wd40 on car paint – is wd 40 safe on car paint?

As there are quite a lot of mixed thoughts about is WD 40 safe on car paint. That is why, sometimes, a new user gets kind of confused about whether to use it on Cars or not.

WD 40 is safe on car paints, and will not damage your car paint while used alone. However, using WD-40 with some other chemical contents may damage the Car paint as it’s filled with a lot of distinct components.

WD-40 oil is very popular for fixing many Car issues like cleaning, loosening in rusty nuts/bolts, getting rid of scratches, and so on. Thus, let’s just get into the deeper to learn everything related to WD 40 and Car paints.

Will WD-40 Harm Your Car’s Paint
Will WD-40 Harm Your Car’s Paint?

What Is WD 40 Oil?

Just in case you’re not at all familiar with the popular WD 40 spray or oil, the WD 40 is moisture displacing penetrative lubricant fluid. This lubricating oil is used in machines, vehicles, and in almost everything.

Moreover, WD 40 is capable of cleaning, fixing, penetrating, lubricating, water displacing, rust prevent in, and so on. 

This Hydrophobic lubricant consists of intended usage and is a miraculous problem solver. Like Scotch Tape, Super Glue, WD 40 is available in almost every garage, repair shop, the household in the USA.

Well, you can find it 7 out of 10 times nearby you. And you know why is WD 40 so popular among everyone? Because WD 40 is a multiple problem solver solution in one package.

  • Gets rid of moisture
  • Cleans any residues
  • Drives away water leaks and squeaks
  • Protects the outer color and paints
  • Loosens nuts bolts, or any rusted tools
  • Easily takes out any dry and sticky dirty compound

Thereby, these are the most basic issues WD 40 can solve and of course, it can fix more of the issues.

prime component of WD-40 – how they made?

It is quite complicated for one to find out all the prime component formulas of WD 40 spray. As you know WD 40 is a 60-years-old mysterious formula that works with multiple things. So, a proper inspection is the best way to know what is WD 40 made from.

It’s quite hard to find out the secret sauce ingredients of the WD 40 from the official site providing manufacturing data.

So, along with the knowledge of accurate ingredients (secret sauce of WD 40), we’ll discuss the additional components added.

The recent forensic lab report on WD 40 discloses the details of secret sauce ingredients. Here is the list of the things with which WD is made of– 

  • 35% Mineral Baby Oil– Indeed, WD 40 contains mineral oil that is very identical to Vaseline baby oil working as a penetrator and lubricant.
  • 30% of Aliphatic/Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds– Well, most of the liquid components are aliphatic and petroleum contents are aromatic. Regardless, WD 40 consists of both types of Hydrocarbons ridding of dirt and moisture.
  • Plenty of Alkanes– Alkanes are also the parts of Hydrocarbons. However, as they are in their initial carbon chain forms, we could easily distinguish them. So, WD 40 has varieties of Alkanes working as cleaning agents. Such as Decane, Nonane, Undecane, Tridecane, Tetradecane, Cyclohexane, Dimethyl Naphthalene, etc.
  • 5% Carbon Dioxide– All spray cans have Carbon dioxide working as a propeller. As for WD 40, it uses CO2 since it is less reactive.
  • 25% Saturated Aliphatic Petroleum Hydrocarbon (Paraffin)– Like e said hydrocarbon compounds are used for many purposes. In WD 40 kerosene-type paraffin helps in many solutions as well.

Thus, here is the list of prime elements of the secret sauce of WD 40 spray.

does wd40 damage paint?

WD 40 is not at all harmful for car paints. Instead, you can fix up the light scratches and rusts from the car paint with this petroleum-based oil. Well, for big scratches with dents! It’s just a temporary solution.

WD 40 consists of oil, both aromatic and aliphatic (especially paraffin) hydrocarbons, and other useful chemical agents. Thereby, WD 40 is also amazing as a car polisher and paint wax. So, spraying it on the car is not going to do any harm.

Thus, WD 40 is safe to use on paint. So, for a quick clean-up and fixing problems, you can use WD 40 as much as you need to.

How to Remove Scratches on Car Using WD 40?

