Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps – [Here’s The Repair!]

Ford is one of the biggest automotive companies in the world for a reason. Their innovations are top-notch and the remote start of their vehicles is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately, this technology does have its flaws. It may not work and give two beeps.

The Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps happens due to openings in the car, a displaced hood switch, pressed brakes, or damaged components. You can solve this problem by closing your car down, fixing your hood switch bracket, turning off the brake, and visiting the mechanic. 

There is a lot more to it than just identifying the problems and applying random fixes. That’s why I’ve made this Ford Remote Start fix guide to make sure you can repair your vehicle the right way. Follow this article and you can comfortably start your vehicle from a distance. 

Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps - [Here's The Fix!]

Ford Remote Start Not Working Issues And Fixes Table

Simply knowing the issues and solutions isn’t enough, you need to know which solution you need to apply to which issue. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this nifty Ford Remote start issues and fixes table

I’ll cover all the causes and fixes in detail later in the article. You will be able to apply any of these solutions successfully with that guidance.

Common IssueQuick fix
Open hood, doors, lift gates, or glassClose the car down properly
Displaced Hood SwitchBend The Bracket Back In Place
Brake PressedTurn Off The Brake
Damaged ComponentsVisit The Mechanic

8 most common reasons Ford Remote Start Not Working 2 Beeps

Your Ford Remote start may stop working for various reasons but the two beeps help us narrow it down to these 4 issues in particular: 

1. Your Car Is Not Closed Properly

The remote start needs your car to be completely closed. This is a great feature because if the car starts with an open door or hood, you are opening yourself to a lot of potential damage. The car will not start if your hood, doors, lift gates (in Ford Expeditions), or glass is still open. 

The display on your dashboard should show you which part of the car isn’t closed yet. In older models, you may not be notified if the hood is open. Newer models have this sensor. 

2. Displaced Hood Switch

In a lot of cases, your hood won’t close no matter how hard you try to close it. This is because the hood switch is out of position. Before drawing this conclusion though, make sure all the other components under the hood are in good shape.

Also sometimes, people draw this conclusion after not applying enough pressure to close the hood. Don’t be afraid to close your hood with a bit of force, your Ford can handle it. 

3. Brake On

If you leave your brake on, your Ford remote start definitely won’t work. If your brake is on, this means that your car won’t be able to start the right way. This feature was integrated to prevent you from damaging the engine every time you start the car. 

You should never start a vehicle with a brake pressed in. This was something you needed to do with older cars but with newer ones, this is pointless and may even damage your engine. How?

If you start your vehicle without realizing the brakes are on, you might press the accelerator and this is bad for your car. 

4. Damaged Components 

This is the worst-case scenario. The ford remote start may stop working if one of these components is damaged. 

5. Hood Switch Wire

Remember when I said you should pop open the hood if your hood isn’t closing? The issue could be worse than just a displaced bracket. For instance, the wire could be cut off. This usually happens if a rodent gets into your car. 

6. Brake Wire 

A torn brake wire may make the car sensor think that the brake is pressed in constantly.

7. Battery Issues 

If the battery voltage is low, it simply can’t generate enough power to start the vehicle. All it may have the energy to alert you with the two beeps. 

8. Engine Problems 

If you see that your check engine light is on, you are in trouble. Hook your car onto an OBD2 scanner as soon as possible to find out the issue. 

ford remote start troubleshooting – how do i fix?

Now that you know the root of the problem, you can start to fix it. These 4 processes will help get rid of your remote start issues.

1. Close The Car Down Properly

This is a fairly simple fix to a very common problem. Make sure that you close down your car completely. Check the hood, doors, lift gates, and glasses to see if they are closed, and try again.

2. Bend The Hood Switch Bracket Back In Place

If it still doesn’t work, you may have an issue in the hood switch bracket preventing the hood from closing. Follow these 3 steps to fix it.

  • Step 1: Open the hood and inspect 
  • Step 2: If the hood bracket seems to be displaced, apply force directly to the bracket till it falls back in place.
  • Step 3: Try closing the hood and remote start again.  

Don’t apply too much force in this process as you may break the bracket. Be conservative but not weak with the force you are using.

3. Turn The Brake Off

Another easy solution. You can solve the issue of a pressed brake by simply pulling it back. It’s as simple as that.

4. Visit The Mechanic 

Any damaged component should be repaired at an auto-repair shop. Do not try to fix your car yourself as you may cause further damage. 

Why You Need To Fix Your Ford Remote Start Immediately?

It’s just a feature you never use, if it’s not working, what’s the worst that could happen? Well, these 4 factors are directly related to your issues. 

1. Safe Driving 

There are several accidents caused by defective vehicles. You need to make sure you don’t add to the list.

2. Prevent Further Damage

If left unattended, some forms of auto damage may worsen and become more difficult to fix. 

3. Save Money

If a problem is more difficult to fix, the mechanic’s fee will obviously increase as well.

4. Comfortable Driving Experience 

Last but not the least, a faulty vehicle will definitely not give you a premium experience. Fix it to drive comfortably. 

Other Ford Remote Start Issues To Look Out For

As I mentioned, the two beeps help you narrow down the causes of the start problem but they aren’t the only issues you can have with your remote. You could be facing one of these problems as well: 

  • Dead battery
  • Pressing the buttons too hard
  • Broken buttons 
  • Weather damage because of rain or snow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Ford Remote Start Reliable?

Yes. The Ford Remote start does not have many issues under normal circumstances. Most of these problems are the result of improper car maintenance. As long as you take care of your vehicle, this feature will work smoothly. 

2. How To Use Ford Remote Start?

Using a ford remote smart is really easy: press the lock button and press the remote start button twice quickly. Make sure you are pressing too fast as it may not register the press in that case. 

3. What Is The Range Of Ford Remote Start?

The Ford Remote Start can work from up to 2,500 feet away in some models. You’ll probably never need to start the vehicle from this far away but it’s still a nice feature to have.

4. How Do I Find A Trustworthy Mechanic?

Only go to mechanics who have reliable reviews. There are a lot of shady mechanics out there looking to scam ill-informed customers. Navigating the auto repair scene with caution is sort of a must. 

Ford Remote Start Won’t Work Fix / Repair >> Check out the video below:

Final Words 

If you were facing ford remote start not working 2 beeps-related issues, I hope the solutions I provided were able to fix your vehicle and make the remote work like it’s brand new. 

All of it comes down to being regular with your cars’ care. If you neglect your car, you will leave it open, forget to turn off the brake, and damage your components. This goes to show the importance of solid car maintenance. 

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