how to clean car ac evaporator without removing – [Easy Guide]

When an air conditioner became a life savior element from luxury items, wouldn’t you want to ensure its proper maintenance for the best output?

Indisputably, anyone would do that!

An AC evaporator is designed for the car to introduce an artificial environment inside the vehicle. In the cooling and refreshing the air, the evaporator goes through the necessity of cleaning.

Car AC evaporator is cleaned without removing by sprinkling cleaners or compressed air into it. The cleaning is done without any openings for the best time and effort by getting access to the evaporator core or the coil.

 Clean a Car AC Evaporator Without Removing It

What is an AC evaporator in a car?

More or less, everyone is aware of the term AC which stands for air conditioning. You may think of many certain things required in this process of training the air. The evaporator is one of the most crucial aspects that work in this process of air conditioning.

Generally, an air conditioner is mainly used to cool the surrounding air. An evaporator works in this process to make your surroundings air-conditioned and cooled. The AC evaporator does the method of controlling the air in a car by the AC.

The detailed description is mentioned below:

  • An AC evaporator is a kind of coil present inside the AC that lures out heat from the indoor of the car.
  • AC works by picking out the heat from the inside of the car and releasing it outside. This inhaling procedure of the heat is reigned by the evaporator.
  • The condenser works to release the heat from the car, where the evaporator helps make the half job done.

When should I clean my car evaporator?

Every 12 months! Yes, you heard it right. If you want prolonged service from your air conditioner, you surely need to ensure its maintenance and cleaning.

A simple guide on cleaning the car evaporator is:

  • Go for the ideal recommended time for cleaning the evaporator, which is a year or a half.
  • You need to open the filter and check for yourself if too much dirt or dust is attached.
  • The evaporator may sometimes become dirty more than regular times due to excess dirt and pollutants inside your car. This causes early cleaning than the required time.

How do you know if your evaporator is clogged?

It is an evaporator that cools the air heated inside the vehicle; it can get clogged in performing the same. There is a list of reasons behind this action of getting blocked. One of the main reasons is the polluted and heated air outside the vehicle that also prevails inside.

Some signs and symptoms become noticeable when your evaporator becomes clogged, which are:

  • The cooling of the air inside the car becomes impacted or lesser than regular times in a clogged evaporator.
  • The evaporator filter becomes dirty and clogged due to the excess of pollutants from the polluted air. So the tendency of further cleaning of the air is reduced.
  • From lack of cooling to no-blowing of cool air is identified.
  • An apparent variation in the temperature is ensured.
  • The running of the compressor is stopped.

how to clean a car ac evaporator without removing it?

The AC evaporator of the car can be cleaned in several ways. Amongst all, the best way is to clean it without removing it. This brings the best output by letting the job done in the shortest time with less effort and saving money.

A guide on cleaning the evaporator without removing it for two of the following scenarios are as follows:

1. How do you clean a car evaporator coil?

A car evaporator coil is the firth thing that will get dirty and be wiped out thoroughly.

You can clean a car evaporator in the following ways:

  • Make sure to turn off the AC in the first place. Then remove the access panel of the coil.
  • Go through your manual correctly to avoid any mistakes and perform the job perfectly. Then, unscrew the access panel in a very organized way.
  • The best way to take out the dirt and filths is to use compressed air. Blow it towards the coil and loosens the dirt particles.

2. How do I clean my AC evaporator core?

One of the other parts of the AC evaporator is the evaporator core. The rules of cleaning the evaporator core are different from than evaporator itself.

Ways to Clean the evaporator core are:

  • First of all, locate and find access to the evaporator core.
  • Do not do any damage to other parts of the AC while locating the core.
  • After having the access, spray the cleaning agent properly into the core.
  • You should wait for 30 minutes or more to let the evaporator core disinfect down.
  • Then the cleaner should be rinsed off using water spray and should be dried out.

How much does it cost to replace an evaporator in a car?

A range of issues, including the lack of cleaning, can damage your car evaporator. This can further include the replacement of the evaporator without which; no options go left. The costings in the replacement of the evaporator are:

  • $900-$1100 is the average investment required in replacing the car evaporator.
  • This range includes the cost of the parts along with the service charge of the laborers.
  • The labor cost ranges from $500-$700, whereas the parts are priced within $400.

Can you flush the AC evaporator?

Yes, you can do it to keep your AC running healthy and well. However, the AC evaporator needs cleaning as well as flushing out to a great extent.

Flushing your AC evaporator can be done in the following ways:

  • The pump of hand oil is excellent to be used for small systems of Ac. However, the larger ones require pump circulations.
  • The compressed nitrogen is available in tanks that can be blast into the evaporator to flush it out.
  • Throughout the entire AC system, circulation of oils is prevailed, which must be flushed out properly.
  • Every time during the replacement or repairing of the AC compressor, the evaporator should properly be flushed.

How do you flush an evaporator?

An evaporator includes picking of heat, cooling the indoors, cleaning the air, etc. Unfortunately, in those entire processes, the evaporators get so much filled with dirt and filth.

Besides this, the AC is comprised of many other working dimensions and mechanics. In this entire AC system, the air conditioner, including the evaporator, becomes internally polluted due to oils and so on.

The process of flushing out those oils and pollutants out from your evaporator are as follows:

  • A tank of compressed nitrogen is mixed with the flushing solvents to inject into the evaporator to flush it.
  • The evaporator is flushed during the repairing or replacement of any parts of the AC. Pump oils, including the hand-oils and circulations, are used as per the requirement and need.
  • You can flush the evaporator by assisting a professional hand with the job. The automotive repair shops have a quick and easy solution in flushing your car’s evaporator.

Can I use Simple Green to clean my AC evaporator coils?

You can apply simple cleaning agents like Green as the mean of cleaning your evaporator. The evaporator is the interior option that your AC has got to deliver its bounty to you. So it is the evaporator through which you are getting your indoor cooled and fresh.

The cleaning of the air is ensured by sacrificing the freshness of the evaporator itself. So the evaporator is needed to be cleaned through some specific cleaning agent in the following ways:

  • An all-purpose cleaner is all you need to clean the evaporator, which simple Green can serve.
  • This is very effective for monthly cleaning of the evaporator for the best of use.
  • During the hot summer seasons, you can get your ac worked excellent, thorough cleaning with the all-purpose Green.

What is the best evaporator coil cleaner?

The evaporator coils are the most prone ones to get dirty. So they need the best kind of cleaning possible out there. The cleaning done by the AC service workers is the best type of cleaning, which is required every year.

But, the evaporator coil can also be maintained at home by some monthly cleaning with simple coil cleaners.

Some of the best evaporator cleaners are:

  1. Home-made easy cleaning solutions are one of the best options for cleaning the evaporator coil.
  2. The combination of hot water and detergents is ready to do the job. Simple glass cleaners can also be used.
  3. Besides, many other ready-made cleaners are there in the markets. This includes Frost King Foam Cleaner, Com Star Safe Cleaner, WEB Coil Cleaner, etc. They are always guaranteed to serve the best.


An AC runs with the two main components, which include the outdoor and the indoor unit. The prime factor of the indoor is the evaporator that needs to be cleaned to continue its cooling and filtering of air.

And, the best way of cleaning is without removing it, which serves the monthly cleaning of the evaporator other than the annual professional maintenance.


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  1. The optimal time to clean and maintain the AC evaporator in your car is every three months. To prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture, which could impair its functionality and lower AC performance.


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