4 Symptoms Of A Bad F150 Head Gasket – [With Replacement Cost]

Roughly 3,700 people lose their lives on the road every day. This statistic, terrifying as it is, can be reduced through two measures: good driving and timely car maintenance. Part of that maintenance is getting your parts replaced if they are damaged.

This means you can’t ignore expensive replacements like the head gasket. The Ford f150 head gasket replacement cost is around $2000. The cost of the parts alone is somewhere between $700 to $800. The rest of the bill is a result of the high labor cost of $1,000.

With such a large figure to pay, you should know everything there is to know about this investment. Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll cover all the details you need to know.

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How Does The Ford F150 Head Gasket Function?

The head gasket is a vital part of the engine as it stops combustion gases and coolants from being in contact. It acts as a barrier between the engine block and the cylinder head. 

Without this part, the coolants would flow into all parts of your engine and react with the combustion gases and even the engine oil. Kia motors do an excellent job explaining the mechanism in-depth on this page.

4 Most Common Problems With Ford F150 Head Gasket

You want to avoid the exorbitant ford v10 head gasket replacement cost. Here are a few problems you can proactively deal with before it’s too late. 

#1 – Engine Overheating 

More often than not, your head gasket gets blown because the engine temperature is not kept under check. This comes down to car maintenance. Regular visits to the auto repair shop will most definitely prevent this issue. 

#2 – Aggressive Acceleration

Any good driver will tell you to wait before putting the pedal to the metal. Your engine needs time to warm up. The rapid temperature change can blow the gasket. 

#3 – Bad Installation

If you have had your gasket replaced before, make sure it’s done right. An improper seal will instantly break. 

#4 – Wear And Tear  

Head gaskets generally last for a very long amount of time so this is unlikely. However, your gasket may face the effects of time. 

What Happens When Your Head Gasket Goes Bad?

A blown gasket is easy to spot. These telltale signs will notify you in an instant that something is wrong with your gasket.

Engine Overheating

This is a perfect example of what goes around comes around. Overheating blows the gasket and as a result, there is even more overheating. 

White Smoke 

If your engine is emitting white smoke, it means the coolant has reacted with the combustion gases and changed their color. 

Engine Oil Changes Color

The coolant may also react with the engine oil and change its color. Your engine oil will become milky. 

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Head Gasket On Ford F150?

Theoretically, you could take your truck for a spin even if it has a blown gasket. However, I strongly recommend against it. Driving that vehicle will result in further damage to the engine and may even cause it to stop in the middle of the road. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Ford F150 Head Gasket? 

You must be wondering why the ford 5.4 head gasket replacement cost reaches and sometimes crosses $2000. A good portion of it comes from the cost of parts which is at least $700. 

That’s not all, it’s nearly impossible to predict this price as each model requires different components. In other words, the price of parts is different depending on the model you have. How much does it vary?

This ford f150 head gasket replacement cost chart should give you an idea. 

Model Head Gasket Parts
Ford F150 2013$750
Ford F150 2014$780
Ford F150 2015$760

How Much Is The Labor Cost To Replace Head Gasket?

The labor cost can reach a mind-numbingly high amount of at least $1000. This can be credited to the long head gasket labor hours. The process takes a very long time and so the labor cost tends to add up. These factors also contribute to your total service charge-

  • The popularity of your mechanic
  • Local average auto repair fees
  • Relationship with the mechanic (some offer discounts to long-time customers)
  • Other types of damage in your car 

How To Save Money On A Ford F-150 Head Gasket Replacement?

I don’t think I need to incentivize you too much to bring down this semi-truck head gasket repair cost for yourself. These three pieces of advice might help you do that. 

#1 –  Use A Head Gasket Sealer

Disclaimer: This rarely works. Even if they do end up doing the trick, it is never a permanent solution. There’s a reason why you can pick up a can for less than $50. It’s a short-term fix till you can find the funds to see an actual mechanic.

#2 –  Find An Affordable Mechanic

The more famous a mechanic is, the more money they charge. On the flip side, the more reliable they are. If you want to save money, you need to find one that you can trust but isn’t already an auto repair superstar. 

As I mentioned, if you are lucky enough to have a mechanic that you know for years, they may give you a loyalty discount. You may need to ask for it, though. 

#3 –  Try To Repair The Head Gasket  

This is rare but, in some cases, the head gasket isn’t too far gone for saving. A repair is much cheaper than a total replacement as you will some money on some parts. It’s impossible to give an estimate of how much you’ll save as it depends on the extent of the damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does A Head Gasket Normally Last? 

A head gasket is meant to last for the entire lifespan of your car. If I had to use a number, I’d say it will last at least 200,000 miles with proper care. This is near about the time a conventional car lasts. 

Why Does It Take So Long To Replace The Head Gasket?

If you thought removing the head gasket was an easy task, think again. It needs a total teardown of the vehicle, a delicate installation process, and a long reassembly. This laborious endeavor won’t be cheap, that’s for certain.

Is Ford F150 Environmentally Friendly?

As the world becomes more eco-friendly, modern vehicles are adapting to it. Ford is no different. That’s why they offer an electric version of this impressive semi-truck. It’s just as reliable as the conventional hybrid. 

Is It Worth Replacing The Head Gasket? 

This question is surely inspired by the ridiculously high ford f 150-cylinder head replacement cost. I would say you should only do this if you intend to use your truck for many more years. If you want to replace it soon, there’s no point investing so much. 

2000 F150 – How to Change Head Gaskets in Under 5 Minutes >> Check out the video below:


As you can see, the ford f150 head gasket replacement cost is going to break the bank. That is why I always suggest a rigorous car maintenance routine. I hope this article has shown you just how expensive negligence can be when it comes to auto repair. 

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