9 Common icp sensor 6.0 powerstroke symptoms ( fix guide)

The main problem is how to identify the ICP sensor if the engine turns faulty. Today here, I will share what are the 6.0 Powerstroke ICP sensor symptoms so that you can identify the actual problem.

But before I start a deep discussion, let’s have glance at the most common faulty ICP sensor symptoms.

  • Issues with engine starting
  • Lugging idle
  • Stalling at stop signs
  • Engine misfire
  • Decrease in power and acceleration
  • Locked brake
  • Indicator lightening on the dashboard
  • Reduction in fuel economy
  • Codes on screen

If your ICP sensor is corrupted, you should also check the exhaust back pressure of your vehicle. We have another detailed article on “6.0 Powerstroke EBP sensor symptoms in this regard.

9 most Common 6.0 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Symptoms

It’s time to dig the hole to extract more information. Well, you already knew the symptoms of bad ICP sensor for the 6.0 Powerstroke engine. Now, I will provide here the extended details about these symptoms.

#1. Issues with engine starting

One of the probable reasons is the faulty ICP. Although there are many other reasons for the engine not starting, a bad ICP sensor is one of them.

If your engine’s ICP is malfunctioning, starting it will be difficult since the engine will interpret this as a breakdown in the system.

#2. Rough/lugging idle

Well, a vehicle will not feel smooth when it’s idling roughly. You’ll see the RPMs going wild.

This rough idle issue is also a sign of a bad ICP sensor. Inaccurate readings from a faulty ICP sensor also suggest an inability to maintain idle once the throttle is withdrawn. And even if you let up on the gas, it won’t return to normal.

Ford 6.0 Powerstroke ICP Sensor fixes lunging & stalling >> Check out the video below:

#3. Stalling at stop signs

Although there are other reasons for the injector blockage, a faulty ICP sensor is one of them. Such an ICP fails to detect engine power and starts stalling randomly. The car may waste gas and lose power if it frequently stalls.

#4. Engine misfiring

How to know 6.0 Powerstroke ICP is bad? The main symptom is the engine misfire. When your ICP sensor isn’t functioning properly, engine performance will suffer. If the sensor is broken or malfunctioning, the fuel/air ratio will be off, leading to misfires.

#5. Decrease in power and acceleration

Did you notice a scientific engine power and acceleration reduction with your 6.0 Powerstroke? Well, if your ICP sensor is faulty, it loses power noticeably and doesn’t perform as expected during rapid acceleration.

My extensive background in automotive mechanics has led me to conclude that a faulty ICP is often to blame when an engine becomes stalled and won’t start.

#6. Locked brake

Some Ford owners come to my garage with their trucks and SUVs to fix this locked brake issue. Although there are many reasons for causing sudden brake lock, it’s a rare case to happen because of a faulty ICP.

#7. Indicator lightening on the dashboard

The most noticeable sign is a warning light on the dashboard telling you to inspect the engine. If the onboard diagnostics system detects a fault with the ICP or circuit, the Check Engine Light will turn on.

#8. Loss in fuel economy

The fuel supply to an engine can be severely impeded by a broken fuel injector or a clogged, worn-out fuel filter. Nevertheless, you can read my blog on  6.0 Powerstroke fuel filter symptoms to know more about your fuel filter system.

Now, one common source of low fuel economy is a malfunction in the fuel system. And if your ICP becomes faulty, you will not get the proper mileage.

#9. Codes on screen

Codes like P2285 can be displayed on the screen and indicate a defective ICP sensor. Inspect the ICP for any issues if you see such fault codes.

Importance Of ICP Sensor For 6.0 Powerstroke

The ICP sensor is very crucial for fuel management. To keep everything running smoothly, this sensor keeps tabs on the oil pressure sent from the PCM to the pressured fuel injectors via the IPR.

And a malfunctioning ICP can result in a wide variety of issues, including a sluggish engine, stalling, surging, and even complete engine failure.

