6 Common Ford F150 Moonroof Problems (+repair cost)

Having a problem with the moonroof on your truck can be uncomfortable, especially if you use it a lot. So, what are the Ford F150 moonroof problems you can face?

The problems can include leaks, wind noise, a jammed moonroof, uneven openings cracked glass, and many more. You can also experience loose seal panels, and sometimes a broken cable or motor. You need to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

A DIY solution isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it’s not impossible. Today, you will know how to fix any Ford F150 moonroof or sunroof problems, and get an idea of how much a fix will cost.

Ford F150 Moonroof Problems – with solutions & replacement cost

Problems in a Ford F150 moonroof is nothing new, notably for older versions. Overuse, broken parts, jams and dirt and debris is to blame.

Common ProblemsEasy Solution
Water leaksSeal any cracks or holes in the sealant
Wind noiseFixing the loose seals or panels
Rattling soundTightening the screws and seals holding the panel
Uneven openingResolve any misaligned track
Cracked GlassGlass replacement
Not shutting down or openingResolve any misaligned track, remove any broken part, clean any debris, and fix the fuse

#1- Water leaks

A leaky sunroof is the most common problem. Water can enter through cracks or holes in the sealant around the glass panel or metal frame, causing water damage inside. Plus, it can induce mold and mildew growth in the inside of the F150. 

Here are some steps to fix water leaks in Ford F150 moonroof: 

  • Though most leaks are internal, inspect for any obvious damage to the moonroof or its seal. 
  • Repair the seals using K-seal or any seal of your choice. 
  • If the moonroof is still leaking, check the drains for dirt and debris. 
  • Clean and test the moonroof again. You should also remove the rubber sealant and seal can cracks or holes.

The price of K-seal won’t be more than $20. All you need is some steady hands and a bit of patience. 

#2- Wind noise

Another common issue is wind noise coming from the sunroof when it’s open. Loose seals or panels are to blame here. They can be quite annoying and loud. 

The faster you drive, the louder it gets. Leaving it for too long can damage the sealant and glass may crack. 

Go through these steps to fix this problem:

  • First, make sure the moonroof closes all the way. Push the moonroof so that it seats firmly into the frame. 
  • If the noise continues, check for any cracks and sealing issues. Resolve them. 
  • Now, close the moonroof and the wind sound will disappear.

You can expect to lose about $20 for the seal. For the rest of the process you will hardly need to spend anything. 

#3- Rattling sound

Sometimes, the moonroof makes a rattling sound. In most cases, the moonroof doesn’t seat properly into the frame and shakes loud while driving. You will also experience water drops coming from it. 

To fix a rattling moonroof here are the essential steps: 

  • Check the tracks and make sure they are clean and free of debris. 
  • Clean them with a rag or brush. 
  • Next, check the weatherstripping around the edge of the moonroof opening. 
  • Fix any damaged or misaligned weatherstripping. Replace it if needed. 
  • Finally, adjust the tension on the sunshade spring and you are all done.

For the fixing process, you will need a maximum of $50 for the weatherstripping. However, a mechanic will charge you more than $200 for the fix. So, if you can, do it DIY. 

#4- Uneven opening

It’s either dirt and debris blocking your path. Or else, it’s a misaligned sealant. Always check the tracks and the seal for damage, tear and wear. You can also try resetting the motor, but an uneven moonroof opening is rarely caused by it. 

Here are some steps to fix it:

  • Clean the tracks and make sure dirt and debris don’t interfere while opening.
  • Lubricate the tracks with any silicone based lubricant for smooth movement. 
  • If the sunshade is blocking the path of the moonroof as it opens, adjust its position. 
  • Reset the motor when nothing works.

If you have some silicone based lubricant lying around, you won’t need to spend any money. Then again, the price of lubricant is just $20-$25. 

#5- Cracked Glass

Even if the moonroof has tempered glass, it can still crack. Overuse and regular opening and closing can crack the glass. Replacement is the only option here.

Let’s see how you can replace a cracked glass in a Ford F150 moonroof: 

Now, see the steps: 

  • Start by removing the interior trim panel or the rubber sealant. You will find six or more screws that you need to remove.
  • Afterwards, carefully remove the glass and set it aside. 
  • Now, using a 1/8 inch drill bit, drill out the old rivets that hold the metal bracket in place. Remove and discard the old metal bracket. 
  • Using the 3/16-inch drill bit, drill four new holes in the metal bracket. 
  • Attach the metal bracket to the glass with net rivets. 
  • Place the new glass back into the opening and screw it firmly. Put the interior trim panel back in place, screw it, and you are done.

The cost of replacing a cracked moonroof glass is about $100-$150. Supposing that you took it to a mechanic, he will charge you at least $250-$300 for the fix. 

#6- Not shutting down or opening

You either have too much dust and debris, a blown fuse, or else it’s a broken motor. 

Follow the steps below to fix any shutting or opening issues:

  • Clean any dirt and debris that you find in the moonroof trims and sealant. 
  • Resolve any misaligned tracks and replace any broken parts. 
  • If the problem still exists, locate the moonroof fuse located in the truck’s cabin, under the dash on the driver’s side. 
  • Replace any blown fuse.
  • In rare cases you need to replace the motor in the headliner above the moonroof opening. 

For a complete fixing like replacing the motor and cleaning the moonroof, your mechanic should take around $300 or more. However, you can do it for just $100 DIY. 

F150 Moonroof related (FAQs)

Is Moonroof Covered Under Ford F150 Warranty?

Yes. The moonroof is covered under a Ford F150 warranty of PremiumCARE. Other than the moonroof, you will also get a warranty for power windows, mirrors, door locks, and so on. 

How To Tell If Your Sunroof Motor Is Bad?

If the sunroof isn’t opening or closing or is just stuck in the middle, then the motor is bad. However, before replacing the sunroof motor, check whether the fuse is blown or not. Some of you may take a blown fuse for a bad sunroof motor. 

How Much Does A Ford F150 Moonroof Cost?

A moonroof of a Ford F150 will cost anywhere from $150 to $200. If you do the replacement from the mechanic, he will charge you around $500 to $600 for the entire fix. The price of a moonroof is similar to the price of a sunroof.

End Note

We believe that now all your Ford F150 moonroof problems are all better. In most cases, dirt and debris block the moonroof sealant, causing it to leak, rattle, and misalign. 

A simple cleaning and alignment fix should take care of the problem. If you still have problems, go to a mechanic, and he will take care of the rest. 

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