295/65r20 in inches – how tall is a 295 tire?

There is a standard dimension for designing and manufacturing tires. Each company has to follow this code. Otherwise, the tire won’t match the vehicle or the rim sizes of the wheel.

So, how tall is a 295 65R20 tire? The answer is 34.1 inches. This is measured from the bottom of the tire to the very top of it. It is basically the diameter of the tire.

Let’s have a deep insight…..

295/65r20 tire size in inches

295 655R20 is 34.1 inches tall from the ground. This height is nothing but the  outer diameter of the tire.

Well, don’t mix this height with the rim diameter or the sidewall. Rim diameter is the internal diameter of the tire and sidewall is the height of tires from the ground to the rim.

For different tires of different sizes, this dimension varies. If the sidewall is wider than normal and the rim diameter is larger, then the tire will be taller. But there is a standard value for designing tires and all manufacturers maintain this.

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What are the dimensions of a 295 65R20 tire?

Tires have several dimensions when it comes to the define the property completely. From rim diameter to the height and width of the sidewall, everything needs to be considered.

So, for you, I’m providing the complete dimension of a 295 65R20 tire here below.

ParametersDimensions (Inches)
Rim dia20” – 8-10”
Revolution per mile572

What does code 295 65R20 mean?

If you are familiar with tires, you must know that each tire code indicates some information about the tire. Knowing what this code means, you can quickly identify how to choose the right tire.

First, the “295’ indicates the width of the tire. So, for this model that I’m discussing, the width is 295 mm. Next is the number 65. It stands for the aspect ratio of the sidewall to the width. Here, the width is 65% of the sidewall which means it’s nearly 7 inches.

Next comes the letter “R”. It means “Radial” tire, which is the same for almost all tires. The last digit is 20 and it basically indicates the rim diameter of the tire.

That’s how tire code indicates different properties of a tire.

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What are similar tires like the 295 65R20 tire?

If this is not the exact tire size you’re looking for, I’ve some similar size suggestions for you. These sizes can be considered as alternatives to 295 65R20. All of these tires have a rim diameter of 20 inches.

Let’s see some of them here:

295 60R2033.9’11.6”
375 45R2033.3”14.8”
315 60R2034.9”12.4”
285 60R2033.5”11.2”

Which vehicle supports 295 65R20 tires?

Well, as per the dimensions of the tires, these can be mounted on any wheels with a width of 8 to 10 inches. Generally, cars and light trucks use rims of this type of dimension.

Since the rim diameter of the mentioned tire is 20 inches, it can be easily mounted on passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

Does a taller tire raise the vehicle?

Yes, When you use a taller tire, the vehicle can be raised. This will increase the vehicle clearance too.

As a result, balancing the vehicle can be complicated. Again, using bigger tires than usual will decrease the speed of your vehicle and acceleration won’t work properly.

So, always try to maintain the tire that especially suits your vehicle for a hassle-free driving experience. 


Nowadays, there are a lot of tire companies offering different features with their tires. Some are dedicated to snow while some are for regular roads. 

No matter which type is perfect for you, maintaining the proper dimension of tires is the primary condition. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit the tire with your vehicle properly. So, knowing dimensions is necessary.
So, if you know how tall is a 295 65R20  tire, you can easily decide, if this one is the thing you’re looking for or not.

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