6.0 Powerstroke ICP Sensor Testing

Well, you don’t need to run a regular check of ICP in the new condition. But a weekly test is a better thing to do. Some of my clients call me to check their vehicles’ condition and overall engine performance. In this term, I will do a 6.0 ICP sensor test.

How should you start the diagnosis?

  • Check the engine compartment.
  • Check all the connections of ICP and pigtail.
  • Check if the fuel management is working well.
  • Make sure there is no oil leakage.

What Causes 6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor?

There are some main causes for which the 6.0 Powerstroke ICP sensor turns faulty.

  • Engine Overheat
  • Lackings of regular checking
  • Loose Connection
  • Excessive Power Usage

How Serious Is The 6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor?

It is a very severe issue once the ICP sensor turns faulty in the 6.0 Powerstroke. Due to the bad ICP, the total vehicle engine performance will be affected.

Additionally, the engines may start misfiring. The fuel economy will be reduced due to the oil leaking. The engine sometimes loses power. Then you can’t start your car.

And other issues like stalling and poor idling may also occur, which is the reason for the inability to drive smoothly. So, before the whole engine is affected, take it to the nearest service center.

What To Do When 6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor Symptoms Appear?

When a vehicle arrives in my workshop with any of the above-mentioned issues, I make a diagnosis of the engine and ICP. Through this diagnosis, I can affirm whether I should replace the sensor or not. So, what should you do now?

  • First, check the engine compartment connections. If the ICP shows signs of oil leakage, investigate the source of the problem as soon as possible. There may be sensor difficulties even if there are no leaks. The engine can be started, and the ICP’s pigtail can also be disconnected.
  • Second, test the engine’s response by disconnecting the ICP sensor. The PCM will show you oil flow information.
  • Verify the accuracy of the ICP voltage by monitoring the pressure and voltage. In that case, examine the wiring from the ICP to the PCM. Be sure to record any issues or discrepancies and address them as soon as possible.

Verify the ICP connection to the PCM by testing the signal, reference, and return pins. Ensure the harness connection between the PCM and the ICP pigtail is secure.

  • The ICP should be reconnected after checking for electrical interference. It is time to start the engine. Check for signal and reference interruptions on the scope. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the ICP by severing the pigtail. For the time being, I suggest you let the PCM handle everything.

Get in touch with a reliable mechanic, and then go out and purchase a replacement ICP sensor.

How Much Does It Cost To Deal With 6.0 Powerstroke Bad ICP Sensor?

If the ICP sensor of the 6.0 Powerstroke turns faulty, you need to replace it. So, here is what it will cost for a new ICP and the labor cost.

The price of the ICP will be in the range of $140–220, with labor adding another $70–$150 to the total price. A pigtail connector can be purchased for $15 to $60. The total cost will be approximately around $225-$430.

The final price tag could change based on where you opt to purchase the necessary materials and have the labor performed.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Still in doubt? Well,  there are still concerns and doubts about the 6.0 Powerstroke ICP sensor problems. In light of your concern, I’ve included them here.

Where is the ICP sensor located on the 6.0 Powerstroke?

The 6.0 ICP sensor location is in the compartment’s upper, central, and lower parts. Either the FICM or the heat shield of the pipe needs to be removed to gain access to it from below. Actually, going either direction is a lot of work. Avoid conflating it with the IPR, which is mounted nearby.

What can cause code P2285?

The most common causes of the code P2285 are-

  • The engine oil level is dangerously low.
  • Faulty ICP sensor.
  • IPR violation.
  • Having trouble with the oil pump.
  • Issues with the wiring.
  • Broken connector.
  • Problem with the PCM.

Take away

If the ICP sensor of a 6.0 Powerstroke turns faulty, the engine starts misfiring, which is the main issue. Moreover, other problems like starting issues, idling, stalling, reduction in mileage, and other issues may also occur. The main reasons for such a bad ICP are the overheating of the engine, excessive power usage, and loose wiring.

If you see any symptoms of bad ICP, run a test of the sensor. However, a weekly basis of checking is preferred. Remember, once the ICP sensor becomes bad, you should replace the whole sensor. And then it may cost around $300-$400, including the service charge.

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