do you know who makes kendall oil? (Answer Explained)

Ever thought of learning who makes Kendall oil? If you are curious to learn in-depth details about Kendall oil, leave it aside. In this post, I am going to talk about the maker of Kendall oil and its history. You will also get an overview of whether it is a good brand or not.

ConocoPhillips Co. makes Kendall oil. This company is the main owner of this oil. The brand manufactures different types of engine oils for heavy-duty engines and passenger vehicles.

ConocoPhillips Company has been in the motor industry for more than 100 years. The lubricant brand focuses on technological development and research to make innovative products.

What is Kendall Oil Reputation Today?

The Kendall Motor Oil Company started its journey in 1881 in Bradford, PA. They have been in the market for more than 125 years. The maker ofKendall Oil, ConocoPhillips Co, is mainly a multinational company.They operate their business in more than 30 countries globally.

The brand has already become one of the world’s most respected lubricant brands. But this didn’t happen within a blink.

Their dedicated employees and marketers have consistently improved their product quality and service. This strategy allows them to have more loyal customers.

Known as one of the best Pennsylvania refiners, Kendall manufactures premium quality refined motor oils perfect for 2,000 miles.

In 1932, it became the first motor oil company to come up in the market with quart can nationally. According to research in 1932, 86.82% of pilots preferred Kendall over others.

SAE 10W-30 motor oil was on the market for the first time in 1953. All the credit goes to Kendall. In 1960, Kendall came into the market with motorcycle racing oil that meets the needs of all performance cars.

As an eco-conscious company, Kendall introduced recycled plastic for their one-quart containers in 1990. In order to provide utter wear protection for motor engines, the brand came with Super-D® XA with Liquid Titanium® heavy-duty diesel engine oil in 2008. It was an industry-exclusive additive system to safeguard engines’ components and improve their performance.

In 2020, Kendall developed the GT-1 High Mileage Booster that meets ongoing API and ILSAC performance standards. Several decades of oil improvement formula have helpedKendallreach a tough-to-beat position in the marketplace.

Where Is Kendall Oil Manufactured?

During the early 1990s, Kendall oil was manufactured in Bradford, Pennsylvania, United States. But after a few years, ConocoPhillips Co. started to makeKendall oil in Houston, Texas.

Kendall oils contain liquid titanium additive, which is a versatile and indestructible type of material. The manufacturer has blended it into the oil. Users can expect to have up to a 63% reduction in engine wear reduction in engine wear.

This liquid titanium additive will improve engine efficiency and help the engine consume less fuel. From a technical standpoint, it provides a shield anywhere the oil is actually put in the machine.

While moving through the system, it will put a barrier to prevent wear for all engine components. The longevity of the engine will increase due to this heavy-duty oil.

Different Products Made By ConocoPhillips Company

Here are two popular oil companies that are also made by ConocoPhillips Co.

Phillips 66 Motor Oil

The Phillips 66 Company is an American multinational energy company that makes high-quality shield motor oil to help maintain the vehicle lifespan and keep it running smoothly.

It can ensure optimum lubrication across a wide range of different engines, speed loads, and operation conditions. This motor oil aims to cool, clean, and lubricate your engine.

Conoco motor oil

Conoco motor oil is affordable and good-quality oil, recommended by FoMoCo for all their vehicles. Though it is not as superior as many premium brands, it is still good enough to boost the film strength of cars at high temperatures.

Apart from that, Conoco motor oil has been proven to be a great assistance in an engine for oil efficiency. Plus, the lubricant provides extreme protection to the different components of the machine at a higher temperature.

How Does Kendall Warranty Work?

Kendall provides a limited warranty for using their engine oil. But following strict rules and regulations while using the product is vital.

For instance, the vehicle should normally be operating when using Kendalloil. Plus, vehicle owners must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for using the product.

In addition, using the wrong oils for a particular engine will make the warranty void. Plus, following the proper lubricant level is mandatory.

Is Kendall Oil Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

Why should anyone buy Kendall Oil? It must have some valid reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why vehicle owners should buy this oil.

Effective And Reliable

Kendall Motor Oils can show reliable and effective performance for various types of vehicle engines. Apart from improving fuel efficiency, they will provide extreme protection for different engine parts.


Whether it is an old motor engine or an advanced vehicle engine, Kendall Motor Oils are versatile enough to use on a wide range of vehicles. Since the manufacturing company sells oils in different categories and versions, finding compatible ones is easy-going.

Quality Lubrication

Kendall Motor Oils work as high-quality lubrication for engines to reduce friction andextend the motor lifespan. Also, it allows the engine’s parts to move smoothly without harming each other. Hence, it will ensure an appropriate working ability and functionality of a vehicle

Minimal Downtime

Compared to other oils, Kendall motor oils can show minimal downtime. They can help the engine components perform consistently, being active for the longest time. This will save overall maintenance costs in the long run.

Long-term investment

When choosing motor oil, it is vital to consider its mileage capability. The higher the mileage, the more reduced cost needs to bear. Compared to other motor oils, Kendall can last more mileage, saving money in the long run.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available Than Kendall Motor Oils?

Engine oil market is highly competitive. Hundreds of brands are there. But not all are as good as Kendall. One of the close competitors is Castrol which makes high-rate motor oil. Their latest oil is equipped with “Fluid Titanium” technology to reduce friction by more than friction 20%.

Apart from that, Castrol motor oil is known as a premium lubricant as they work well under high pressure. Exceptionally performing even in the most adverse conditions is what you will appreciate about the Castrol oil brand.

Another popular competitor is Shell Rotella. Keeping heavy-duty diesel engines in a top-top condition is what this lubricant is well-known for. Its oil will continuously lubricate the engine components during adverse weather conditions such as muddy, dusty, steep, cold, and hot weather.

people also ask

Who bought Kendall oil?

In 1966, Witco Chemical bought Kendall, but the company sold Kendall oil brand to American Refining Group, Inc. in 1997.

Why is Kendall Motor Oil the best?

Kendall Motor Oil is well-known for its efficiency, reliability, and consistent performance even in adverse weather conditions

Where is Kendall oil manufactured?

Kendall oil is currently manufactured in Houston, Texas, but earlier, it was used to manufactured in Bradford, Pennsylvania,


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