7 common Ford F150 Hood Latch problems (With Solutions)

Ever had a moment where the hood of the F150 just popped up, stuck pretty good, or just loose? Well, these ain’t the only one, tiger. A Ford F150 Hood Latch problems can be a lot more depending on how old the truck is. 

Some hood may not hold up, won’t close, or it’s stuck pretty bad. An old and rusty hood latch may also get loose or just pop straight up while driving. Sometimes, it may just crack while you try to open it. 

Generally, a rusted old hood latch with loose spring is to blame here. You can easily stop the hood latch from crumbing with a bit of lubrication every once in a while. Today, we will see how you can get the hook latch problem of the F150 fixed in mere minutes. Let’s dig in.

ProblemPossible solution
Hood Latches On Sometimes, But Not Always1. Lubrication 
2. Spring replacement
Hood Will Not Latch1. Lubrication
2. Spring adjustment 
Stuck Hood Latch/Won’t Open Without Force1. Open with brute force
2. Lubrication 
3. Wire replacement 
Clicking NoiseLubrication
Pops Open While Driving1. Readjusting the wire cables
2. Lubrication
3. Dust and debris clean
Loose Hood 1. Lubrication
2. Spring and wire adjustment 
3. Replacement of the springs

Where Is Hood Latch On Ford F150?

On the Ford F150, the hood latch is just in the back of the grille. It’s located on the underside of the hood, near the center. To access it, just pull the hood up, release the handle located under the left part of the instrument panel, and wallah. 

7 most common Ford F150 Hood Latch Problems

Diagnosing a Ford F150 hood latch problem can be a lifesaver, especially while speed driving. Who would want to risk an accident, right? Here are some common hood latch problems in a Ford F150: 

#1- Hood Latches On Sometimes, But Not Always

When the hood latch of a F150 has a semi loose hood latch spring, it will sometimes latch on the hood, and sometimes won’t. You can try lubricating the springs and see if it works properly. 

#2- Hood Will Not Latch

It’s either a low lubricated hood latch spring or a broken hood latch. On the other hand, if the latch itself is dirty or corroded, then you can’t close it no matter how hard you try. A simple cleaning and lubricating should do the trick. Else you need to replace the springs. 

#3-Stuck Hood Latch/Won’t Open Without Force

The latch here is defective and needs to be lubricated. You can also change the whole latch mechanism, if the lubricating process doesn’t work on the latch. Then again, the two wires connected to the latch are interfering with the hood latch operation.

#4- Clicking Noise

Dirt or dust can get stuck to the latch mechanism and when you try release, clicking sound may come out. However, a latch can open half way, which can cause it to open and close while driving. You can clean the latch with soapy water and try to clean anything that is blocking the latch lock. 

#5- Pops Open While Driving

In this case, you couldn’t latch the hood properly. There can also be a fault in the hood latch, causing it to open. Try readjusting the springs and cable. If it doesn’t work, your F150 needs a hood replacement. 

#6- Broken Hood Latch

A broken hood latch won’t lock even if you rough house with it for hours. To see whether your hood latch is broken or not, just lift the hood up and check the teeth. Generally, it is the loose spring. Yet, older F150 vehicles can have them broken. 

#7- Loose Hood 

This is the most common problem that you can face. Loose bolts or springs in the latch mechanism can degrade with time and cause the latch to malfunction. The two wires of the latch can also make it loose.

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How to fix a Ford F150 Hood latch problems

Fixing a Ford F150 is easy as pie. In most cases, lubricating the latching mechanism should fix it. Let’s see the steps: 

  • Open the electric hood latch first. You will see that the hood latch is located on the driver’s side near where the windshield meets the hood. 
  • Get near the hood and open. If it’s stuck, use a bit of force to open it. You will see the latch right behind the grille. 
  • Now, clean the latch with soap and water, to clean all dirt and debris. 
  • You need to use some penetrating lubricant to lubricate the latch. Regular oil can also be used instead of penetrating lubricant.
  • Afterwards, try a couple of times to open and close the latch mechanism. 
  • Your hood latch should work flawlessly now. If it doesn’t, then replace the springs. 

Note: Sometimes, the latch won’t work even after changing the spring. You need a replacement in this case. 

How To Open Ford F150 Hood Latch And Replace It?

Supposing that your hood latch is unfixable or broken, a replacement is the only option you got. Let’s see how you can open a ford f150 hood latch and replace it: 

  • Open the door of the F150 and locate the steering wheel lever beside the driver’s side. Pulling the lever will allow you to open the hood.
  • Try opening the hood. If it’s stuck, use some WD-40 or any other lubricant to loosen it up.
  • In case it is not opening, use a wire hanger or a long thin object to reach inside the latch release button.
  • Once you locate the latch mechanism, you can try to manually release it with a screwdriver.
  • Use a socket to take out the bolts connecting the F150 latch with the two corresponding wires.
  • Finally, attach a new latch lock, bolt on the two connecting wires and wallah. You are all done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ford F150 Have Latch System?

The Ford F150 does have a latch system. The truck’s system consists of two latches that are located in front and rear of the bed. 

How Much Does A Ford F150 Hood Latch Replacement Cost?

The replacement cost of a Ford F150 hood latch is anywhere from $150 to $250. Now if you add a mechanic charge of $50, the total cost will be around $300. 

Is Driving With A Broken Hood Latch A Problem?

A broken hood latch can be a problem, especially when you are driving fast. The hood may pop right back up if not latched properly. Why take the risk, right? 


Turns out, the hood latch problem of an F150 isn’t that severe. A few ounces of WD-40 lubricant should take care of all the jams and rust. Replacement is like the last resort you need to take. 

Even a decade old F150 truck latch hardly needs any replacement. 

If you can’t open the latch properly, just use a screw driver to access the latch lock. Give it a bit of brute force, and you are done. The hood will open easily. 

On the other hand, changing the hood latch springs should take care of the “Not locking” problem. 

Keep rokin’ with your F150! Best of luck. 

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