times. Here are some tips we recommend you follow;

  • Stick to the Speed Limit
  • Safety First
  • Regular Maintenance

Stick to the Speed Limit

Although now your truck won’t hinder acceleration once you near the speed limit, it is still a good idea to adhere to it and respect local laws. Speed limits are there to keep you safe, and even though your F-150 can now easily exceed them, we encourage you to be on the safe side and drive responsibly.

Safety First

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. Disabling the speed limiter means there’s one less safety technology protecting you while on the road, so avoid aggressive driving, which can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Regular Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, disabling the speed limiter voids your F-150’s warranty. Not only that, but the higher speeds will also take a toll on the trucks’ internals. Taking all these factors into consideration, you can see why regular maintenance is now more important than ever!

Disabling the speed limiter on the Ford F-150 is a two-sided coin, which brings both benefits and disadvantages. If you disable the speed limiter according to this guide, remember to follow these preventative tips and stay safe on the road.

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