ford remote start not working 1 beep – [Here’s The Repair!]

It’s fiercely competitive in the automotive industry and yet Ford has kept a strong position for decades. It can be credited to their constant innovations like the remote start. These innovations may malfunction sometimes though. 

If you face the Ford Remote Start Not Working 1 Beeps problem, it is likely a result of incorrect usage, remote battery issues, damage to the key FOB, or internal problems. To fix it, you need to use the remote right, fix your battery or remote, or visit your local auto repair joint. 

Visiting a mechanic without proper knowledge of a topic is almost always a bad idea though and that’s why I’ve written this thorough guide on fixing Ford remote start for car enthusiasts. 

ford remote start not working 1 beep - [Here’s The Repair!]

4 common reasons Ford Remote Start Not Working 1 Beeps – with solutions

If you are facing issues with your ford remote start, you should not jump to conclusions without close inspection. If you are able to find the root of the problem, the solution will stare you in the face. This Ford Remote Start Issues Causes and Fixes Table demonstrates that.

There are several problems that cause the remote start function to not work but the one beep makes me certain that it is one of these four issues that you need to troubleshoot. 

Common CauseEasy Fix
Incorrect usageUse the remote right
Remote battery issuesChange/Charge Battery
Damaged key FOBReplace The Remote
Internal problemsGo To A Mechanic

1. Incorrect Usage – Use the remote right

This is the most common reason for the remote start failing. New Ford owners tend to misuse the FOB. Some press the buttons too lightly while others do it too fast.

In order to turn on your car from a distance, you need to follow a very specific method that I will get to in a moment. You might be wondering why this process is so complex that you need me to explain it to you. 

Well, picture this: your keys are in your pocket, and similar to a butt dial, you press the remote start button unknowingly. Your car could be on for hours without attendance. The specific process ensures this never happens. 

>> easy fix

The first issue has the most obvious solution you can imagine. The process of using the key FOB isn’t really all that difficult. You just need to press the remote start button twice in a span of 3 seconds. 

Most people make the mistake of being too fast with this process, others press it too many and some just don’t apply enough pressure. No matter what your issue, this definitive guide from Ford themselves should help. 

2. Battery Issues – Change/Charge Battery

Another common issue I’ve seen with the Ford Remote start is that people just forget to change the battery. It’s pretty obvious, if you don’t have a battery, your electronic device won’t function properly. 

A FOB uses one-time batteries so you need to frequently switch them out. It’s natural for batteries to run out of juice. This isn’t the end of the world as the fix for this issue is also pretty easy. 

>> easy fix

If your battery is dead, the only options you have are replacing or charging it. Both issues will need you to open the key FOB first. From there on, the process is more or less the same. 

  • Step 1: Press the sides of the FOB hard to release the key
  • Step 2: Pry open the cover with a flathead screwdriver
  • Step 3: Use the same screwdriver to open the screw under the cover and remove the second layer of covering.
  • Step 4: Use It again to remove the battery
  • Step 5: Charge the battery if it is rechargeable or get a new identical one.
  • Step 6: Put in the battery  
  • Step 7: Put everything back in place
  • Step 8: Testing time

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3. Damaged Key FOB – Replace The Remote

Key FOBs are not meant to be super durable. Sure, they can handle the constant clicking and the friction in your pocket but beyond that, it’s not wise to expect them to survive. 

The heavy impact can damage the buttons badly or rain and snow can leak into the FOB and cause it to malfunction. While you can take preemptive measures to prevent this damage. You have only one expensive solution to fix this. Again, I’ll cover that later.

>> Easy fix

As I said, a damaged key FOB is no good. You need to issue a replacement from your local dealership of Ford. They can get one for you in a short period of time but the process won’t be cheap. 

On top of that, you’ll need to fulfill a lot of formalities such as visiting the dealer physically, carrying proof of identity, and filling out long tedious forms. Not a fun process at all.

4. Internal Problems – Go To A Mechanic

Sometimes, the issue isn’t so much with the remote as it is with the car itself. If your car’s components are damaged, you may be getting the beep signal to signify that it isn’t ready to start. 

The potential broken components include but are not limited to

  • Hood switch
  • Hood switch wire
  • Brake wire 
  • Car Battery

Each of these components being damaged can render a vehicle out of commission so it’s a good thing that remote start is notifying you of these issues. 

>> easy fix

If you have any damaged components, head for the exit door towards your nearest mechanics. There are over 180,000 in the United States alone. Never try to fix it yourself as it is risky and you may cause further damage to your vehicle. 

How To Avoid Remote Start Issues? 

Preemptive measures are your best option when it comes to ford remote start issues. These four practices should do the trick. 

Regular Car Maintenance

Never ever skip a day of car care. This will ensure that your components stay in good shape. 

Keep A Track Of Your Battery

Make sure you know when your battery is about to finish so you can be prepared to replace it.

Proper Storage For The Remote

Damage to the remote is one of the worst things as the fix is really annoying. That’s why you should keep it as safe as you can. 

Frequent Visits To The Mechanic 

Lastly, if you visit your mechanic every so often, they can tell you if a component is on its way out. 

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What If You Hear Two Beeps During A Remote Start Issue?

If you hear two beeps, you are looking at one of these issues: 

  • Opened hood, doors, lift gate, or glass 
  • Broken hood switch
  • Brake Issues 
  • Damaged components 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Issues With The Ford Remote Start Common?

No. The Ford Remote start is generally a very reliable system. It can even operate from up to 2,500 feet away. If you maintain it well, this feature won’t let you down. 

2. Do All Ford Vehicles Come With Remote Start?

No. Only the newer models come with this feature. This is highly advanced technology and so models before 2011 did not have this feature. 

3. Is It Safe To Drive A Car With Remote Start Issues? 

It depends on what the issue causing the remote start malfunction is. I would highly recommend you don’t take the vehicle out for a spin without fixing the issue first. 

4. What To Do If I Lose My Key FOB?

Get a new FOB from your local dealership. If you suspect it’s been stolen, immediately report it to the authorities. Once you do get a new FOB, that key won’t work. 

(Ford Escape) Remote Start not working >> Check out the video below:

Final Words

I hope this article was able to show the correct way to deal with ford remote start not working 1 beeps issues. Once you are able to spot the problem, it is easy sailing. The misusage, dead battery, damaged parts, and internal issues can be fixed swiftly.

Before wrapping it up, I would like to stress the importance of being time-efficient in car maintenance. Problems worsen and get more expensive to fix over time. I wish you luck in all of your automotive repairs. 

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