We are going to show you how WD 40 removes scratches from a car. Therefore, we will explain it with some simple steps for you to follow-

  1. Apply a lot of WD 40 on the cut scratches, light scratches, and superficial scratches.
  2. Let the spray soak into the scratches for a few minutes.
  3. Now, take a wipe cloth and gently rub the spray in the scratches.
  4. After a few moments Voila! The scratches are disappearing. (You can also wax the whole car with WD 40 while you’re at it).

Removing Scratches From Your Car Using WD-40 Hack >> Check out the video below:

Tips: As it’s not a permanent solution, after car washing the scratches may show up again. So, you can either apply WD 40 or repair it for good!

5 reasons Why Should You Use WD 40 on Car Paints

WD 40 is very popular to use for many things, especially on car paint and car engine. Well, the benefits of WD 40 are already known to everyone.

However, for those “New to WD 40” people let’s help you acknowledge Why should you prefer to use WD 40 on car paints!

1. Great Cleaning Solution–

The WD 40 is a famous universal cleaning agent. You can find this spray almost everywhere. Regarding that, it is a compatible car cleaner as well. All the dried-up dirt or corrosion rust on the steering, wheel, engine suspension, and nameplate can be removed by a gentle amount of WD 40 solvent.

2. Enhancing Spark Plug Performance–

In case your car engine’s spark plug is acting up, you can use WD 40 to do some regular maintenance. As WD 40 is an effective cleaning solution, you can clean the spark plug with it. Not to mention that WD 40 penetrant will also rid of the condensed residues on the spark plug.

Lastly, the lubrication formulation of this magical spray will give the final touch-up on the spark plug.

3. Amazing Car Paint Wax, Polisher, & Enhancer–

You already know that WD is indeed good for car paints. Moreover, a lot of car owners use WD 40 as a car paint polisher. The Paraffin in WD 40 creates a sparkly hue of wax when sprayed on the paint coat. Thereby, this shiny hue makes the paint looking like freshly waxed.

4. Loosens the Clogged Rusty Bolts–

You’re right, WD 40 lubricant repairs all the clogged or jammed nuts and bolts inside the car engine. Moreover, any internal clogging of wrenches of the engine plug, and exhaust system will be removed with the WD 40 working as a lubricant.

5. Amazing for Wiper Gasket Maintenance–

The Gasket and steel seal of car doors and windshield easily get corrosion. Thereby, due to the exposure of such issues, the lifespan gets greatly reduced. In this case, the Hydrocarbon in the WD 40 will work like a penetrative lubricant and water displacer. And it will protect gaskets from wearing out.

When You Should Avoid Using WD 40 on Cars?

When You Should Avoid Using WD 40 on Cars

Although WD 40 is the perfect magical solution for most of the problems of a car, it’s still got some restrictions.

Therefore, in some particular cases, you cannot use or overuse WD 40 sprays on cars. Unless, rather than providing quick and temporary solutions, it’ll worsen the issue. Even in some cases, there are long-term repercussions.

So, when you shouldn’t use WD 40 on car paint follows below–

  • Gasket Rubber– Although using WD 40 on Gasket gives an amazing result. You must not overuse the spray. And clean it off of the Gasket rubber right after it dissolves all the condensed junks or it may dissolve the rubber itself.
  • Car Paint Protection Film– As we said, WD 40 is strong enough to dissolve rubber and plastic materials. Thereby, you should never overuse this solvent on car cover more than necessary. (If its alloy plastic, it can withstand WD 40 chemicals)
  • Engine with Hot Flashpoint– Although WD 40 is petroleum-based, it is very flammable. So, it is wiser not to utilize it as petroleum in the active engine. Thereby, the gas in the engine can ignite with little sparks at any moment.

Tips: A lot of old-school mechanics use WD 40 in every part of the car. That is not cool and wise at all. Although WD 40 is great for Car issues, it can cause damages. Even if the damages are worth your concern, it’s better to be safe than sorry lol!

Final Verdict

Although it is an amazing invention capable of fixing any issues, it’s got some limitations as well. For example, if your car got only got a few scratches then simply use WD 40 to get rid of that. 

However, if your car’s engine got dents and scratches then you need to be wiser and get to the cause to have it fixed efficiently. So, you do not have to use WD 40 in every problem with your car. Thus, WD is a smart solution to your short-term troubles.

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