do you know Who Makes Traveller Oil? (Answer Explained)

Traveller is a sub brand of Tractor Supply Company – the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the USA. 

However, they do not manufacture Traveller oil. And, that begs the question: who makes Traveller Oil?
Traveller oil is made by Warren Distribution — North America’s largest manufacturer for private label lubricants. 

For over five decades, Warren Distribution has been serving their customers in the USA. And, their products are proudly made in the United States.

They are a highly reputed manufacturer and they make lubricants for many famous and widely used brands such as Amazon and Walmart. 

From the beginning. Tractor Supply Company chose Warren Distribution to manufacture oils for their sub brand – Traveller. 

Traveller has captured an unique niche in the automotive industry and become favorites of the rural people. 

Now, let’s dive deeper and find out more about this brand and its products.

About Traveller brand

It’s not easy to find brands that are catering their products for the rural people. 

Luckily, Tractor Supply Company has built Traveller to focus on the needs and requirements of the rural customers.

Tractor Supply Company offers products that are primarily focused on home care, land, pets and animals. 

You can also find farming equipment, sporting goods, outdoor tools and hardwares, clothing in their product lineup.

They have been in the market for over 80 years and have more than two thousand stores in 49 states. 

Tractor Supply Company built the Traveller brand to have specific niche and categories of products. Among them the batteries and lubricants are the most famous and widely used. 

Traveller also has a variety of oils with a wide range of viscosity to match different types of vehicles.

Their oils can be found in synthetic, high mileage and regular formulations. They are primarily used in cars, trucks and also tractors. 

Where is Traverller Oil Manufactured?

Warren Distribution makes Traveller oil in the United States.

Founded almost a century ago, Warren Distribution is now the largest brand for lubricants in the Northern states. 

Currently, they are connected with customers in over 45 countries. They manufacture passenger car oil, industrial oil, heavy-duty engine oil and greases. 

Their automotive products and chemicals meet or exceed API, OEM or other industry standards and requirements. That’s a big reason why they manufacture lubricants for famous brands such as Amazon and Walmart. 

Products from Traveller

Traveller is essentially a rural focused brand. Most of their products are designed to aid the rural population — specially tractors and truckers.

Let’s have a look at the products they are offering at the moment: 

Cargo Management

Traveller offers standard cargo for cars and trucks. The cargos are easy to use. They come in premium quality and at a reasonable price. 

Winches & Towing Accessories

You can find a large line of winches and towing gears in Traveller’s arsenal. Conventional and electric winches, ropes, amber light, shackles, coupler etc are available at an affordable price.

Exterior Truck Lights

Travellers also have a good collection of truck lights. All of their lights have an incredible build quality and longevity. 


The brand has an array of batteries for all types of vehicles. Tractor Batteries, Marine & RV Batteries, Mower Batteries, Automotive Batteries — all are available in their product lineup. 

Each of these categories also carry a good number of battery models to adhere to a variety of vehicles and engines. 

Traveller Lubricants

Lastly, Traveller also has a large number of lubricants. You can find high quality tractor oil, hydraulic oil, lubes, fleet engine oils, gear oil from Traveller.

How Does Traveller Warranty Work? 

Unfortunately, Traveller oil doesn’t come with any warranty. 

The manufacturer, Warren Distribution, states on their website “Manufacturer shall have no obligation if the Product becomes defective, after delivering to Customer, due to improper storage, contamination, adulteration, improper use, or misapplication”

Nonetheless, given their track records and customer reviews of the manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about the warranty that much. 

Is Traveller Oil Good? 3 reasons to buy one

Yes, Traveller oil is good and worth your money. These oils are very inexpensive and provide a satisfactory perfomance. 

Here are some of the characteristics that makes Traveller oil bang for the bucks: 

1. Budget Friendly

You can not beat Traveller oil when it comes to pricing. They offer one of the most inexpensive oils on the market. Traveller have chosen their price as their USP (unique selling point).  

For farm equipment, trucks and tractors, Traveller oils are definitely on top of the budget friendly oil list. 

2. Engine Care

Traveller oils offer excellent protection for engines and automotive gears. 

They have increased flow rate with the help of advanced technology lubricants and additives. The oils help modern farm equipment to run longer with lesser decay and wear. 

3. Year Around Usage 

Be it hot or cold, Traveller multi graded SAE oils can perform smoothly in both conditions. This allows you to go an extended period of time without repouring the oils. 

Traveller Oil vs Rotella: which one to chose?

We have seen customers constantly comparing Rotella and Traveller oil. Rotellar oil being the more expensive one, obviously gives better performance.

On the other hand, Traveller oils are the underdogs. They offer satisfactory results at a low price. 

Now, you may ask what are the core differences and what makes Rotella oil a better performing oil?

Well, the primary reason is Zinc. 

Oils with an increased amount of Zinc offer better lubrication and keep metal to metal grinding as low as possible.

Rotella oils have substantially more amount of Zinc compared to Traveller oils. 

Consequently, Rotella offers better performance and wear protection than its competitor. 

In addition, Rotella oils can withstand extended periods of service. That means you save some extra bucks on the service side. 

If you want to ensure better protection and efficiency, you can stick with Rotella oils any day.

Alternatives for Traveller Oil

Traveller oil is one of the best budget friendly options for engine oils. And, the brand has to cut corners to offer the lower price. 

So, what are the other options if you want more premium quality engine oils? 

Here, we have discussed three best synthetic engine oils that you can choose from. 

Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil

This one is a much more heavy duty and efficient engine oil compared to Traveller oil. It has high flow rate and cleaning capabilities to keep the engine function smoothly. 

Moreover, it’s designed to provide excellent performance in harsh environments. It’s one of the best synthetic oils in the market with an estimated lifespan of 20,000 miles.

Amsoil Signature Series synthetic motor oil

If you want to ensure protection for your engine, this series of synthetic oil would be the best choice for you.

Compared to conventional oil, Amsoil Signature series oil provides 75% better engine protection and 50% extra cleaning power. What’s more, they can withstand upto 25,000 miles without service interval. 

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum full synthetic motor oil

If you are someone who is constantly driving on unpaved roads or carrying heavy loads with your vehicle, you’d want a powerful engine oil for your vehicle. 

Unlike other synthetic oils, Pennzoil ultra platinum oil uses natural gas. This makes the oil more efficient and long lasting. 

According to the company, their synthetic oil can add 550 miles to your fuel economy.

People also ask

So far, we have discussed who owns Traveller oil, why you choose it and some alternatives to it.

Let’s jump into the FAQs and find the nitty gritty details about the Traveller brand. 

Who makes Traveller oil for Tractor Supply?

Warren Distribution makes Traveller oil for Tractor Supply Company.

Where is Traveller oil made?

Traveller oil is made in the USA by Warren Distributionn – the largest lubricant supplier in the Northern states.

Rotella Vs Traveller – Which one is better? 

Rotella oils are better compared to Traveller. 

Where to find best deals for Traveller Oils? 

You can find best deals on Traveller oil on Tractor Supply Company’s own website. They are not available on Amazon.

Key Takeaways 

Traveller is a sub brand of Tractor Supply Company. They manufacture their lubricants from Warren Distribution. 

Warren Distribution is a reputed brand and manufactures oils for many other famous and renowned brands ie Amazon. 

Traveller oils are one of the most inexpensive oils available on the market. They are favorites of the rural people. 

Last Words

Hopefully, now you understand everything about who makes Traveller oil. We have discussed the ins and outs of the brand and its products.

If you have any confusion or questions, leave them in the comment section below. 


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