Are AC Delco Batteries Good? A great choice for most

AC Delco is a very familiar name in the American automotive industry. It’s a century-old automotive manufacturer and is currently owned by General Motors. AC Delco batteries are worth the money, particularly for General Motors vehicles such as Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, and Buick. Apart from GM vehicles.

So, are AC Delco batteries good? Yes, 100%. In this blog, I will go over what makes AC Delco batteries worth the money, their performance, and other nitty-gritty details that will help you decide on whether to get these batteries or not.

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who makes ac delco batteries?

The Middle East Battery Company and Clarios make batteries for AC Delco. They partnered with General Motors over two decades ago and started manufacturing batteries for the company. 

Both of the manufacturing companies are subsidiaries of Johnson Controls which is the largest battery manufacturing company in the world. 

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Where Are AC Delco Batteries Manufactured?

It’s hard to confirm exactly where AC Delco batteries are manufactured. Neither AC Delco nor the two manufacturers disclose where they make AC Delco batteries. 

But we do know that Clarios has 17 manufacturing plants distributed in the US. The Middle East Battery Company has its facilities in the UAE. So, AC Delco batteries could be manufactured in either of these two countries. 

Is AC Delco a Good Brand? 

ACDelco is a very well-known brand in the American automotive industry. They have an amazing line of products that are backed by GM. AC Delco is used as an OE in GM vehicles such as Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, etc. They also make parts and equipment for other brands. 

For these reasons, it’s common to have high expectations from ACDelco products. And, it’s safe to say that ACDelco has been exceeding customers’ expectations.

Although some ACDelco products are pricey, it is worthwhile to spend a little more on a high-quality brand that provides consistent reliability and performance.

What Types of Batteries AC Delco Sells?

AC Delco offers a wide range of batteries. No matter the application—automotive, industrial, marine, or recreational—AC Delco has a battery to suit just about any requirement. They have two categories of batteries: gold and silver. 

How does the AC Delco battery warranty work?

The AC Delco battery warranty ranges from 18 months to 42 months depending on the model. There are a few conditions applied to the warranty, which you can read here.

How Long Do AC Delco Batteries Last?

Generally, a car battery can last anywhere between 3 and 5 years. AC Delco batteries sit on the higher end of the spectrum. The premium Gold series AC Delco batteries can last over 5 years, and the Silver series batteries can last 3-5 years.

Overall, AC Delco batteries mostly have a satisfactory lifespan.

Are AC Delco Batteries Good? What Makes ACDelco Batteries Good? 

The AC Delco batteries are good and worth the money. Here are the top five reasons why you should invest your money in these batteries. 

#1 – High Performance 

AC Delco batteries work efficiently in most terrain. But they are the best for summer use. The batteries go through extensive tests and revisions to ensure reliable performance at all times. 

#2 – OE Alternative

The Gold Series batteries from AC Delco can be used as an alternative for OE batteries on GM vehicles, The batteries match and fit with the GM engine and ensure excellent performance. 

#3 – Long Lasting

ACDelco batteries have a robust and powerful construction that lasts a long time. 

The batteries have a negative paste with high density that increases the life cycle. Other materials, such as the silver calcium stamped alloy and calcium lead positive grid, help to increase both the performance and longevity of the batteries. 

#4 – Reasonable Price

Considering the high performance and longevity of the batteries, I would say they are fairly priced. Other premium batteries of the same caliber cost over $200, whereas ACDelco batteries are priced at around $180. It’s a great price in terms of the value proposition. 

#5 – The Warranty

All ACDelco car batteries have an industry-standard warranty period. The Gold Series batteries have a 24-36-month warranty. And, the silver series has an 18–24 month warranty. They last much longer than the given warranty period.

For example, ACDelco Gold 48AGM batteries have a 36-month warranty, but they can cycle up to 7 years of reliable service. You can get a replacement for the batteries if any issues occur within this period. 

AC Delco Battery Reviews

Before I share my verdict on ACDelco batteries, I like to look at the reviews from users and see what they think about the batteries. I found that AC Delco has a very positive rating on Amazon and other rating platforms. ACDelco batteries have an average rating of 4.5 stars across most platforms. 

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now that you know why AC Delco batteries are a good investment, I want to address a few more quick questions that most people have running through their minds. 

Is ACDelco OEM?

Yes, ACDelco manufactures OEM equipment and parts for GM vehicles. 

What is the difference between ACDelco gold and silver?

The ACDelco Silver Series are high-value batteries for most vehicle models. On the other hand, the Gold series is an alternative to the OEM batteries for GM vehicles. 

Is GM Genuine the same as ACDelco?

ACDelco and GM Genuine are the same and both are used as OEM parts for GM vehicles.

Are ACDelco batteries made in China?

No, ACDelco batteries are not made in China. 

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AC Delco batteries are good and worth the money. They provide reliable performance in most situations. If you are on the fence about making the decision, I would recommend you get ahead with the purchase. For the price they are asking, AC Delco batteries have a lot to offer. 

If I had to suggest an alternative brand, I would mention Interstate Batteries. I have covered them in my previous blog, which you can read here. 

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